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Paragliding trip in Madagascar

With Ralf Kahr-Reiter from Airsthetik
Be there and discover Madagascar together with the paragliding school Airsthetik!

Takes place: Dates on request
Tour guide (paragliding): Ralf Kahr-Reiter

Tour guide (escort & logistics): Klaus Konnerth

Travel and training in paragliding or paragliding are offered many. Nevertheless, there are differences even in the same destinations. With Airsthetik it is enormously important that the safety and the further education or learning effect are in the first place. As a flight instructor, the work is a vocation. Ralf is not only a flight instructor, but also a trained DHV safety trainer and additionally an instructor for the DHV.
The tour guide (logistics and escort on Madagascar) will be Klaus Konnerth.
We are specialized tour operators in Madagascar: since many years we offer individual tours and specialized group tours for German speaking guests. This website is our portal.
For the second time we are offering the next German-speaking paragliding trip to Madagascar in close cooperation with Airsthetik, a very well known paragliding school in Austria, and under the direction of the owner Ralf Kahr-Reiter.
This trip is also very suitable for companions. It is guided along the most diverse landscapes of the country. Much is discovered in the backdrops of the usual itineraries. The tour is planned to include the most diverse and the most impressive flying opportunities that this fascinating country has to offer. The number of participants is limited.
Bookings go through the website of AIRSTHETICS. Everything concerning paragliding can be learned about Ralf. Klaus answers all questions concerning Madagascar and logistics.
A paragliding trip with Airsthetics is no ordinary flight: Ralf is there and it's not just about flying in exotic landscapes. With quality and safety in flying fun is the motto here. The flying skills are improved and tricks and subtleties are learned.
Thus, we have a local flight instructor with us in Madagascar who knows flight conditions and the area inside out.
Tour guide is Ralf personally - as flight instructor and DHV safety trainer as well as instructor.

Bonus :

  • Personal tour guide Ralf Kahr-Reiter (paragliding)
  • Travel management and logistics on Madagascar will be taken over by Klaus Konnerth
  • Technical tour guide, flight areas, local conditions will again be taken care of by Amédée

For this trip there is again a bus available. However, there is also an additional off-road vehicle, which allows much more mobility and flexibility and also facilitates the pick-up on cross-country flights.
Let's go on a discovery tour!

From 18.10. 14 paragliding travel days are waiting for us. We try to adapt to the flying conditions with a maximum degree of flexibility. However, with a group you can't improvise, which is why an overview of the trip can be found further down in the text. With a bus and a four-wheel drive vehicle, including driver, two local guides as well as a local flight instructor, we will discover the island together with you - both from below and from above. We will go to the impressive flying mountains as well as to sights and excursion destinations. Depending on the weather, we will visit a lemur park, a botanical garden, take walks to the Lily waterfalls and to the geysers. We drive past rice fields and eucalyptus forests and enjoy the magnificent landscapes of the Malagasy highlands.
The trip is divided into three flight areas. There are sometimes longer bus rides to cover the distances between the different flying spots.
Antananarivo and its surroundings, as well as the Ampefy-Itasy area, offer flights from green volcanic cones: peaceful landscapes and mostly calm and ideal flying conditions.

Ambalavao and the Tsaranoro Valley with Pic Cameléon are the paradise of paragliders in Madagascar. The high mountains of the Andringitra Massif, the rocky cliffs and spectacular unforgettable landscapes, wide valley bottoms without any obstacles, without roads and without power lines make our flying heart beat faster. And that's not even all that makes this area the absolute spot for paragliding in Madagascar: stable and easy to assess weather conditions, as well as the friendly people who also help us carry our equipment, are even more heartwarming.

The deep south: the view is unlimited. Here and there are huge baobabs surrounded by savannahs and thorn bushes. At the end of the journey we arrive in Sarondrano. Blue and turquoise as far as the eye can see: we are at the Mozambique Channel. A turquoise lagoon and always blue skies welcome us. The Vezo outrigger pirogues are waiting for us on the beach and take us to the launch site, where gentle soaring flights and a picnic with cook on the beach are waiting for us. The 28 degree warm sea invites us for a swim. In Saint Augustin there are a total of three launch sites - great to end a trip!
Between the domestic flight and the day of departure, we absolutely need the buffer time of 36 hours, because Air Madagascar does not meet the European standard and there may be longer waiting times. Also, assume that the flight time will change several times. We cannot be responsible in any case for changes, delays or cancellations of the flights.

