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Our travel offer

RN7 from south to north with Ampefy

Price from 2290 €
Duration 16 days

About the trip

This very varied and scenic tour takes you through the highlands, the mountain cloud forest in Ranomafana, the mountains near Ambalavao, the rugged mineral landscapes of the Isalo Massif, to the Mozambique Channel where a few days of relaxation in a beautiful lodge are announced. After that, we will continue to the Midwest, a little known volcanic area where the trip can end harmoniously.

This south / north variant is especially recommended for guests who are tired or stressed. A few days of rest on the Mozambique Channel can do wonders.

The travel days in detail

Day 1: Arrival in Antananarivo

The first day is dedicated to your arrival in Madagascar. We will pick you up after your landing at the airport Ivato in the Madagascan capital Antanarivo and bring you to your place of accommodation in Villa Sibylle.Should you have any wishes for your arrival in the form of food and drinks, you can best let us know in advance so that we can take care of it.

Day 2- By plane we reach Tulear

There are many fishing villages along the dusty track that runs along the coast.The southern regions (from Tulear to Fort Dauphin) are the focus of interest for visitors and botanists due to their unique vegetation (dwarf baobabs, euphorbias, aloe, ....).Before Tulear, the sandy track heads south through remote areas. Before approaching the headland of Sarondrano which stretches between sand dunes and mangrove forests in the turquoise blue Lagon it becomes exciting.Between Tulear and Saint Augustin is one of the most pleasant guesthouses I know on this island, "Résidence Eden Lodge" is still an insider tip but it will soon get around and there are very few accommodation options.Overnight in the hotel Résidence Eden Lodge

Days 3 to 5 stay in Sarondrano and the surrounding area

Days three to five on your Journey through Madagascar are all about various day trips and individual activities. During these three days you will stay exclusively in Sarondrano and the nearby surroundings, staying throughout the night in the wonderful Résidence Eden Lodge. Your daily program you can Assemble yourselfWe will gladly support you in this to the best of our ability: Relaxing hours on the dream beach are just as imaginable as sailing trips, diving or a boat trip to the humpback whales. Simply contact us and we will take care of a Program package, which corresponds to your individual wishes.

Day 6 - From Mozambique Channel to Isalo

Continue north: Savannah and desert landscapes follow until Ilakaka, the town that for almost 20 years has magically attracted the world's largest open sapphire mines to prospectors and traders.Also to be seen along the road: The famous Mahafaly tombs and by "Aloalos"- wooden steles decorated with geometric motifs - naively describe with simple scenes what was important in the life of the deceased. In the interior, on the other hand, there are few opportunities for life and yet people live there in unimaginable conditions, agriculture and animal husbandry are almost impossible due to the extreme drought.A visit to Zoombitse-Vohibasia is definitely worthwhile, there are local endemic birds, insects, lemurs and ancient baobabs to observe.Overnight stay at the hotel "Isalo Rock Lodge****".

Day 7 - The Isalo National Park

On this day you will go into one of the most famous national parks in Madagascar, the Isalo National Park. This is a huge mountain massif where granite and sandstone sculptures alternate with waterfalls and tropical nature. The entire national park includes more than 80,000 hectares of land and offers you a maximum of scenic variety. The level of difficulty and also the length of the tour through the park are adapted to Your personal wishes as well as adapted to your conditional requirements. After the exciting day trip follows again an overnight stay in the hotel Isalo Rock Lodge (4****).

Day 8- From Isalo to Ambalavao

Continuing north, the landscape becomes green and pleasant, we leave the savannah quickly, because the road is well developed.Before Ambalavao walks are possible in a reserve founded and managed by the village community there, it is the: "Association Anja Miray", called Anja Park for short. In the reserve of about 3 hectares there are hundreds of calicoes, also rare reptiles like the dwarf chameleon Brookesia can be seen. The park is also home to several burial caves and spiritual meeting places of the local Betsileo people and is well worth the 2 to 4 hour stay.

Day 9 - From Ambalavao to Ranomafana

After leaving the peaceful village of Ambalavao behind us, the drive continues on the well paved road further and further north. Huge granite rocks, increasingly barren red laterite soil and meager grasses can be seen, the landscape changes tremendously when you get up to the pass with the beautiful viewpoint. From there you can once again see very far down into the valley of Ambalavao, which lies peacefully between the high mountains.Then drive through many small villages whose colors vary from red earth color to bright red with green background. The landscape is lush green, the rice fields are a mosaic of all possible shades of green in the mirror of countless ponds. The region of Fianarantsoa is intensively used for agriculture. (mainly tea, wine and rice). In Fianarantsoa you will visit the photo studio of the world famous photographer Pierrot Men.About 40 km after Fianarantsoa the landscape changes again very dramatically, it becomes much greener and the trees become denser and taller. Almost without a clear transition we are in the mountain cloud forest where it rains on average 250 days a year.Overnight at Hotel Thermal

Day 10-Visit Ranomafana National Park

The Ranomafana National Park is on the tenth day the destination of your Journey through Madagascar. The park covers more than 40,000 hectares and is located about 1,300 meters above sea level. Numerous different species of lemurs, insects, birds, frogs and reptiles are at home in the mountain forest and with a little luck you will get to see some particularly spectacular specimens and in front of the camera lens. The concrete arrangement of the day in Ranomafana National Park is depending on your individual wishes and constitution. The night will be spent this day again at the hotel Thermal where you will enjoy the extraordinary Adventures of the day can recover.

