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Our travel offer

Splendor of the slopes west with Tsingy of Bemaraha

Price from 3430 €
Duration 20 days

About the trip

Splendor of the slopes and the world famous Tsingy of Bemaraha

20 Days through the west of Madagascar

Madagascar is an island that is hard to beat in terms of versatility, natural beauty and breathtaking adventures. Therefore, if you want to spend your vacation on the red island, you should try to take home as many different experiences as possible. The best way to do this is to book a round trip. Then you will experience the island in all its beauty, because even remote places of the island and fascinating moments far away from the typical tourist routes will then not remain hidden from you. As travel specialists and locally living Madagascar experts, we offer numerous different tours through the vastness of Madagascar. Discover with us the north, the dry south, the green east coast and the partly still wild west of the island and spend with us an unforgettable vacation.

The travel days in detail

Day 1 -Arrival in Antananarivo

The first thing you have to do in Madagascar is the visa formalities at Ivato airport. Immediately after that the adventure Madagascar begins for you. We will welcome you in the halls of Ivato. Depending on the time of day, the first activities in Tana or the first night's rest in our Villa Sibylle are now on the plan.overnight stay in the "Villa Sibylle

Day 2: By domestic flight to Tulear

On the second day we will take a regular Air Madagascar or Madagasikara Airways flight from Antananarivo in the cost of this flight is not included in the total tour price. In Tulear the vehicles will be boarded and we will drive along a dusty dirt road along the coast. There are many enchanting fishing villages that exude a unique flair. Before arriving in Sarondrano, where mangrove forests and sand dunes dominate the landscape, you will stop for the night. The guesthouse Résidence Eden Lodge is a truly unique accommodation, one of the most beautiful in the whole area. Currently, this can still be called an insider tip and you will enjoy not only the fabulous accommodation, but also a delicious meal and cool drinks.

Days 3 and 4 - Sarondrano and surroundings

The scenery and opportunities in the area around Eden Lodge are, in my opinion, second to none in Madagascar. Outrigger pirogues, motorboat, canoe, off-road vehicle, visits to a huge protected area and even paragliding are available. No matter what activity you decide to do, reliable and knowledgeable guides are available. To relax, you can retreat and enjoy the sunshine with excellent food and 32° warm water. As a tip, a trip to the island of Nosy Ve inhabited by very rare sea birds can be advised. An unforgettable picnic in this environment awaits you.Overnight "Residence Eden Lodge".

Day 5 Sarondrano-Tulear-Ambatomilo

After a few days of relaxing, we continue our journey north on the N9. Now the adventure begins. We drive through the thorn forest of Reniala on sandy tracks to Ambatomilo. On this stretch of road we see probably the most beautiful beaches of Madagascar. At least I have not been able to discover any more beautiful ones. The water is turquoise and forms a wonderful contrast to the bright white sandy beaches which are covered with finest coral sand. The landscape is vast and almost deserted. Even for Malagasy conditions, the area and the dryness is so extreme that there are very few villages. Shortly before Ambatomilo, there are huge baobabs in collections that you do not see otherwise, some grow in groups and look like giant bonsais. In the midst of this wonderful and impressive nature we find ourselves in a bungalow hotel which even has hot water.Overnight stay in the hotel "Shangri La".

Day 6 Ambatomilo

Not to take a rest day here would be downright criminal. The location is simply too impressive to just drive through. Enjoy a day in the shade of baobabs and regain your strength for the further way north along the coast.

Day 7 Ambatomilo-Morombe

Through the area of the Mikea, the legendary smallest ethnic group on Madagascar, our way leads along the coast through fantastic thorn forests in the direction of Morombe. The road no longer deserves its name here, rather it is a deep and only difficult to drive on deep sandy road. The driving experience in our car resembles the one you know better driving on a closed snow cover. Gigantic baobabs and euphorbias line the road and will amaze you. On this part of the route our driver shows what he and the 4×4 are capable of. A thorough knowledge of what is feasible, but also what is not, is essential on deep sandy tracks and river crossings. You are in good hands and can enjoy the adventure to the fullest. Finally we reach Morombe where we are accommodated in a very simple and nice guesthouse.Overnight "chez Katia" in Morombe

Day 8 Morombe-Belo sur Mer

In order to avoid an overnight stay in terrible conditions, which I would not like to subject any of my guests to, we have to tackle the longest section of the trip today. At 5 o'clock we start still in the darkness our way and cross the dry landscape which is interrupted by solitary standing thorn forests, Dideraceen, Baobabs, Euphorbias, cactuses and sometimes also deciduous trees. After about 70km we just leave Manja on the right side of the dirt road and continue into the ever deeper wilderness. After a total driving time of 8.5 hours over sand, scree and after some river crossings we reach the salt flats of Belo sur Mer. After this exhausting day we enjoy a dinner in traditional lodgings, with sanitary facilities but and hot water, friendly atmosphere and quite good food served at a common table with all guests at the same timeAccommodation in the Ecolodge du Menabe.

