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Nature tour rainforest and Nosy Be island

Price from 2750 €
Duration 20 days

About the trip

General description of the tour

If you are interested in tradition and culture in Madagascar as well as in the natural beauty of this island, then you are optimally advised with this 20-day nature tour. On this trip you will visit two different national parks, the Andasibe National Park and the Ranomafana National Park.

The journey begins first in the Malagasy capital Antananarivo, from where you will then travel to Antsirabe.

There you will stay for two days and explore the huge market, the surrounding landscapes of volcanic origin and the famous healing springs. The further surroundings of the city of Antsirabe are also on the itinerary, because there waterfalls and volcanic lakes are just waiting to be discovered by you.

The next stops on the trip are Ambositra, where you will learn about the famous wood carving art of the Zafimaniry, and Manakara, a town on the east coast of Madagascar.

From Manakara you will go to Ranomafana National Park, which awaits you with its numerous species of lemurs and many other animals.

On the return journey, you will come back to the east via Antsirabe and Antananarivo, where you will experience a guided tour of Andasibe National Park, where you will encounter many species of animals unique to Madagascar.

Afterwards you will take off by plane to Nosy Be, the famous "Perfume Island". The time there is at your free disposal, before it then goes from Antananarivo back to Europe.

With us, you can find out about the specific stops and all the details of trip planning from the comfort of your own home.

Also on site we are always available for you and take care with our entire know-how to make your vacation in Madagascar a unique experience. Transparency is much more than just an advertising word for us, because we do not want to put your trust in us at risk.

Therefore, a detailed itinerary is presented below to help you get more than a rough idea of our 20-day nature tour.

Here again the motto is that you can contact us directly with questions or suggestions so that the planning can be adapted to your specific wishes and expectations.


The travel days in detail

Day 1: Arrival in Antananarivo

The first day of your 20-day nature tour is still relatively unspectacular: After arriving in Madagascar, you will land at Ivato Airport in Antananarivo, where we will be waiting for you.

We take care of the transfer and bring you directly to the guest house Villa Sibylwhere you will spend the night.

If you have any special wishes regarding food or drink for your arrival, you should contact us in advance with confidence.

Day 2: From Antananarivo to Antsirabe

Our driver will take you via Route Nationale No. 7 first to Behenjy.

On the way you will already get a first impression of the spectacular dimensions of the upcoming trip: Route Nationale No. 7 is one of Madagascar's most famous roads and has a length of almost 1,000 kilometers.

It leads from our starting point Antananarivo down to the southern tip of Madagascar, the city of Tulear, which is a port city on the Mozambique Channel.

Our journey will first take you through the various suburbs of Antananarivo and through the adjoining highlands.

If you wish, you can visit one of the adventurous looking aluminum foundries in Ambatolampy.

The workers employed there have made it their business to procure aluminum from a wide variety of sources. Cooking pots, engine parts and other utensils are simply melted down and processed.

After the stay in Ambatolampy, the journey continues directly to Antsirabe, 170 kilometers away.

Antsirabe is an important economic center in Madagascar and was once founded by Norwegian immigrants. The city is known for its healing springs and former gemstone deposits.

The overnight stay in Antsirabe is at the hotel "Les chambres du voyageur" planned, where a delicious dinner awaits you.

Day 3: Exploration of Antsirabe and surroundings

On the third day, plenty of time has been planned so that you can explore the city of Antsirabe as well as the surrounding area.

So after breakfast we first go to Betafo.

There you will go on a short hike to enjoy the impressive mountain panorama.

The waterfall of Antafofo is an important stop on this hike and if you want you can also take a refreshing swim there.

After returning to Antsirabe, there are several options for you to spend the rest of the day.

City visits are proposed spontaneously depending on the interests of the guests.

Towards evening dinner awaits you again at the hotel "Chambres du Voyageur" with subsequent overnight stay.

Day 4: Drive to Ambositra and to Ranomafana

On the fourth day of the trip you will leave Antsirabe directly after breakfast and continue south.

Afterwards, a visit to a reforestation project for citrus trees is scheduled if desired, where you can experience directly on site how intensively different environmental protection projects work on the preservation of the original vegetation on Madagascar.

Afterwards, the city of Ambositra is already waiting for you, home to a very special cultural heritage.

The Zafimaniry people, who still live there, practice an overwhelming form of woodcarving art that will amaze you.

It is not for nothing that this art has already been declared a World Heritage Site by UNESCO.

The restaurant Tana Masoandro awaits you afterwards for a delicious lunch that will strengthen you for the rest of the journey.

