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Splendor of the slopes and the world famous Tsingy of Bemaraha

20 days through the west of Madagascar

Madagascar is an island that is hard to beat in terms of versatility, natural beauty and breathtaking adventures. Therefore, if you want to spend your vacation on the red island, you should try to take home as many different experiences as possible. The best way to do this is to book a round trip. Then you will experience the island in all its beauty, because even remote places of the island and fascinating moments far away from the typical tourist routes will then not remain hidden from you. As travel specialists and on-site living Madagascar experts we offer numerous different tours through the vastness of Madagascar. Discover with us the north, the dry south, the green east coast and the partly still wild west of the island and spend with us a unforgettable vacation.

However, it will be even more interesting if you work together with us on a Tour of the island experience. You can sit back and relax and leave all the organizational matters to us. With the following offer, which includes a 20 days round trip about the red island represents, you can also expect a All-round carefree packageAll accommodation, all meals, all activities and of course the domestic flights with charter planes are already included. So we make your Madagascar vacation to a truly unique experience. All stations and included services are presented in detail below.

Day 1: You land in Antananarivo

The first day starts for you with your arrival in Malagasy Capital Antananarivo. Here you will be picked up by one of our guides directly at the airport. Depending on the time of day, you will then be taken directly to the Hotel Villa Sybille to recover there from the flight, or we provide already for the first day a number of individual activities together for you.

Day 2: By domestic flight to Tulear

On the second day we will take a regular Air Madagascar or Madagasikara Airways flight from Antananarivo in the cost of this flight is not included in the total tour price. In Tulear the vehicles will be boarded and we will drive along a dusty dirt road along the coast. There are many enchanting fishing villages that exude a unique flair. Before arriving in Sarondrano, where Mangrove forests and sand dunes the scenic picture, you will stop for the night. The guest house Résidence Eden Lodge is a truly unique accommodation, which is one of the most beautiful in the whole area. Currently, this can still benefit from a Insider tip spoken and you will enjoy here not only the fabulous accommodation, but also a delicious meal as well as cool drinks.

Day 3 & 4: Sarondrano and the surrounding area

On the third and fourth day of your Journey through Madagascar discover the Sarondrano headland and the surrounding area according to your own preferences. A trip to the small Nosy Ve Island offers itself. Not only are fascinating colonies of seabirds at home there, but there are also numerous idyllic opportunities for picnics or Snorkeling excursions. Alternatively, tours by motorboat, canoe or off-road vehicle prove to be particularly recommendable. Excursions to nature reserves or paragliding are also particularly popular. Please note that these activities are not already included in the price, but must be booked directly on site. Alternatively, there is of course also the possibility to simply enjoy the breathtakingly beautiful beach, enjoy the warm weather and excellent food. Both nights reside after an eventful day again in the Résidence Eden Lodge


Day 5 & 6: Heading towards Ambatomilo

After the first four days of your journey, you will turn your back on Sarondrano and head back to Tulear first. From here, your journey starts via the N9 towards the north. First you will pass through the fascinating thorn forest of Reniala, then continue over the sandy tracks until you finally reach Ambatomilo reach. There you can see the well most beautiful beaches of the whole country discover. Turquoise water gently bubbles onto the brilliant white sandy beach. Deserted areas, where you can relax wonderfully, line up with magical-looking clusters of baobab trees with their bizarre growth forms. The overnight accommodation is also unique on site: a small Bungalow Hotel with the name Shangri La welcomes you in the midst of the impressive nature. You will also spend the following sixth day of the trip in this fascinating place, where paradise seems to have been born.

Day 7: Morombe awaits you

Day 7 awaits you with a sometimes quite exciting drive that will take you from Ambatomiloha to Morombe leads. The sandy tracks are sometimes very narrow and only barely recognizable, the trained drivers accordingly draw on their wealth of experience to guide you safely through the fantastic landscape to bring. Besides thorn forests and baobabs, you will cross riverbeds and perhaps meet here and there one of the legendary Mikea, an indigenous people group that belongs to the Indigenous people of Madagascar is counted. In Morombe, a simple but cozy guesthouse named Chez Katia.

Day 8: It goes to Belo sur mer

On the eighth day, you will face a particularly long driving route, not necessarily chosen for comfort, but because during your Journey through Madagascar the best security conditions guaranteed. Already at five o'clock in the morning you set off. The track is still in a pretty good condition on the first part of the drive, which will change a bit later on. It goes then again and again through thorn forests and whole fields full of bizarre succulents and Baobabs. You will then cross a riverbed and then continue through wild sections that require some concentration from the driver. However, since this is very practiced, you do not have to worry about your safety and reach Belo sur Mer with its hot atmosphere after a journey of about nine hours. There you can relax afterwards in the Ecolodge du Menabe recover during an extensive and very convivial dinner.

Day 9: The last day on the slopes

Today you will have your last day on the roads of Madagascar and leave Belo sur Mer for Morondava. It goes past a Village called AnkevoThe riverbeds are crossed and now and then, outside the dry season, there are small stops to check the exact course of the river. But then you reach Morondava and the first part of the Madagascar adventure is completed. In the Kimony Lodge you can relax and prepare for tomorrow's adventure.

