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Our travel offer

RN7 with Andasibe and Andringitra

Price from 2150 €
Duration 15 days

About the trip

Discover the Andringitra Mountains and Andasibe

In order to offer you the widest possible range of Travel to Madagascar we are always striving to expand our tour portfolio with spectacular and extraordinary tours. Extend options. This trip does not include domestic flights.

Completely new in our offer we have recently added the Highland route trekking in Andringitra Mountains recorded. This is a unique experience, a tour that covers 16 extraordinary days and gives you a unforgettable insight into nature and the landscape as well as into the ways of life of the different inhabitants of Madagascar. As with all our tours, the highland route trekking has been extensively tested by us as well as our guides. So you can be sure that you will have a great time on your Madagascar vacation are in the best hands. In order to meet your Madagascar vacation to become pleasant to the highest degree, work we work exclusively with professional guides together and partly also take part in individual tours themselves. As always, we attach great importance to Flexibility and individuality lay. If you are not one hundred percent satisfied with the tour itinerary presented below, or if any questions arise or suggestions for improvement come to mind, we would be happy to hear from you. The same applies, of course, if you want to use the tour directly for your Madagascar vacation would like to book.

To give you a better picture of the different adventures and experiences that you can make on this Journey through Madagascar we would like to provide you with a concrete and precise overview of the sophisticated tour plan introduce. This has already proven itself, but should still not restrict you if possible. That is why it is important to us that you work with possible change requests directly to us, so that we can get the most out of your Madagascar vacation can get out.

The travel days in detail

Day 1: You land in Antananarivo

Antananarivo is the colorful and diverse Capital of Madagascar and will welcome you with open arms on the day of your arrival. As a rule, however, you will not notice much of this on the first day, as most of the Aircraft from Europe land late in the evening or at night. Therefore, directly after your arrival we will also take care of the transfer and bring you to the nearby hotel Villa Sybille, where you can get some well-deserved rest can indulge before the Adventure Madagascar starts the next day.

Day 2: Departure to Antsirabe

On the second day you will leave Antananarivo shortly after breakfast via a winding road. This will take you first through the various Suburbs of the Malagasy capital and then to the nearby highlands. The first stop today is either Behenjy or Ambatolampy, where you can enjoy a delicious lunch to fortify yourself for the onward journey ahead. Around 170 kilometers from Antananarivo Antsirabe, today's destination, is located in the distance. The name Antsirabe means "where there is a lot of salt" and the city inspires with numerous thermal springs and an extremely pleasant high-altitude climate. Originally, the city was founded by Norwegian missionaries, which is why it still retains a distinctive European flair could preserve. For tonight you may stay at the hotel Chambres du Voyageur in whose garden you can possibly already examine some chameleons and possibly also the one or other ray turtle.

Day 3: You will tour the surroundings of Antsirabe

Antsirabe is the highest city in the country of Madagascar and for this reason alone inspires with a very mild and very pleasant high altitude climate. The volcanic origin of the island of Madagascar can be seen here from the numerous volcanic lakes easily read and the area offers all sorts Potential for various undertakings. We can organize hiking possibilities for you as well as a classic bike tour. The plan of the day is that after breakfast you will first go to Betafo, from where you will take a about two hours hike to undertake. On this hike you can perceive the scenic highlights of this area quite consciously and unadulterated. You move through fertile fields and enjoy the View of a unique mountain panoramaFinally, you will reach a fairy-tale waterfall, which may even make you want to take a refreshing swim. After the relaxing and impressive hike, you can enjoy the City visits in Antsirabe on the tour schedule. Especially on Saturday the huge market of the city is a special phenomenon, but also on all other days it is worth to pay a visit. Let the very special Charm of the city Antsirabe seduce and survey the magnificent Buildings in classic colonial style. You can be sure that you will not find a second city like Antsirabe in Madagascar. In the Chambres du Voyageur you are expected again in the evening for the night.

Day 4: Sahambavy welcomes you

On the fourth day of your Journey through Madagascar Say goodbye to Antsirabe already after breakfast and travel by car deeper into the south of the island. First on this day is the Visit to a unique reforestation project on the plan. This is run by an elderly gentleman who has been planting numerous citrus trees for years and then passes them on to the farmers in the area. These are to live afterwards from the fruits and to refrain in this way from converting the trees only into charcoal. This project is for the Nature Conservation in Madagascar extremely important and is therefore also supported by us for quite a while. You can have lunch with the head of the project and besides all the information about the project you can also get all kinds of Interesting facts about the Betsileo culture experience. After the extensive tour of the project, you will travel on, with a very winding road now under the wheels of your four-wheel drive car. This leads you, so to speak, directly to the beautiful Lac Hotel.

Day 5: The road leads to the Andringitra Mountains

The previous days of your Journey through Madagascar can be understood as a warm-up, so to speak, because the real adventure on this tour starts today. First, after breakfast, you will board the car again and head further south. About fifty kilometers past the Amabalavao City the car then drives for a good two hours over a somewhat bumpy track, which, however, is normally not necessarily perceived as annoying. Then the following opens up in front of you Tsarasoa Campwhich is just below the famous Pic chameleon is positioned. If you wish, you will have enough time that evening to enjoy a small Climb to the top of this mountain to find out why it lives up to its name. Alternatively, you can take a short walk in the nearby forest, where numerous lemurs are already waiting for your visit. The night will be spent at the camp, where dinner will be served.