Continue to the mountain cloud forest of Ranomafana.

Day 5: Via Irondro to Manakara

The fifth day of your trip has many different stops and exciting experiences in store for you.

After an invigorating breakfast, we therefore head directly east to Irondro, near Ifanadiana, where we can observe very large chameleons.

Now is the ideal time to take photos that will remind you for eternity of this eventful vacation in Madagascar.

Next, again from the car, you can marvel at the impressive hilly landscape near Irondro before heading directly to Manakara on the Indian Ocean.

The hotel La vanilla welcomes you to Manakara and treats you to an excellent dinner

Day 6: Stay in Manakara with visit to Pangalan Canal

In Manakara, on the sixth day of your Madagascar trip, you will first head a little outside by car.

The Pangalan Channel is the destination this morning.

The private reserve Eden Sidi is already waiting for you here on a headland.

In Eden Sidi live numerous lemurs, which are accustomed to people and therefore do not shy away from you.

They will gladly accept bananas and other delicacies from you.

Immediately after that, you will go in a boat along the 600-kilometer-long canal, although of course you will not travel the entire route.

The trip across the canal provides for a short break where you will meet local farmers who grow exotic fruits and spices on the banks of the canal and take a short hike with you if you wish.

Manakara is famous for the production of various so-called colonial goods.

After all, in earlier times the city had a seaworthy port and was accordingly an important transhipment point for spices, essential oils and the world-famous vanilla, which grows nowhere as well as in Madagascar.

To learn more about this world of flavors, you will visit different plantations and get a comprehensive insight.

Then drive back to Manakara and the hotel La vanilla is once again available for your overnight stay.

Day 7: From Manakara to Ranomafana

On the seventh day you will turn your back on Manakara and drive back along the route to Ranomafana.

The town of the same name is your first stop on this day.

In the hotel "Thermal " you first have the opportunity to move into your quarters. Afterwards you will go on a relaxing excursion to a nearby thermal bath.

The hot springs there will give you a lot of relaxation after the exciting experiences of the last days.

If you wish, you can already meet your guide for the tour to Ranomafana National Park this day and discuss the excursion for the next day. Afterwards you will go to the Thermal Hotel for the night.

Day 8: Ranomafana National Park

Early in the morning, before breakfast, you will start the eighth day of your trip, where you will be allowed to explore the green expanses of Ranomafana National Park.

First we go up serpentine roads to the park entrance.

The early morning departure is important because the shy lemurs that live in the national park are best observed at this time of day.

The further course of the day depends on your needs as well as your condition. Different tours will be suggested by your guide.

The way back to Ranomafana on foot is particularly interesting, but also a bit strenuous.

This path leads over a steep slope and is accordingly only recommended for people with a good constitution.

In return, you will experience some truly unforgettable sights here.

Alternatively, smaller tours of the park are possible, followed by a return trip in the car.

In the evening you will return to the Thermal Hotel.

Day 9: From Ranomafana back to Antsirabe

On the ninth day, you will head back to Antsirabe, where a few more sights await you.

For example, you will now visit the famous volcanic lakes and a varied program awaits you in the so-called city of stones.

The main focus will now be on the activities for which there was no time on the outward journey because of the schedule.

At the hotel "Chambres du voyageur", which is already known to you from the outward journey, the night's lodging and a delicious dinner await you again.

Day 10: On the way to Andasibe National Park

The tenth day is a real spectacle for all friends of the famous lemurs.

Via Antananarivo we will first go to Moramanga and then to Andasibe.

This city is located in a protected area complex with several nature reserves.

This complex is also known as Analamazoatra.

As accommodation we have chosen a special place for you: The hotel is called Eulophiella Lodge.

The Indri-Indri are the main attraction of the place, this very special lemur species, which today can only be found in a few places in Madagascar, feels really at home in Andasibe.

The nocturnal sounds of the rainforest near the hotel complex will gently lull you to sleep with their soft melodies after a good dinner.

Days 11 and 12: Visit to Andasibe National Park

On these two days you will enter the Ansadibe National Park, also known as the Mountain Cloud Forest.

You will be accompanied by an experienced guide who will take you on a tour of the park and provide you with lots of interesting information about the flora and fauna.

The tour has been planned so that most of the time you will be in the so-called primary forest.

Here you can get to know the Malagasy rainforest in its original form and catch a glimpse of the species-rich life forms within.

On the one hand, there are the Indri Indris, which you can admire in the Andasibe National Park. These lemurs are among the largest of their kind and find the food sources they need to survive only in a few places on the island.