Recommendation / Prerequisites:

The minimum requirement is the A license. The flight area is suitable for those pilots who can take off and land independently - even in strong winds and challenging take-off sites, which, however, only occur on the coast. Landing sites should be recognized from the air and also be able to be approached independently. Since the altitude differences are mostly only around 300 m, thermal experience is a prerequisite to get the full flight enjoyment. Attention: On Madagascar there are no ascent aids by cable car and no forest roads. The ascents are done on foot. A very good physical condition must therefore be brought along. Maximum ascent time is 1 hour. Porters are available throughout the trip.

The program of the Madagascar trip will be as follows:

Arrival in Antananarivo

Our German tour guide Klaus Konnerth will meet us at the airport and take us first to our nearby hotel. Participants who book the flight suggested by us will be picked up by our shuttle service. If you book a different flight, you will have to organize and pay for a cab yourself. We will spend the night in a hotel near the airport.

Antananarivo - Ampefy

We leave the city of Antananarivo and drive to the western part of the volcanic highlands. After about 25 kilometers we take our first break and visit the Lemurs Park, where 9 different species of lemurs live in freedom in a botanical park. Afterwards we continue to Lac Itasy, where we unpack our paraglider and start for a thermal flight. We will have our first look at the island from above and get a first overview. After the flight we continue to Ampefy and check into our rooms for the night at the hotel "Kavitaha".

Ampefy and surroundings

The area around Lac Itasy invites you to explore. We have two days at our disposal to take off from different volcanic cones. If the weather gods are kind to us, we will set off for another thermal flight.
There is much to visit in the area around the lake. Flying is the absolute priority, as always, but the area also offers a strikingly attractive volcanic environment. It is little known, but still one of the most scenic regions in all of Madagascar.

Overnight stay again in the hotel "Kavitaha

Ampefy - Antsirabe

If the new road from Ampefy to Antsirabe is passable at that time, we will reach Antsirabe quite quickly through the areas completely untouched by tourism. There we can visit this charming city and take a flight if time permits. In the other case, the trip goes back east to Antananarivo and then south to Antsirabe. As Madagascar's most important industrial metropolis, Antsirabe is also located in the midst of a landscape shaped by primeval volcanic activity and has its own charm. The fertile soils of the area make this region the "vegetable chamber of Madagascar". We move into our quarters at the hotel "Chambres du Voyageur".

Antsirabe - Ambositra - Ambalavao

Early in the morning we pack up and head south, where we will enjoy rice fields, eucalyptus forests and the magnificent landscapes of the Malagasy highlands. We will make a stopover in Fianarantsoa, where we will also visit the most famous photographer of the country, Pierrot Men.
Afterwards we continue to Ambalavao. Here the landscape becomes even more impressive: huge granite formations surround us and the silhouette of the Andringitra Mountains in the background is more than breathtaking. In the evening we take off on the "lying woman" for an evening flight, if the conditions are optimal. We will have the opportunity to view all the splendor of this majestic area - a unique undertaking.

Overnight stay in hotel "Tsienimparihy Lodge".

Ambalavao - Andringitra Mountains

We are now in the paradise of paragliders. The high mountains of Andringitra, the rocky cliffs and spectacular unforgettable landscapes, wide valley bottoms without any obstacles, without roads and without power lines make our flying heart beat faster. And that's not all that makes this area the absolute spot for paragliding in Madagascar: stable and easy to assess weather conditions as well as the friendly people who also help us carry our equipment are even more heartwarming. Depending on the conditions, we will spend the rest of the day paragliding here.
In Madagascar there are extraordinary opportunities for paragliding. The most beautiful and best of them are without doubt Tsaranoro Valley and Pic Chameleon. In the early afternoon we walk about 30 minutes to the launch site. And again it is: fly, fly, fly. The region reveals an even higher charm from the air than seen from the ground.

