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The Blue Maki Discovery Tour in 7 days - Nosy Be, Tanikely, Russian Bay, Antsoa, Nosy Iranja, Antany Moro, Kalakajoro, Barahamamay

Our 7-day sailing trip with the Blue Maki, will take you to all the interesting places, along the west coast of Madagascar. We will show you the breathtaking islands of Nosy Be and Tanikely and introduce you to life at Russian Bay. We give you the time to look around at all the places and bring you safely from destination to destination. Play with lemurs on the private island of Antsoa and relax on endless white sand beaches. Our program is perfectly planned and gives you a good insight into the fantastic nature of Madagascar. You will have glimpses of traditional life, in a typical school, and can meet up close Sakalava nomads and fishermen in Antany Moro. We will take you to unique volcanic landscapes and allow you to immerse yourself in the culture and history of the country. Experience rivers, mangrove forests and turquoise sea. Discover biodiversity on land and at sea and enjoy exclusive views aboard our sailing vessel. Freshly prepared meals daily ensure your well-being and comfortable cabins make the Blue Maki your cozy home away from home. Sample traditional dishes on board and sunbathe on deck before heading out for the next day's cruise. Short crossings and ample time at each stop guarantee relaxation and great experiences. Additionally you have the possibility to book kayak tours or participate in our city tours. Depending on your mood, you can get to know nature and people or relax on the beach. We show you Madagascar from its best side and guide you to the most unique places. The Blue Maki guarantees excellent service, unique experiences and adventure at its best. Enjoy 7 days of pure joy of life in a captivating natural scenery.

Day 1: Nosy Be - Kisimany - Russian Bay

You will be transferred from your hotel to the port early in the morning, around 07:00.

Upon arrival at the port, a detailed briefing takes place regarding the planned destinations, the ship and your stay on board. Before 8:00 am the sailing ship leaves the harbor.

The first sailing trip lasts 2 hours. The first stop is a beautiful beach on Kisimany, a small island with sleepy fishing village. Here you can swim, snorkel or kayak.

This is followed by a freshly prepared lunch on board.

Afterwards, the Blue Maki will cast off and head for the spectacular Russian Bay with a 2-hour sailing trip. The ship anchors at Russian Bay so you can enjoy a relaxing first night on board.

This will be followed by a delicious dinner together on the deck of the Blue Maki.

Day 2: Russian Bay - Ankazoberavina - Barahamamay

Departure in the early morning hours. A 30-minute crossing will take you to Ankazoberavina Ecolodge. On this one a gigantic breakfast will be prepared for you with local delicacies.

Discover the heavenly island with a guide and explore the original nature. Optionally you can also go diving (the dive costs extra and is not included in our program).

At lunchtime there is again a fresh meal on board.

The departure is at 14:00. The Blue Maki sets sail for a 3-hour sailing trip. The next destination for anchoring is Baramahamay. There you will find a beautiful estuary, which meanders between a primary forest and mangroves. There you can spend the rest of the day marveling at the unique nature and switch off.

In the evening you will have dinner together and spend the night on board.

Day 3: Barahamamay - Kalakajoro

After a perfect start to the morning, with breakfast on board, we will go ashore and visit the village of the village and its school. Here you will experience first hand the simple, but happy, life in Madagascar. Do not hesitate to bring notebooks, pens or used clothes for the children. Donations in kind are very welcome).

Around noon there will be a sumptuous meal aboard the Blue Maki.

Afterwards you can go kayaking under the mangroves or enjoy the remaining hours on Barahamamay relaxing.

At 10 o'clock is departure. In a 3-hour crossing, the Blue Maki sets sail towards Nosy Kalakajoro. This is the first island of the Radama archipelago.

The highlights of the island are the gorgeous beach and the unique flora. Admire the steep drop and exotic appearance of the volcanic island. You can also discover a former fishing village camp and a construction site for traditional dhaus.

In the evening we will have a rich dinner with a great view and spend the night on board of the Blue Maki.

Day 4: Kalakajoro - Antany Moro

In the morning the sailing ship will leave for a 2-hour sailing trip to Antany Moro. There you will have the opportunity to meet the land and the traditional Sakalava nomads and fishermen. Also worth seeing are the countless colonies of birds with which you share the island. A great setting for photos and the discovery of new species.

This is followed by a delicious lunch on board the sailing ship with a wonderful view of the gorgeous white sandy beach.

The rest of the day you can relax and explore the island on your own.

Towards later, a freshly prepared dinner will follow on the deck of the Blue Maki and overnight at sea.

Day 5: Antany Moro - Nosy Iranja - Barahamamay

The Blue Maki departs in the early morning hours and heads towards the Nosy Iranja Islands with a 4-hour sailing trip. This island actually consists of two parts connected by a magnificent white sandbar.

This will be followed by a delicious, relaxed lunch on board.

After disembarking, a visit to the village is on the agenda. On foot you will go to the lighthouse of the town. After the visit you can go kayaking, snorkeling or swim and relax in the bright turquoise water.
Departure follows at 4pm with a 1 hour sail back to the Baramahamay River. You will have another chance to admire the beautiful estuary and the mangroves and primary forest.

In the evening, dinner awaits you again on board the Blue Maki. Enjoy the wonderful view under a clear starry sky.

Day 6: Barahamay - Antsoa - Russian Bay

In the morning we set off for a 3-hour sailing trip to Antsoa. This beautiful, private island is inhabited by several lemurs. Here you can pet and feed the cute animals known for Madagascar. Relax on a beautiful white sandy beach and enjoy the paradisiacal surroundings.
Later, a freshly cooked lunch awaits you aboard the Blue Maki.

Around 16.00 we return to Russian Bay to another anchorage.

In the evening, we will serve you a luxurious dinner with local foie gras and French champagne. Enjoy the view of the legendary bay in a dreamlike setting and let yourself be pampered.

Day 7: Russian Bay - Tanikely - Nosy Be

Early in the morning we start for our last stage. The trip takes 3 hours. The Blue Maki sails safely and skillfully to Nosy Tanikely. Nosy Tanikely is a famous protected marine reserve. It is known for its exceptional marine and land biodiversity. Here you can enjoy relaxed snorkeling and kayaking amidst colorful fish and sea turtles.

After this adventure, we will spoil you again with a delicious lunch on board.

Enjoy the fabulous surroundings once again with a walk ashore and a visit to the local lighthouse. You can also relax on the beach before returning to the hotel.

Departure is at 4 pm. The last not even 2 hours sailing trip will bring you back to Nosy Be. Arrival at the marina of Nosy Be will be before 6pm. You will be picked up again at the port and safely transferred back to your hotel with our transfer.

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