In addition, in the green of the rainforest there are many other animal species to discover, many of which are endemic and accordingly only found in Madagascar.

The bamboo lemur, dwarf chameleons or snakes, birds and frogs can be found with a little luck in the green leafy thicket.

Depending on how you feel in the jungle as well as your physical condition, the guided hike through the park lasts up to five hours.

Afterwards we go back to the hotel "Eulophiella Lodge " .

Day 13: From Andasibe National Park back to Antananarivo

For all those who just can't get enough of the cute lemurs, we will visit Vakona Zoo on day 13.

There you can have up-close contact with many exceedingly rare species of lemurs. Most of the lemurs living there have been released from captivity and are therefore accustomed to humans.

Gladly come closer to you and perhaps ask for one or two treats on the occasion

In any case, we will then return to Antananarivo, where the guest house "Villa Sibyl" already awaits you.

Day 14: From the capital of Madagascar to Nosy Be

After a hearty breakfast you will be driven to Antananarivos airport, Ivato. There a domestic flight is planned for you, which will take you to the island of Nosy Be.

Among other things, this island is also known as Perfume Island, because ylang-ylang is grown there, for example.

This plant has an extraordinarily beguiling fragrance and is widely used in the perfume industry.

At the airport of Nosy Be, Facenne, you will already be expected and driven to your hotel.

There, a cozy night's lodging awaits you along with a tasty dinner.

Day 15 - 17: Individual stay on Nosy Be

Three full days are now at your free disposal on Nosy Be.

You will always stay at the beautiful Vanila Hotel *** and are free to decide whether you would like to spend the days relaxing on the beautiful sandy beaches or whether you would like to take a few exploration trips as an alternative.

We are happy to assist you in planning your individual stay on Nosy Be.

Recommended, but not included in the basic price are especially the following items:

- Visit the neighboring island of Nosy Komba
- Sailing trip to the surrounding islands
- Visit to the Lokobé reserve with jungle giants up to 40m high
- Visit to Mt. Passot, an extinct volcano that offers an amazing panoramic view

Day 18: Back to Antananarivo

After the relaxing stay on Nosy Be, we will return to the capital of Madagascar, Antananarivo, on day 18.

This time you will fly in the opposite direction from Facenne Airport on Nosy Be to Ivato Airport.

The transfer is of course taken care of.

Afterwards, in Antananarivo, the guesthouse awaits you again Villa Sibylwhich you still know from your first arrival in Antananarivo.

Day 19: Exploration Antananarivos and surroundings

The last day of your trip through Madagascar is of course dedicated to the impressive capital Antananarivo.

Basically, you can decide for yourself on this day where your path should lead you.

We recommend excursions to Lemurs Park, where you can once again experience the small, cute animals up close.

Alternatively, we also recommend a trip to Ambohimanga-Rova, the former royal seat in Madagascar.

The Merina, a people of Madagascar, still consider this place their spiritual center and the impressive fortifications are now marked as a UNESCO World Heritage Site.

Dinner will be served in the already known guesthouse Villa Sibyl, where your personal luggage is well stored throughout the day.

After dinner, it's back to the airport where your plane leaves for Europe around midnight.

Day 20: Return flight to Europe

You will spend the last day of this trip completely relaxed on the plane that will take you back to Europe.

Here you can relax and reminisce about the amazing experiences you had in Madagascar.

Facts and figures

20 Days nature trip Price per person
2 to 3 guests  2990 €
4 to 5 guests  2930 €
6 - 7 guests  2860 €
8 - 9 guests  2830 €
10 guests and more  2750 €



The services included in the basic price

- complete planning and logistics
- English speaking experienced tour guide accompaniment
- Four wheel drive car including driver and fuel
- all nights in the specified hotels
- Catering concerning breakfast
- Transfers, taxes and trips specified in the program

Services not included in the basic price

- Lunch and dinner, drinks and other individual catering
- Tips and all personal expenses
- Entrance fees for the two national parks Andasibe and Ranomafana
- additional local guides and optional leisure activities
- Airfares for international flights and domestic flights
- Taxes for flights as well as airport fees
- Travel health insurance and travel cancellation insurance
- Visa costs

As already mentioned above, you always have the possibility to express individual suggestions or wishes on our nature tours.

If it is within the realm of possibility, we will do everything possible to make your trip to Madagascar one of the best experiences of your life.

If you have any questions about our travel package, organization or prices you can contact us directly at

The same applies, of course, if you already have a specific booking request. We are already looking forward to meeting you!

Contact us and book the tour of your dreams

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