Overnight stay in the comfortable "Tsarasoa Lodge".

Andringitra Mountains

We hike to Pic Chameleon early in the morning and take a flight into the young day. A second flight in the afternoon is usually possible. Depending on the interests of the guests, camps can also be organized on the top of Pic Chameleon or near the departure point. Otherwise we spend the two nights again at "Tsarasoa Lodge".

Andringitra - Sarondrano

We set off for the last leg of the trip and drive to the south of the island of Madagascar, where the landscape becomes more barren and lonely: Savannahs, valleys with mango trees and rocks that every pilot dreams of. We can already see the mountain range of Isalo, with the most important national park of the country.
Hardly any villages, sapphire mines with an almost "wild west" atmosphere and typical African landscapes surround us. But the desert is green at this time of the year. The visibility is almost unlimited. Here and there are huge baobabs. Before we get to Tuléar, the big city on the Mozambique Channel, we turn south and finally reach the former pirate nest of Saint Augustin. The town is situated on a quiet bay at the mouth of the Onilahy River, with the canal behind it and the rugged rocky coast in front. For the end of this trip we have chosen the beautiful Eden Lodge on the Mozambique Channel. We had an exclusive launch runway built so we could take off directly from the cliffs above the lodge and land on the beach in front of the lodge.

Overnight stay in the "Résidence Eden Lodge"

Sarondrano - Saint Augustin

Blue and turquoise as far as the eye can see: we are at the Mozambique Channel, which separates Madagascar from the African continent with a width of about 400 kilometers. A turquoise lagoon, blue skies and the colorful outrigger pirogues of the Vezo are waiting for us on the beach to take us to the dunes, where gentle soaring flights are already waiting for us. Flights and/or excursions are on the program for four full days.
The lodge is very nice and every day logistics are set up according to the meteorological conditions to allow unforgettable soaring flights. Great to end a trip!

Overnight stays in the "Résidence Eden Lodge"

Saint Augustin - Tuléar - Antananarivo

Depending on the departure time, we must arrive in time at the airport in Tuléar. If the flight takes place in the afternoon, the city can still be visited. The return flight to Antananarivo will be with Air Madagascar.

Overnight stay in a hotel near the airport

Antananarivo and surroundings

If meteorological conditions permit, flights will be offered in the immediate vicinity of the capital Antananarivo. Otherwise, city visits can be made - depending on the interests of the participants.

Dinner and airport transfer at night

Return flight

Be there and discover Madagascar together with the paragliding school Airsthetik!

Upon request

€ 2.590,- incl. accommodation in double room with half board and snack + water (excl. flight)

Tour guide:
Ralf Kahr-Reiter and Klaus Konnerth

Number of participants:
min. 8 pers. / max. 12 pers.

Single room supplement: 450 €uro

Travel info:

Completely detailed travel and itinerary information will be sent to each participant by e-mail after booking.

Included in the basic price:

  •  Logistics and accompaniment by an experienced German-speaking tour guide and a local flight instructor
  • Minibus with driver during the whole tour (diesel included)
  • Snack and water during the day
  • All the nights in the indicated hotels with breakfast and dinner
  • All transfers, trips including taxes according to the program

Not included in the base price:

  •  Sightseeing and excursions with additional local guides and optional leisure activities
  • National park fees (entrance fees in Isalo N.P.)
  • Luggage carrier (price per increase approx. 3 €)
  • external local guides (about 10 €/person)
  • International flights and domestic flights (domestic flight approx. 200 - 250 €)

Please bring:

  • Pilot License + IPPI Card
  • Insurance certificate
  • Travel health insurance with repatriation coverage

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Do you have any questions? Simply get in touch with us! Please use the contact form on the right. We will take care of your request as soon as possible.


Do you have any questions? Just get in touch with us! 

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Do you have any questions? Simply get in touch with us! Please use the contact form on the right. We will take care of your request as soon as possible.

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