Day 6: First adventures in Andringitra National Park

The first tour to the Andringitra Mountains starts relatively early on the sixth morning. Ahead of you is a trek that will take around seven to eight hours before you reach today's destination. With you are numerous porters and also cooks who will take good care of you during the trek. Today the trail goes up relatively steep, but you will already have a impressive view of the mountains and the surrounding landscape preserved. After the hike, you will then reach your first camp, where the cooks will prepare dinner in a shelter. The overnight stay today will be in tents, where you will already see the sheer incredible mountain panorama can marvel at.

Day 7: Another day in Andringitra National Park

Also today it goes on directly after the breakfast, whereby it goes today still a piece higher, because today waits the Pic Imarivolanitra, which is also known as Pic Bobby is known and measures an altitude of 2,659 meters, awaits you. The Pic Bobby is the second highest mountain of the island of Madagascar and will quickly draw you under its incomparable spell. From the camp you will have to climb only about three hours so that lunch can be taken directly at the camp again. Afterwards the hike continues through the breathtaking mountains further. Particularly astonishing: The so-called lunar landscape, also known as the Le Paysage lunaire is known and which you can mentally a whole different world abducted. In the early evening you will return to a simple camp, where you will enjoy dinner and then spend the night in your tent as you did the day before.

Day 8: The last day in Andringitra National Park

Today you will spend the last hours in the Andringitra Mountains, because after breakfast the return to the Tsaranoro Valley is on the agenda. You will march over ancient well-trodden zebu paths and discover vegetation that will remind you of tropical vacation paradises will remind you. Palm trees and various tropical woods now line your path and make impressively clear how quickly the vegetation and climate zones on Madagascar can change spatially. In the early afternoon you will return to the Tsarasoa Camp where the staff is already waiting for you with chilled drinks and a generous portion of hospitality. For the overnight stay today is the Camp Tsarasoa provided.

Day 9: You drive to Ranomafana

On the ninth day of your Madagascar vacation you finally turn your back on the Andringitra National Park and embark on the next stage of this extraordinary journey. At first, the somewhat bumpy road awaits you again, before you return to the RN 7. The driver will now take you back to North direction, because the next big point on the trip is the Ranomafana National Park, the famous mountain cloud forest. But first, after the efforts of the last few days, you can enjoy a little of the extraordinary landscape before taking a Stopover in Anja Park put in. This is also a private reserve, where numerous chameleons and also many calicoes live. In addition, you may also be able to catch a glimpse of one of the numerous burial caves as well as the spiritual meeting places of the Betsileo, who have been based here for many years. Planned is an approximately two-hour stay in Anja Park, which will give you numerous positive impressions.Afterwards, the journey continues north past the peaceful village of Ambalavao and past huge granite rocks and red laterite soil, which have become so typical for the island of Madagascar in recent years. Observe how the landscape changes and then enjoy the ride through many small villages, in the Area around Fianarantsoa. Numerous rice fields lie to the right and left of the path with lush green and glistening water, the lush green of the landscape and the fiery red of the soil form a exciting and lively play of colorswhich will inspire you after a short time. In Fianarantsoa we recommend a visit to the photo studio of the internationally renowned Artist Pierrot Menbefore continuing on your way. Ahead of you is still a stretch of a good forty kilometers today, before you reach the hotel des Thermes where your overnight stay is planned. The landscape has changed significantly once again directly behind Fianarantsoa - dense foliage to the right and left of the road, a rich and deep green make it clear that the mountain cloud forest has now been reached. Here it rains an average of about 250 days a year and the vegetation will immediately captivate you.

Day 10: Trip to Ranomafana National Park

Today you can expect the impressive world of the mountain cloud forestwhich is hidden behind the name Ranomafana National Park. This is a truly unique nature reserve with impressive flora and fauna. For this reason, you will already be on your way up the numerous serpentines to the park entrance before breakfast, so that you can see as much of the park as possible on this day. Ranomafana National Park can take with you. In addition, at this time of day you can best experience the lively and world-famous lemurs, which are just in the morning hours in search of food and make the mountain cloud forest "unsafe". The entire Atmosphere in the dense foliage is downright breathtaking in the morning hours and appears as if enchanted. That is exactly why now is the right time for a Breakfast picnic come that you can take directly in the forest. The appropriate place for this is the viewpoint with the characteristic name Solitude. Afterwards you have different tours to choose fromon which you can explore the national park. If you are in particularly good shape, you can also do the complete Return to Ranomafana on foot always keeping in mind the impressive Namorona River. For all others we recommend returning to the hotel Thermal where again the overnight stay is on the plan, to complete by car.

