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Our travel offer

RN7 with Andasibe, Manakara and Ambatomilo without domestic flight

Price from 2870 €
Duration 21 days

About the trip

Madagascar is one of the most fascinating countries on earth. 18 tribes different cultures live on the island today, maintain their very own customs and carry on their myths and legends. Most of these legends surround the mysterious landscapes of the island. In fact, in hardly any other area can you find so many different vegetationsall of which are unique in their own way. The fertile east coast, the legendary highlands with their mystical mountain cloud forests, the hot, dry south. All these landscapes captivate the traveler in different ways and provide for unforgettable impressions of a foreign but fascinating world.

During the Madagascar round trip over 21 days you will learn both the colorful hustle and bustle of African Cities as well as the loneliness more Landscapes know. The trip takes you from Madagascar's capital in the center of the country towards the south. Imposing mountain landscapes and animated forests provide unforgettable images. The tropical beaches of the southern coast, on the other hand, offer time for dreaming, while the sparse vegetation of the thorn forest surprises with its biodiversity. Not only at the individual stations of your journey will you encounter true natural wonders. Also during the journey itself you will realize that no place on the island is inanimate and every view is fantastic. Of course, you can arrange your destinations individually. We will be happy to advise you in detail about the attractions that the island has to offer and include personal wishes in the planning.

The travel days in detail

Day 1: Arrival in Antananarivo

Your adventure in Madagascar begins in Antananarivo, the capital of the island nation. There you will be met by us at the airport and accompanied to your accommodation. In the Villa Sibyl you will be warmly welcomed and served with a substantial dinner which can be adapted to your personal wishes. Afterwards you will find rest in the comfortable rooms to recover from the flight and the journey.

Day 2: Travel to Antsirabe

The former spa town of Antsirabe was once a place of pilgrimage for the well-to-do colonial masters and for this reason has numerous imposing buildings that enrich the panorama of the city. The architecture is much more European than in most other parts of the island. For this reason, European visitors in particular always enjoy traveling to Antsirabe. The surroundings of the city grant a breathtaking View of the mountains of the highlands. During a first short walk along lush fields you can admire the waterfall of Antafofo. Back in town, the tour will take you to some of the most beautiful buildings - like the Hotel des Thermes - as well as the colorful market of Antsirabe. Afterwards you will return to your accommodation for the night.

Day 3: Antsirabe to Sahambavy

Continuing through a very varied landscape that leads through the different typical vegetation zones through the highlands.Ambositra is known for the carving art of the Zafimaniry and a break can be made there if desired.Overnight in one of the most beautiful hotels on the island, huge tropical garden on the shore of a lake, a tree house, an iron wagon as a luxury apartment, bungalows on the lakeOvernight in the Lac Hotel***.

Day 4: Ranohira - The gateway to Isalo National Park

Today you will first travel to the village of Ranohira. There in the southern highlands of the island lies the famous Isalo National Park. Rugged rocky landscapes, picturesque waterfalls and mysterious gorges cross your path here. The Piscine Bleu and the Piscine naturelle are among the most beautiful natural pools the park has to offer. Also the Piscine Noir is worth a visit. However, since you cannot see the bottom at this one, bathing is not recommended. Away from the vast savannahs, with a little luck you will discover one of the seven lemur species, which are native here in the park.

Day 5: Ifaty - The most beautiful thorny forests of the island

On the west coast of Madagascar is the village of Ifaty, which offers the best conditions for beach vacationers. Here you can relax under coconut trees or at one of the numerous diving stations take a trip under the surface of the sea. It is also possible to visit the nearby Baobab forest to visit. The imposing primeval giant plants are always an attraction for visitors and a welcome photo motif.

Day 6: Hikes through the Baobab forest

Today you will hike through Madagascar's famous thorn forest. Since the southwest of the island is spared the rainy season, only plants that need little water can thrive here.The woody plants of the thorn forest, are mostly leafless and - as the name suggests - often provided with thorns to protect themselves. Bottle trees and dry-looking shrubs dominate the landscape here.Despite the meager conditions is the Vegetation in this area unusually rich but their external nature is quite different from the flora of the fertile east coast.