Day 10: Explore Morondava and the surrounding area

On the tenth day you can store your luggage in the Kimony Lodge because in the evening you will spend the night here again. But before that you will undertake a Excursion to the north and will see the impressive Baobab Avenue can examine at close range. On site you should definitely have your camera ready. Afterwards we will go back to Morondava and you will have the opportunity to see these cozy city to get to know and taste the excellent local cuisine.

Day 11: The Kirindy National Park

After a short drive of about 50 kilometers you will reach the Kirindy National Park. Here live Madagascar's rare predators: the Fossa's. But also numerous lemurs are resident in this fascinating national park and during extended tours during the day or at night you can certainly see the some or other fascinating photo motif get in front of the camera. The overnight stay is in the Relais de Kirindy on the schedule.

Day 12: Drive to Bekopaka

Today is all about the continuation of the journey to Bekopaka. The trip lasts with about seven hours although comparatively long, is mostly relaxing and also passes through the territory of the indigenous Sakalava tribe. Towards evening you will return to the hotel Olympe de Bemaraha one.

Day 13 & 14: The small and the big Tsingy

On days 13 and 14 you will have the unique opportunity to see two of the largest natural spectacle of the entire island of Madagascar. First, on day 13, we will go to the so-called small Tsingy as well as to the Manambolo Shaft. There you will take a so-called dugout pirogue along the caves there, where the mythical Vazimba people buried their members. Afterwards you will continue to the small TsingyHere you will get a first taste of the next day and besides the fascinating rock formations you will also see all kinds of animals. Overnight will be like yesterday night in the Olymbe de Bemaraha. From here you then also start the next day to the big tsingy. There you have several hours to explore the bizarre and unforgettable rock formations to explore before you have the chance in the evening on a night hike in search of the cute Mouse lemurs or to discover chameleons. Afterwards we go back to the hotel Olymbe de Bemaraha.

Day 15: Back to Morondava

Today you will first head back in the direction of Morondava. On the way back you have once again the chance to see the Kirindy forest or to take a detour to Baobab Avenue at sunset. Afterwards it goes back to the Kimony Lodgewhere you will spend the night.

Day 16 & 17: Antsirabe awaits you

Today, another driving route awaits you first, which will take you to Antsirabe on the so-called Chinese Expressway. It goes through a fascinating landscape, which reminds of a steppe and leads you along various rivers. In the process, the road winds ever upwards until, after Antsirabe come. It is much cooler there than in any other place you have explored so far in Madagascar. For the overnight stay the hotel Chambres du Voyageur provided. From here you have numerous optionsto discover the former spa and the nearby surroundings. Bike rides in front of an incredible panorama, excursions to lakes of volcanic origin or a hike through the fertile fields of the surrounding area. Also the Antafofo waterfall is very popular with travelers. If you wish, you can also plan a walk through the spa town, which exudes a very special flair with its unique colonial buildings and magnificent avenues. Also today you will spend the night once again in the Chambres du Voyageurbefore you continue your journey the next day.

 Day 18 to 21: Back to Antananarivo

Today you will return to Anatanarivo, the starting point of your journey. On this route you will once again get a fascinating insight into the incredible scenery of this island as you drive through the fertile fields and green plains of the central region of the country. In the evening you will be back at your accommodation in the Villa Sybille ready. You can also store your luggage there the next day, so that you still have enough time to explore the various sights that Antananarivo has to offer. For example, plan a side trip to the Lemurs Park or spend time at the various historical monuments. Your guide will be happy to give you more helpful tips on how to best spend the day. Afterwards, the flight departs in the early morning hours of 20.08. and brings you from the dreamlike island Madagascar back to the western world.

If you are interested in this trip through the south of the island, we are at your disposal for more information ready. Please keep in mind that the domestic flight from Antananarivo to Tulear is already included in the price and that all overnight stays including full board are already considered. Thus we offer you with this travel offer a Complete package, as you find it only rarely on Madagascar. Feel free to contact us and meanly we will make your Madagascar vacation to a wonderful experience that you will always remember with pleasure.

20 days tour from Antananarivo to Tulear Price per person
2 to 5 guests 3430 €
6 to 8 guests 3290 €

For single rooms we have to charge a supplement of 590 €.

Integrated into the basic price:

  • English speaking tour guide
  • Accompaniment and logistics
  • all nights
  • Breakfast and dinner
  • Transfers and trips as specified
  • Four-wheel drive car and driver and fuel

Not integrated into the basic price:

  • Lunch
  • personal expenses
  • German speaking tour guide possible with surcharge
  • individual leisure activities
  • Entrance fees to the national parks (about 20€ per person and per park)
  • Sightseeings and excursions (about 20€ per person and per park)
  • national and international flights
  • Visa (available at the airport for 25€)

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Do you have any questions? Simply get in touch with us! Please use the contact form on the right. We will take care of your request as soon as possible.


Do you have any questions? Just get in touch with us! 

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Do you have any questions? Simply get in touch with us! Please use the contact form on the right. We will take care of your request as soon as possible.

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