Day 9 Belo sur Mer - Morondava

Today, after sleeping in and a very good breakfast, the last day on the slopes of Terra incognita awaits us. There are still a few river crossings, at least one of which is very challenging, but with the help of our driver, even the cliff is safe and easy to circumnavigate. Out of nowhere an asphalted road appears which of course we also like to use. On this road we drive to Morondava and move into our night's lodging there. overnight stay "Kimony Resort".

Day 10: Explore Morondava and the surrounding area

On the tenth day you can leave your luggage at Kimony Lodge, because in the evening you will stay here again. Before that, however, you will go on an excursion to the north and will be able to examine the impressive Baobab avenue at close range. On site, you should definitely have your camera ready. Afterwards, you will return to Morondava and have the opportunity to get to know this cozy town and taste the excellent local cuisine.

Day 11 Morondava-Kirindy N.P.

From Morondava there are only 50km of road to cover until the Kiridy Reserve awaits us. The road consists partly of paved roads, but also of sandy tracks. However, due to the experience we have gained in the last few weeks, this does not pose any major challenges for us and the driver. On the way to the reserve we pass one of the most photographed locations in Madagascar. The Baobab Avenue awaits us with all its splendor and the uniqueness of its appearance. In the reserve itself there is the very rare possibility to see the biggest predator of Madagascar. The Fosas still occur in this area and they can be seen here daily, although they are very rare and shy Kirindy is the ideal and almost the only place in Madagascar where these animals can be seen in the wild. Tonight a night hike is recommended because many of the lemurs are active only in the darkness and thus only then really good to find.Overnight at Kirindy Resort

Day 12: Going to Bekopaka

Leaving Morondava behind, you will be picked up again by four-wheel drive car and taken to Belo-sur-Tsiribihina to the ferry. There you will first dine at the restaurant called Mad Zebu. This restaurant is no longer an insider tip, but is known throughout Madagascar for its delicious food. Afterwards it goes further northThe road over which your car drives can be considered a bit bumpy. You will reach Bekopaka, the entrance to the Tsingy de Bemaraha National Park, towards evening and spend the night in the hotel Olympe d'Bemaraha.

Day 13: The small Tsingy and a ride on the Manombolo are coming up

Before heading to the big Tsingy of Bemaraha, you will have a short side trip to the small Tsingy. The March through the small, fascinating rock needles, which protrude from the ground everywhere, is reminiscent of a walk through a labyrinth and proves to be immensely fascinating. Between the needles you will discover rare pachypodia and various Euphorbia. Also various animals can be seen on this two- to three-hour Tour gladly look. How long you want to stay here is up to you, as we adapt the tour to your wishes. However, you should not forget that after lunch in a fine restaurant on the river, there is another highlight on the day's schedule: a boat will take you upstream the Manombolo. There you expect numerous sacred tombs of the legendary indigenous people of Madagascar, the Vazimba. Afterwards you will go to bed again in the Olympe d'Bemaraha.

Day 14: The great Tsingy of Bemaraha

So that today you can spend a lot of time in the world famous Tsingy de Bemaraha National Park can spend, you leave already around five o'clock in the morning. The walk into the park then begins around six in the morning. Before that, you will be instructed in the correct use of the climbing harness. After a good hour of walking you will see why this climbing harness is so important on your excursion, because after the Passing several narrow caves and steep rock faces you come to a very well designed via ferrata, which leads with numerous stairs, suspension bridges, guide ropes and co. through the park hi to the most fascinating viewpoints. Rarely in your life before will you see such a breathtaking view have enjoyed. Exactly how the tour of the park turns out depends on your individual condition. There are a total of five different ways to explore the park. For the overnight stay is then towards the end of the day again the Olympe d'Bemaraha ready

Day 15: Going back to Morondava

After the eventful days with the big and small Tsingy, the tour is coming to an end. Already early in the morning you will drive back south and continue after lunch in Belo-sur-Tsiribihina across the river. Afterwards, the journey continues by car, leaving behind the dry forest of the west coast. In time for sunset, you should normally reach the Baobab Avenue reach. There, the giant baobab trees cast fascinating shadows in the setting sun, completely immersed in a beautiful red light. After this spectacle we go on to Morondavawhere an attractive bungalow complex on the Mer awaits you.