Day 7 From Ifaty to Ambatomilo

After a few days of relaxing, we continue our journey north on the N9. Now the adventure begins. We drive through the thorn forest of Reniala on sandy tracks to Ambatomilo. On this stretch of road we see probably the most beautiful beaches of Madagascar. At least I have not been able to discover any more beautiful ones. The water is turquoise and forms a wonderful contrast to the bright white sandy beaches which are covered with finest coral sand. The landscape is vast and almost deserted. Even for Malagasy conditions, the area and the dryness is so extreme that there are very few villages. Shortly before Ambatomilo, there are huge Baobabs in collections that you do not see otherwise, some grow in groups and look like giant bonsais. In the midst of this wonderful and impressive nature we find ourselves in a bungalow hotel which even has hot water.Overnight stay at the hotel "Shangri La

Days 8 and 9 - Ambatomilo

Shangri-la Lodge offers you good food, comfortable rooms, helpful staff and one of the most spectacular beaches in Madagascar!This resort is located near the small village of Ambatomilo, 125 km north of the city of Tuléar .If you love nature and the sea, this is the ideal place for your vacation. You will find one of the most beautiful beaches of Madagascar, a typical vegetation of the Malagasy bush.You can fish, visit the island and the reef. And many other activities. We do not plan any activities , relaxation and rest .

Day 10- Ambatomila to Ifaty

We leave Ambatomilo in a southerly direction and drive on a dirt road parallel to the coastline through a jungle-like dry forest. Situated on a wide bay, Ambatomilo with its nested houses looks remote and picturesque. After a breather in one of the restaurants on the shore, we continue south, always along the coast through a sublime dune landscape. Passing small villages of Vezo fishermen and driving slowly on the bumpy road, we finally arrive to the bay of Ifaty in the afternoon. Huge forests with baobab trees surround the blue shimmering bay, miles of sandy beaches offer "postcard motifs" without equal.

Day 11: From Tulear to Isalo National Park

On the RN7 you pass Tulear and travel again towards the Isalo National Park in the center of the island. Besides deep gorges, bizarre rocks rise into the air and again and again mysterious caves open up. Enchanted brooks find their way through the impassable rocks and run in small, light blue shining ponds together. When the sunlight hits the different minerals of the mountain, it opens up a unpredictable play of colors, which will enrich your travel impressions many times over.

Day 12: The depths of Isalo National Park

To give the unique Isalo National Park the importance it deserves, you should plan about two days to explore its untouched and breathtaking landscapes. While yesterday you were able to gather first impressions of the landscape, today you will undertake a hike into the depths of the Isalo National Park. Karguable looking rock formations alternate here with lush green countryside off. With a little luck, you can even observe the lemurs living here in their natural habitat. At the end of the hike you will travel on to Ambalavao, where you will find your carefully selected accommodation for the night.

Day 13: The Anja Park near Ambalavao

Just a stone's throw away is the Anja Park - A small village reserve in Madagascar. The locals run and protect a small reserve here with their own hands. On the only 9km² you can colorful orchids and admire other wondrous plants. The park is also home to about 300 cute calicoeswhich - unlike most other lemurs - hardly stay on trees but instead on the ground. Inside the park, a fortifying picnic awaits you, where you can wonderfully take in the natural spectacle around you. Nearby is also the Village 13. During a visit to the village, we would like to show you how great the influence of targeted humanitarian aid is. We ourselves have contributed and built a well in the village and provide financial means to enable the children to receive a school education. The boundless gratitude of the population and the warm welcome they give us during our visits are a gift we would like to share with you. Although the villagers have to make do with only simple means, they show themselves very hospitable and generous and give deep insights into their culture.

Day 14: Manakara - The gateway to the world of spices

You will travel on to Manakara, a multicultural port city on the east coast of the island. On the fertile soils of the eastern regions of Madagascar, numerous luxury goods such as vanilla and cloves were cultivated in colonial times and subsequently shipped to Europe. The former plantations still exist today and spices of exceptional quality are still shipped all over the world. With the many Europeans and Asians living here, Manakara is the symbol of a vital port city.

Day 15: Cruise on the Canal des Pangalanes

Today you will take a boat trip on the Canal des Pangalanes. In order to transport colonial goods quickly and efficiently, the French occupiers built this impressive waterway that runs parallel to the Indian Ocean and connected the ports with the plantations. With Madagascar's independence, the great economic importance of the canal disappeared. In many places it is no longer navigable today. In Manakara, however, boat trips can still be made on this former showpiece of the colonial masters be undertaken.

