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Horse riding tour in the highlands and the east coast

Highlands and East Coast

Madagascar is often referred to by researchers as a "museum of living fossils. When the island broke away from the African mainland 150 million years ago due to tectonic shifts, it created conditions under which numerous plant and animal species could develop optimally. No other place on earth has such a great diversity of species and such a wealth of endemic animal and plant species. On horseback, you can experience the wonders of nature on the fourth largest island in the world in a very pristine way. Seize the chance to explore vast landscapes and become part of the island's incomprehensible beauty.
On this horseback tour you will discover the highlands in the mid-west of the island as well as the east coast and the famous Canal des Pangalanes, a 645 km long waterway in the east of Madagascar. On the horseback tour we show you some of the most beautiful landscapes Madagascar has to offer. In terms of riding as well as scenery, this is a very varied tour, with quieter but challenging stages in the lonely mountains and brisk, happy gallops on white dream beaches.

Day 1: Arrival in Antananarivo

Arrival at Antananarivo airport. From there you will be transferred to the Villa Sybille brought. After a short transfer (about 10 minutes) you will reach your hospitable, cozy accommodation for the first night.

Day 2: Cute lemurs on Madagascar

After breakfast, you will drive together to the mid-west of Madagascar to the starting point of your horseback riding tour, where your horses will already be ready for you. On the way you will stop at a lemur park, where you can observe these cute animals from very close. At the first lunch, you will get a first impression of the culinary habits of the country. Afterwards you will be taken to the ranch to meet your horses. After dinner, you will spend the night in guest rooms or tents.

Day 3: First impressions on horseback

Today you will experience Madagascar from horseback for the first time. You will ride north for a bit, then south, giving you the opportunity to enjoy the unique view, try out your horse at your leisure, and prepare for the adventure you will have over the next few days. You will return to the ranch for dinner and overnight.

Day 4: A day on the banks of the Lily River

(approx. 5-6h riding time)

From the ranch you will start on horseback through the shallow plains of Sakay and along the Sakay River to the mid-west of Madagascar. Stop for lunch in Babetville, a town founded in the 1950s by immigrant families from Reunion. Enjoy a beautiful sunset in the late afternoon and then relax around the campfire while enjoying dinner together. Experience the impressive starry sky in the southern hemisphere and spend the night close to nature in the tent camp on the idyllic Lily River.

Day 5: The tranquil town of Soavinandriana

(approx. 5-6h riding time)

You will ride over stony paths and volcanic rocks to a small crater lake called Mananasy. On the shore of the lake, a picnic of lovingly prepared local delicacies awaits you. Strengthened, you will descend on partly steep paths to the small town of Soavinandriana. Passing market stalls and astonished inhabitants you will reach your hostel, which we have chosen for you with special care: You will spend the night in the small, family-run accommodation Chaumière with an impressive view of Lake Itasy.

Day 6: The most fantastic panorama of the island

(about 5-6h riding time )

Another impressive day on horseback awaits you. Along the ridge you will go up through rice fields and narrow plantation paths to an altitude of 1,500m. From there you will enjoy an impressive 360° panorama of Lake Itasy and the surrounding area. You will gallop along the dam before setting up camp in the east of Manazary, on the shores of the lake of Amparihikely. You will end the day in a cozy atmosphere with a drink around the campfire, while small fishing boats rock peacefully in the evening sun.

Day 7: Ampefy - friendly welcome of the locals

(approx. 5-6h riding time)

The next riding stage in the highlands of Madagascar is at your hooves! Above the lake of Itasy you follow winding paths and cross again and again small, picturesque villages with cute houses and nicely decorated wooden balconies. Through extensive banana plantations you will ride on beautiful sandy paths - here you will have ample opportunity for a brisk gallop! After riding past an idyllic crater lake, you will find yourself back in civilization and reach the lush green town of Ampefy. At the accommodation Belle Vue - a very cozy and idyllically located hostel - you will spend the night. In the evening a local folklore group offers you best entertainment and insight into Madagascar's cheerful culture.

Day 8: Geysers - the spectacle of hot volcanic springs

(approx. 5-6h riding time)

Today's riding stage will take you through the mysterious volcanic landscape along the banks of the Lily River. You can admire the picturesque Lily waterfalls, where the water plunges more than 25 meters into the depths. Or buy for your loved ones at home one of the small works of art made of pumice stone, which the Eiheimers produce here. Afterwards, you will cross the Lily River and follow trails of impressive black volcanic rock on horseback until you reach the geysers. In the evening, a typical traditional dinner from Madagascar awaits you. You will spend the night in comfortable tents in the middle of this impressive landscape.

Day 9: The vast rice fields of the island

(approx. 4h riding time)

You will make an excursion to the lake of Andranomena, for which you will first have to overcome the mountain foothills that overlook the plain of the rice fields of Anosibe Ifanja. The irrigated rice fields cover a proud 3,000 hectares - not for nothing is this area called the rice chamber of the country! After about 4 hours you will arrive back at the geysers and spend the night there a second time in the tent camp.