Day 11 - From Ranomafana to Antsirabe

Early in the morning the drive goes up numerous serpentines to the park entrance. Afterwards we go back to the highlands, the town of Ambositra itself is known for its craftsmen who specialize in carving and veneering precious wood (mainly ebony and rosewood). Several sculptor's studios and carpenter's workshops, which are located directly by the inhabitants, invite you to visit them. Afterwards, in the direction of Antsirabe, we will visit an original reforestation project with orange trees. In the afternoon we will arrive in the highest town of the country, a former health resort, located at an altitude of about 1600 m. Overnight stay in the hotel "Chambres du Voyageur".

Day 12 - From Antsirabe via Faratsio to Ampefy

After such a long time in nature, in the heat of the deep south and along the incredibly diverse high load route, it is very pleasant to feel the cool air of this volcanic area. This last leg of this extraordinary tour gives guests a different insight into this fascinatingly diverse island. These were the impressions of Madagascar, 1500km full of unforgettable experiences . Drive via Faratsio on a new road over 2000m high to Ampefy to relax in a very peaceful volcanic landscape.

Day 14 - Ampefy and Surroundings

The Waterfall Lily for example, is an absolute highlight - it can be reached on foot within a good hour from Ampefy or by off-road vehicle via a pothole-strewn dirt road within about 30 minutes. Several meters wide the water rushes 20 meters into the depth! The best thing about it - you can watch the spectacle up close - a narrow path leads to the foot of the waterfall - here you can sit on large stones and forget about time to the sound of the water.Another sight of the region are the only Geysers on Madagascar - located in the middle of nowhere. However, these are artificially created geysers, whose water is also not hot but rather lukewarm. The water is the waste water of the surrounding mineral mines. Since this water contains a lot of carbonic acid, it dissolves the deposits of lime and iron from the pipes on the way - in the case of the geysers, it bubbles to the surface and the lime is deposited. This is how the geysers grow more and more over the years. Even if they are not natural geysers, they are fascinating yellow and red colored and worth a trip.

Day 15 - Ampefy to Antananarivo

Even the most beautiful journey has an end, the last stage goes over a very varied landscape towards the capital Antananarivo. Fortunately, on the way there is the famous lemur park which can be visited on request and according to the interest of the guests.several species of lemurs live there in freedom in different areas which can be explored with a guide in a little more than an hour.then it goes with or without traffic jam back to the peaceful Villa Sibylle where the journey had also begun.

Day 16 - The Return flight to Europe

The last day of your Madagascar vacation is entirely devoted to the return journey. This day you will on the plane to Europe and presumably learn about the different experiences and impressions of their Journey through Madagascar dream

Facts and figures

Facts and figures about the tour

As already mentioned above, you have with this Journey through Madagascar numerous possibilities for a individual recreational activities. If you need help, for example, to fill the days in Sarondrano with activities, we will be happy to help you with numerous recommendations and assistance. Different sections of the tours can be additionally individualized on request become. All you need to do is contact us. Together we can then ensure that your Madagascar vacation becomes a real dream.

Various connection tours can harmoniously enrich this trip, we adapt the possibilities to your wishes and expectations.

Below you can see the list of costs as well as the services included or to be paid by the customer:

Tour from Antananarivo to Tulear Price per person
2 to 3 guests 2290 €
4 to 5 guests 2240 €
6 - 7 guests 2190 €
8 - 9 guests 1950 €
10 guests or more 1890 €



For single room we have to charge 580 €.

Integrated into the basic price:

English speaking tour guide

Accompaniment and logistics

all nights including breakfast

Breakfast and transfers and trips as specified

Four-wheel drive car and driver and fuel

Not integrated into the basic price:

Lunch and dinner

Personal expenses

German speaking tour guide possible with surcharge

individual leisure activities

Entrance fees to the national parks (about 20€ per person and per park)

Sightseeings and excursions (about 20€ per person and per park)

national and international flights

Visa (available at the airport for 25€)

Ylang-Ylang Flowers

Contact us and book the tour of your dreams

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Do you have any questions? Simply get in touch with us! Please use the contact form on the right. We will take care of your request as soon as possible.


Do you have any questions? Just get in touch with us! 

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Do you have any questions? Simply get in touch with us! Please use the contact form on the right. We will take care of your request as soon as possible.

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