Day 16: Impressive rainforest in Ranomafana

Now that you've had a chance to breathe some city air again, continue your journey towards the Ranomafana National Parks in Madagascar away. Here you will visit one of the last mountain cloud forests on earth. In the dense green of the forest lives an incredible variety of insects, reptiles, amphibians, mammals and birds. Again and again the forest opens up in front of you and gives a view of the densely forested mountain ranges free. The park is located in close proximity to the main town of Ranomafana and is extremely visitor friendly. In Ranomafana you will be accommodated in the Hotel des Thermes. In the city you can also visit a soothing spa and gather strength and rest for the last, exciting stages of the journey.

Day 17: Back to Antsirabe

On the RN7 you will travel further north and stop again in Antsirabe. In the following days you will have the opportunity to get to know the city better. During your first visit you have already gained a first impression of the city. You now have time for an extensive city stroll in the relaxing atmosphere of the former spa.

Day 18: Antsirabe and surroundings

Antsirabe is the highest town in the country, this former health resort is located at an altitude of about 1600m. There are very beautiful lakes of volcanic origin and countless hiking opportunities, bicycle tours are also possible and are organized on request. After breakfast we will drive west to Betafo. Close to the village are not only the two famous volcanic lakes Lac Tritriva and, which we will not visit, but we also start here for a 2-hour hike through the fertile fields of the area and enjoy the unique mountain panorama of the surroundings. At the enchanted waterfall of Antafofo the intrepid will have the opportunity to take a refreshing bath. Today we will also visit the town, the huge market is especially busy on Saturday but also on all other days of the week it is worth an extensive visit.This famous spa town with its wide avenues can not be compared with any other city in Madagascar.From the train station in pure colonial style, the freedom avenue leads straight to the huge "Hotel des Thermes", an imposing building from the colonial history of the city.Overnight at the hotel "Chambres du Voyageur".

Day 19: From the highlands to the mountain cloud forest

Early in the morning you will drive east on the winding and well-maintained RN 2. On the way you will have the opportunity to visit the well-known MadagascarExotique" Private Reserve of the famous Researcher Andre Pereyras where an unimagined variety of reptiles, amphibians and - in a nearby forest - lemurs pose unabashedly for the camera. Moramanga is the next stopover before heading to the nearby area of Analamazoatra goes. Near the national park of Andasibe you will take up quarters and already have the opportunity to listen to the singing cries of the Indri-Indris To listen, which often go right into the hotel complex.Overnight stay in the hotel " Eulophiella Lodge".

Day 20: Andasibe and Mitsinjo Reserve

Today, after breakfast, you will visit the Andasibe or Mitsinjo Reserve, where you will hike for several hours to see Indri Indris and other very rare species of animals and plants. On the way there are still some possibilities to visit which are suggested depending upon interest of the participants locally.Overnight stay in the "Villa Sibyl"

Day 21: The departure towards Europe

Today your adventure trip through Madagascar ends. Normally, flights to Europe leave in the evening, so you can pack your bags and make all travel arrangements at your leisure on this day. Also, there is certainly still time to do last errands. Of course we will organize your transfer to the airport and we are happy to have convinced a new traveler of the unique beauty of the island.

Facts and figures

Facts and figures about the tour

At the beginning we have already pointed out that it is very important for us with our individual trips to give you a lot of freedom on the one hand, and on the other hand the most beautiful places and spots of Madagascar to show. If you yourself still Ideas or questions to this detailed trip over the island, we would be pleased if you contact us directly. The same applies, of course, when it comes to the following Statement of costs and services goes. With this we would like to offer you a Maximum transparency enable. However, if something is unclear, we ask you to contact us directly:

21 days tour Price per person
2 to 3 guests 2890 €
4 to 5 guests 2770 €
6 - 7 guests 2690 €
8 - 9 guests 2620 €
10 guests or more 2590 €


In integrated into the basic price:

English speaking tour guide

Accompaniment and logistics

all nights

Breakfast and dinner

Transfers and trips as specified

Four-wheel drive car and driver and fuel

Not integrated into the basic price:


personal expenses

individual leisure activities

Entrance fees to the national parks (about 20€ per person and per park)

Sightseeings and excursions (about 20€ per person and per park)

national and international flights

Contact us and book the tour of your dreams

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Do you have any questions? Just get in touch with us! 

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