Day 10: Geysers- Antanarivo

(approx. 3h riding time)

At a brisk riding pace, you will make your way back to civilization. Before that you will pass the gorge La Marmite du Diable - the Devil's Cauldron. Here the river Mazy with its picturesque waterfall has dug itself deeply into the rock in a circular shape. After a leisurely lunch, you will be transferred by car to Antanarivo. Tonight you will spend again in the hospitable ambience of the Villa Sibyl.

Day 11: Pure nature in the forest reserve of Andasibe

(about 3 hours drive)

If you are interested, you can pay a short visit to the capital after breakfast. You will have the opportunity to change money and store at the local market. Afterwards, you will embark on a three-hour drive east. You will reach the well known "Vakona Lodge" in Andasibe. In the forest reserve you will go in search of the famous lemurs of Madagascar. Dinner and overnight in the "Vakona Lodge" or equivalent accommodation.

Day 12: The famous Canal des Pangalanes

(about 3-4h riding time)

In the morning you will be awakened by the animal greetings of the forest and visit the famous Andasibe National Park. Afterwards, continue to Brickaville, where your horses are already waiting for you and you can have lunch on your own in a restaurant of your choice. Not far from Route Nationale No. 2, you will descend along winding paths towards the cliffs to the east. You will ride until the ferry, at the Canal des Pangalanes and depending on the weather, you can also swim through the channel on horseback. Afterwards, the beach of Ambila is at your feet and the shallow waves of the Indian Ocean welcome you! Directly under the palm trees you set up the tent camp in the immediate vicinity of the beach and can enjoy the magnificent view, the sound of the sea and the tropical atmosphere.

Day 13: Ambila - Andevoranto at the "End of the World

(approx. 5h riding time)

Today, fantastic riding trails along the tropical coastline await you as well as encounters with the locals! But before that you will ride along the beach and circle Bac on the southern side. Unforgettable gallops will take you towards the mouth of the Rianala River and the Indian Ocean, to Andevoranto, at the "end of the world", where fresh and salt water mix impressively! You will have lunch under coconut trees - at the restaurant Les Cocotiers d'Andovoranto. In the afternoon you will return to Ambila and you can take a bath in either salt or fresh water. You will spend the night again in the tented camp by the sea.

Day 14: Ambila - The lovely fishing village of Vavony

(approx. 4h riding time)

An excursion on horseback takes you north today. Wonderful paths and a brisk pace make the rider's heart beat faster as well as the grandiose views that are offered again and again! You will reach Vavony, a fishing village on the shores of Lake Rasoabe. In the late noon you return to Ambila, because in the afternoon fun and action at the beach is announced: With the horses you organize exciting riding games at the beach! Of course there will be enough time for swimming and relaxing. You will spend the last night in your cozy tent camp.

Day 15: Return to Brickaville

(approx. 3h riding time)

Today, unfortunately, it is called to break the tents. You will cross the Canal des Pangalanes again. Since the horses have been enjoying the pleasant sea breeze around their nostrils for four days, they are refreshed and lively. The pace of the ride is therefore varied and brisk - enjoy once again exuberant gallops on beautiful sandy paths and on the gorgeous beach. The horses will be brought back to Antananarivo by transporter. The riders need about 5 hours by car to get to the capital. Lunch is not included on this day. But you have the possibility to get a snack before the ride or afterwards. On the way you will make a stop at the Pereiras Reserve where many native animals can be observed.

Day 16: Conclusion of an impressive journey

The last day is at your free disposal. In Antanarivo you can once again visit the lively market or end your stay with a quiet sightseeing tour. We will be happy to give you advice on how to make this last day on our beautiful island an experience for you. In the evening you will leave - with a lot of beautiful memories in your luggage!

Important info:

The 16 days horse riding tour we usually offer in the period from April till October Other dates can be negotiated on request. Both accommodation and meals are organized by us, so you can either stay in a Double room in a long known to us Hostel or a comfortable tent be accommodated. Sufficient and typical food from regional ingredients will also be provided by the hostels. For the overnight stays in the tent and the lunch during the excursions we provide - if not otherwise indicated - corresponding Snack Packs ready or prepare a Picnic for you, so you don't have to worry about anything and can fully concentrate on the unique landscape.

The horses we provide are Geldings and stallions from local breeds, which are accustomed to long tours and thus also in difficult passages reliable and surefooted are. If you decide to take this tour, you should still have at least 2-3 years riding experience have. The bridle paths require safe acting in all 3 gaits, also you should be able to master challenging rides through the terrain. Since the tours are based on a daily Riding time from 5 to 6 hours are designed, you should have sufficient Condition have. Saddle and bridle are English. The riding speed varies depending on the nature of the trails from brisk to quiet. Especially in the mountains we usually set a gentle pace. On the well-maintained sandy paths along the coast, on the other hand, you can gallop at a leisurely pace. The horses are not limited to a riding weight of over 90kg used to. Normally we run the tour for a total of 4-10 participants with a English or French speaking Guide through. Of course we take into account individual requests and wishes.

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