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The crops in Madagascar

Madagascar is a country where indigenous nature plays a particularly important role. Many people in the small island nation today work in the Agriculture and earn not only their wages there, but also their daily bread. Many Crops in Madagascar are not endemic, unlike many other plant species. This means that they also occur in other parts of the world. Most of the useful plants that are of great relevance in Madagascar today were sooner or later brought to the island from the outside. There they were quickly cultivated and now form an important point in the life of the local population. On the other hand, the crops are also a clear threat to the animal and plant life native to Madagascar. Catastrophic clearing of rainforests or illegal logging are often carried out in order to subsequently cultivate crops on the freshly cleared areas. On the one hand, it is of course important that the population of Madagascar, which is not a very rich country, has enough to eat; on the other hand, uncontrolled clearing destroys some of the Diversity of life on Madagascar irretrievably destroyed. Many animal species and also plants on Madagascar are already on the Red list of endangered species. The Tourism in Madagascar can play an important part in halting these developments. On the one hand, tourism brings money into the country's coffers that can be spent on new technologies. On the other hand, a certain portion of tourism revenues goes directly into the Environmental protection and nature conservation in Madagascar. So if you have your Madagascar vacation would like to spend, you are welcome to contact us with confidence. Upon request, we can also organize our nature tours in such a way that the various crops and exciting plantations are integrated into the itinerary on day trips. This way your Trip to Madagascar to a spectacular exciting experience and you contribute at the same time a part to the preservation of this incomparable natural paradise at.

A selection of the various useful plants of the InseL

In the following, a selection of the different plants used in Madagascar will be presented. This information serves on the one hand for a comprehensive insight into the Agriculture Madagascar to grant. On the other hand, the versatility of the species native to Madagascar shall additionally be presented. So you can additionally get numerous inspirations for your next Madagascar vacation collect. At this point, however, it should be noted that the list of the Crops in Madagascar would in principle be even longer, but for reasons of space only a selection is shown.

Cocoa trees on Madagascar

Cocoa is a thoroughly important Madagascar export goodeven though the quantity produced is rather low compared to other countries. Around 4,000 tons of cocoa are produced by the Malagasy per year. Worldwide, on the other hand, more than 3 million tons are produced per year. But in the case of Madagascan cocoa, it is evident that it is not only quantity that is decisive, but also quality. The Cocoa from Madagascar is considered to be particularly full-bodied and tasty and is therefore also very popular in this country. The cacao tree with the name Theobroma cacao by the way, does not originally come from the island of Madagascar, but from South America.

More about cocoa in Madagascar under this LINK

Coffee plants in Madagascar

Similar to the cacao trees, the trees cultivated in Madagascar also originate Coffee plants originally from other countries. The two varieties coffea canephora and coffea arabica are originally from Africa, but have been cultivated in Madagascar since the 19th century. Even though the Coffee production in Madagascar with around 70,000 tons per year only a small part on the world market, coffee is an important component of the Malagasy culture have become. In addition, export earnings from coffee cultivation are very important for the small country.

More about coffee in Madagascar under this LINK

Bananas in Madagascar

Bananas have been found in Madagascar for many centuries, although they originated in Southeast Asia. In Madagascar, bananas are valued above all for their high nutritional value and are regularly on the menu in many places. In Madagascar there are different kinds of bananasBy the way, not all of them are crooked or yellow. Straight bananas can be discovered on Madagascar as well as particularly small bananas or those with a red skin. Who in his Madagascar vacation stroll through a local market, you will see the variety of local products. Banana World can discover. One drawback to this extensive banana indulgence, however, is the fact that the banana is partly to blame for the clearing of large areas of Madagascar's rainforest. By the way Bananas in Madagascar not only used for consumption, but they are also used for the Alcohol production used. However, these distilled spirits, which are usually produced illegally, are not necessarily recommendedThey should be avoided, as they can cause severe side effects and, in some cases, adverse health effects.

Madagascar rice

When it comes to the most important crops in the island nation, rice can't be missing from this list. Rice is in Madagascar the most important staple food at all and is grown in a lengthy and very elaborate process. In no other country in the world is more rice eaten than in Madagascar. At the same time, the crop yields are on a very low levelThe farmers only generate around 500 grams of rice per square meter of cultivated land. Therefore, even small crop failures are hardly bearable, especially by the poorer part of the population. This area could also be remedied by maximizing income from tourism: Some of the money could go into the development of new technologies that would help the Simplify rice cultivation and stabilize as well as the Maximize crop yields could.

Sugar cane in Madagascar

The Sugar cane is another imported crop that is now very important in Madagascar. Sugar cane is valued in many countries of the world not only for its sweetening properties, but is also used for the production of various alcoholic beverages. Rum is a particularly typical example of this. Together with the island's firmly established Sugar cane cultivation will also be some renowned Distilleries in Madagascar cultivated. Particularly well-known distilleries are located on Nosy Be, a small island to the north, which has also become known as "Perfume Island. In addition, the sugar cane is also used for the production of numerous illegal spiritswhich are rather less recommendable.

Madagascar sisal

A useful plant somewhat less known in this country is Sisal, whose botanical name is Agave sisaliana. Sisal originates from the South American region, but has been intensively used in Madagascar for many years. The goal in the cultivation of sisal are the stable plant fibers, which are used, for example, for the manufacture of bags, ropes or attractive carpets. Since the production of such items from sisal in earlier times one of the Main sources of income in Madagascar it is hardly surprising that large areas of rainforest were cleared in order to grow more sisal. The crops also show the Variety of Malagasy flora. On the other hand, however, it is also clear that the Agriculture in Madagascar can become a real threat to native flora in some areas. With a Madagascar vacation you can positively influence this development. In addition, a visit to a coffee plantation with an attached roastery or the sight of a rice field offers you an unforgettable experience in which we would be happy to accompany you as a tour guide. Ask best today for our various themed or individual trips.

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