Day 11: Back to Antsirabe again

On the eleventh day, Ranomafana National Park calls out to you once again. If you wish, you can go for a walk on the Viewpoint Solitude once again have your breakfast and enjoy the wonderful atmosphere of the mountain cloud forest. After that, the car will take you back to the road and you will drive back to the highlands. The first stop is planned in Ambositra, a small town that nevertheless hides a tremendous heritage: the Art carvings of the local population were identified a few years ago as UNESCO World Heritage Site classified and can be visited here particularly comprehensively. Thanks to the low prices, you can also buy one or the other souvenir here.The onward journey then leads you towards the end of the day back to Antsirabe, where you can stroll a little through the alleys and once again enjoy the Highlights of the last days You will have a chance to reflect on the day's events. As on the outward journey, you will again spend the night in the hotel Chambres du Voyageurwhere you will be spoiled by the good service.

Day 12: The capital Antananarivo is in sight

Before the next new stage on your itinerary, you will first have to settle for something already familiar. After many exciting episodes in mountain cloud forest or even in Andringitra National Park, you will now return to the Civilization to Antananarivo. There, after the eventful days of the journey so far, you will now perceive quite different impressions than when you arrived on the Red Island. But the Return to the starting point Antananarivo is by no means the final chord for the symphony of your Journey through Madagascar to understand. On the contrary, one of the most exciting sections of all is still to come. But first you return to the Villa Sybille in to rest for a night.

Day 13: Andasibe is your next stop

Again today you will leave your hotel at an early hour and set off with your vehicle on the winding RN 2, which will take you east. Madagascar East Coast is famous for its partly still very pristine rainforests and makes directly after a few kilometers with an exciting and varied vegetation draw attention to themselves. If you still want to discover some native animals of Madagascar, we recommend you a Stopover in private reserve with the name Madagascar Exotique. There live numerous relatively little shy lemurs, which like to pose together with you in front of the camera. Also numerous chameleons and amphibians can be marveled at in this reserve. After a potential stopover in the private reserve, we continue to the area called Analamazoatra, where beforehand a short Stopover in Moramanga is planned. You will take up your quarters this evening directly in the Analamazoatra area, not far from the Andasibe National Park. The name of your hotel is Eulophiella Lodge and this lodge has a real special feature. Many of the rare Indri-Indris organize in the nearby rainforest such a loud singing concertwhich can be heard even in the gardens of the hotel. Not infrequently, some of the posh animals even walk around in the hotel complex - a sight you will certainly never forget.

Day 14: Excursion to Andasibe National Park

Andasibe National Park awaits you on the fourteenth day of your Journey through Madagascar already shortly after breakfast. You can determine the exact duration of your route according to your own needs: If you feel fit, we recommend a hike of several hours, during which you will encounter numerous vocal Indri Indris. Also many more amazing animals and beautiful plants will come under your eyes or in front of the lens of your camera during this walk. Afterwards we can still show you the Visit to Vakona Zoo recommend. This is located on the so-called Lemur Island, which is populated by the eponymous animals. The animals come from captivity and are accustomed on this island again to a life in freedom. Due to their history, the lemurs have understandably not shy from people and are sometimes quite a bit brash in their encounters with them. In the nearby forest you can additionally catch a glimpse of numerous crocodiles and also the rare fossa, one of Madagascar's few native predators. We recommend a Walk for one to two hours, to get to see as many of the local animals as possible. Afterwards you can relax in the Eulophiella Lodge rest from the adventures of the day.

Day 15: Antananarivo awaits you again

If you wish, on the last full day you can visit another area of the Andasibe National Parks explore. Alternatively, you can go directly after breakfast by car back in the direction of Antananarivo and either there or on the road still numerous attractions visit. We would like to help you make the decision for the programmatic design We leave the organization of your last full day in Madagascar up to you, but if you let us know your wishes, we will of course take over the organizational responsibility for this. In addition, we can help you with numerous inspirations serve. In Antananarivo you will spend the night again in the already known Villa Sibyl.

Day 16: Return flight to Europe

Understandably, there are no more activities planned for this day, as you are now on a plane back to Europe or to another destination.

Facts and figures

Facts and figures about the trip

The highland route trekking can be booked by you both as a stand-alone trip or combined together with other of our tours as in a kit. If you have any questions when putting it together or would like to make a specific booking, we will be happy to assist you. The same applies if you develop additional questions regarding the costs involved. In principle we are always anxious to offer you all factors of our travel planning openly. For this reason, the following table shows which financial costs when booking this trip come to you. Below are also presented all included as well as all non-included services.

Highland Route Trekking - 16 days Price per person
2 to 3 guests 2155 €
4 to 5 guests 2080 €
6 - 7 guests 1990 €
8 - 9 guests 1930 €
10 guests and more 1880 €


For single rooms we have to charge a surcharge of 490,00 Euro.

Integrated into the basic price:

English speaking experienced tour guide

Logistics services

Overnight stays in the specified hotels

Meals according to the program (breakfast and dinner)

Full board during the trekking tour

Transfers and trips including taxes

Not integrated into the basic price:

Lunch and drinks


Personal expenses

Fees for entrance and guided tours in the national parks

individual sightseeing and excursions/plus guides


Airport fees


Contact us and book the tour of your dreams

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