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Madagascar's Tsimanampetsotsa National Park:

Fantastic south with unique fauna & flora

The Tsimanampetsotsa National Park is located in the Southwest of Madagascar, not far from the coast about 90 km south of Tulear. The national park covers 430 km² with predominantly thorn forest and some wetlands overgrown area. This area was already designated in 1927 due to its biological importance -. 90% of flora and fauna is endemic - protected as an important habitat for waterfowl. Tsimanampetsotsa was declared a national park in 1966. The water supply in this driest zone of the island is not easy for the people as well as for the animals and plants: only 300mm of precipitation fall here per year.

The impressive biodiversity of the arid south

Apart from the sea, there are two very different landscapes in the park that dominate the biotope: a calcareous plateau with dense, mainly locally endemic thorn forest and imposing, pot-bellied baobab trees (Baobabs) on the one hand and endless sand dunes along the coast on the other side. The park also has numerous caves and sinkholes formed from a former underground stream. Tsimanampetsotsa is an absolute paradise for Birdwatchers. more than 100 types are to be found here. Apart from birds there are 12 species of mammals, among them the extremely rare and endemic local Grandidierii mongoose and four species of lemurs. Among the 39 reptile species the ray turtles are among the most important. These are endemic to this region and unfortunately extremely endangered and threatened with extinction. Due to the chemical composition of the salty lakes found there, no fish can actually survive in them. Nevertheless, the are unique in the world, blind fish found in some underground caves.

Tours and trails in Tsimanampetsotsa N.P.

There are some easy tours of the national park that can be tailored to suit all conditions and personal interests. The park office is located in the village Efoetse, you can even use some English speaking tours Negotiate.

Tsiamaso Tour: This tour is dedicated to cave exploration. You can admire the stalactites and stalagmites. Also you can observe here the famous blind fish.

Andaka TourA short walk along the lakeshore, which is especially suitable for ornithologists, as the tour passes by colonies of flamingos that populate the lake between April and December. During this tour you will enjoy a beautiful view and you can also admire countless birds and plants during the other seasons.

Emande Tour: You will first pass by native burial sites. After that you will enjoy some great landscapes and you can observe lemurs, reptiles and water birds.

Andalamaike Tour: This is a botanical walk through arid landscapes, focused on baobabs, ray tortoises, land birds and underground caves.

Tsimanampetsotsa National Park is also part of some round trips. On one Journey to the land of thorn people for example, you not only have the possibility to participate in the tropical dream beaches of the South to relax, but also visit numerous attractions of the south. A trip you will not forget!

Travel arrangements and arrival

Tsimanampesotsa National Park is accessible all year round, in our offers it is in the Splendor of the slopes east and south and in the Splendor of the slopes -Terra Incognita included. In any case, you should remember this when you visit, Hiking boots, Sunscreen and Sufficient drinking water to bring with you! From Tuléar you will reach the park via the dirt roads heading south. The first stop is Anakao, after which you continue to the town of Beheloka. From there you continue on a very bad sandy road for about 1 to 2 hours to Efoetse, where the main entrance is located. It is also possible to visit the park from Anakao from by boat to reach. The trip takes about 4 hours, but depends on the type of boat. There is no public transport in the park, so you have to travel with your own Rental car have to travel to, or a Day trip from one of the hotels in Anakao or Sarondrano can book.

Within the park you have the possibility to stay at one of the two campsites. The fees are 10,000 Ariary per night per person. Another cheap option is to stay in one of the very modest hotels in Beheloka. It should be noted here, however, that the hostels do not meet European standards. A slightly better accommodation offers the Hotel Ambola, which is located just a few kilometers from the park.

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