Day 16 Morondava - Antsirabe

Today, another driving route awaits you first, which will take you to Antsirabe on the so-called Chinese Expressway. It goes through a fascinating landscape, which reminds of a steppe and leads you along different rivers. Along the way, the road winds higher and higher until you reach Antsirabe. There it is much cooler than in any other place you have explored so far in Madagascar. For the overnight stay, the hotel Chambres du Voyageur is planned.

Day 17 - Antsirabe and surroundings

From here you have numerous opportunities to discover the former spa and the nearby surroundings. Bicycle tours in front of an incredible panorama, excursions to lakes of volcanic origin or a hike through the fertile fields of the surrounding area. The waterfall of Antafofo is also very popular with travelers. If you wish, you can also plan a walk through the spa town, which exudes a very special flair with its unique colonial buildings and magnificent avenues. Once again, you will spend the night at the Chambres du Voyageur before continuing your journey the next day.

Day 18 - Antsirabe - Antananarivo

After such a long time in nature, in the heat of the deep south and along the untouched southern east coast, we come back to the very hectic capital of Madagascar. This last stage of this extraordinary tour gives the guests a different insight than at the beginning where the same route was driven in the opposite direction. These were the first impressions of Madagascar, three weeks full of unforgettable events have been experienced since then. We return to the starting point Antananarivo of the trip.overnight stay in the guest house " Villa Sibylle".

Day 19 - Antananarivo and surroundings

The last day of what is sure to be an unforgettable journey through landscapes and to locations that are not unique to Madagascar. You can once again visit the city of Antananarivo or one of the nearby attractions such as the Lemur Park. You can also relax in the tropical garden of the guesthouse of Villa Sybille.

Day 20 Return flight

In the evening we will take you to the airport, usually the flight home leaves after midnight, so you will appreciate the possibility of a "dayuse" at the hotel and can prepare everything in peace before the flight.

Overnight stay in the guest house of the "Villa


Special notes for this tour

It is possible to book this trip on your travel dates as an individual trip. This tour is only feasible from mid-May to mid-November. The south and the east of Madagascar are very hot areas, the coolest months would be June to August but in the remaining months where the tour is offered it is of course also feasible without any problems.This is an adventure trip in difficult to access and sparsely populated areas, we attach great importance to the best possible accommodations wherever possible but on this trip some worse accommodations have to be accepted because there are no alternatives far and wide.Although it is not a physically demanding trip, it should be clear from the beginning that participants should not have any serious health problems because medical care can be difficult when traveling far from the usual itineraries. Vaccinations and malaria prophylaxis are neither mandatory nor really necessary, but some precautions for the usual medications for tropical travel should be taken. A good physical condition is absolutely necessary, for guests with heart problems this tour is not suitable.The climate is mostly very warm to hot but it can be very cold in the winter months (June to August) on the highlands, so both light summer clothes as well as warmer clothes must be taken.There are chargers and voltage converters in the car but it is advisable to bring your own power bank or enough batteries.For all other questions we are happy to help.

Facts and figures

Facts and figures about the tour

For the provision of a single room, a total surcharge of 690.00 euros will be charged.

20 days tour West Coast & Tsingy Price per person
2 to 5 guests 3430 €
6 to 8 guests 3290 €



The included in the basic price Services

- complete planning and logistics

- English-speaking accompaniment by experienced tour guide

- Four wheel drive car including driver and fuel

- all nights in the specified hotels

- Meals concerning breakfast- transfers, taxes and trips indicated in the program

Not included in the basic price Services

- Lunch and and dinner

Drinks and other individual catering

- Tips and all personal expenses

- Entrance fees for the national parks and private parks

- additional local guides and optional leisure activities

- Airfares for international flights and domestic flights

- Taxes for flights as well as airport fees

- Travel health insurance and travel cancellation insurance

- Visa costs (about 30€)

Contact us and book the tour of your dreams

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