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Antsiranana or Diego Suarez-relaxation and adventure in the north

Diégo-Suarez or Antsiranana

A destination dedicated to relaxation and adventure

The capital of the region DIANA, is the city of Diego-Suarez and this city is one of the destinations that there are in the North Madagascar to discover. Due to its geographical position offers Diego Suarez an atypical natural diversity and an idyllic setting for a dream stay. Tourists looking for adventure and relaxation will have the pleasure of discovering long beaches bordered by impressive mountain ranges. Apart from the tourist attractions, it offers various activities that will make your vacation an unforgettable moment.

Diégo-Suarez and the rest of the island

Diégo-Suarez, also Antsiranana is located in the north of Madagascar, in the DIANA region in the former province of the same name. This atypical destination borders the Indian Ocean to the east and the Mozambique Channel to the west. With a total area of 47 km², it has 156 km of coastline, including the bay of Antsiranana. Thanks to its geographical location, this city enjoys a pleasant climate, despite the famous "Varatraza", a seasonal wind that can reach up to 22 km/s.

To discover the various sights, you will have to start from the Capital Antananarivo from the road direction  North and you will arrive at your destination in less than 48 hours. Just follow the RN4 to Ambondromamy. A turnoff to RN6 then connects this place with the city of Antsiranana. You will also pass by important communities such as Antsohihy, Ambanja and its famous cocoa fields, and Ambilobe and its magnificent Ankarana caves. This trip promises to be exciting and rich in discoveries. However, it is possible to reach the city by air. The city also has an airport served by national flights from Antananarivo.

What to see in the surroundings of Diego-Suarez

If the beauty and the size of its bay make the reputation of Diego-Suarez, its other natural sites and places of visitation bring it an atypical charm. Besides the Red Tsingy and the Ankarana-Reserve, the area has several assets, such as the architecture and development of the city itself. Any vacationer can admire the history of this dream destination while walking through the alleys of the city. Tourists seeking relaxation will encounter the angels on their way to the beach of Ramena.

Diego Bay, a place that cannot be missed

Diégo Bay, one of the most beautiful and extensive in the world, attracts both nature lovers and explorers. It opens onto the Indian Ocean and has some wonderful reddish sand beaches with turquoise waters. Combined with the blue of the sea, the green landscapes that border it offer a wonderful color contrast. You can also take advantage of your passage in this region to discover other, less important bays, such as the Bays from the Sakalava, the dunes or the pigeons.

The Red Tsingy and the Ankarana Reserve

Located almost 50 km south of the city and within the park of the same name, the red Tsingy attracts with its ocher color and the pointed peak attracts visitors. This relief of rare beauty is formed on a mountainous structure of marl, limestone and sandstone as a result of erosion.

Endowed with a rich fauna and flora, the Ankarana Special Reserve represents a natural and cultural interest worthy of its reputation. Its biodiversity is explained by the existence of numerous endemic species such as the famous crowned lemur. And its cultural richness is reflected in the presence of a multitude of places of worship, such as the sacred lake Antanavo where there are huge Crocodiles gives.

However, the Karst Relief or Tsingy of Ankarana remains the main attraction of this site. Moreover, the majority of tourists travel through the reserve to discover this unique landscape.

Antsiranana, a city of history and an open-air museum

Compared to the surrounding cities, Diego-Suarez proudly bears the traces of its past through the architecture and layout of its houses. As you walk down the main street, you will notice that each building has a structure that recalls the colonial era. Although some have suffered the effects of time and others have been modernized, these buildings tell the architectural history of the city and testify to the strategic importance of Diego-Suarez during the Colonization.

Visit the English Cemetery, a site dedicated to the 300 English soldiers who died during a confrontation between the French and British crowns in preparation for the occupation of this city. And you will understand that it played an important role.

The beach of Ramena

The Ramena beach consists mainly of more than a hundred kilometers of white sand, bordered by the turquoise sea, suitable for many activities. In addition to an impressive view of the horizon, it offers a wide range of possibilities to make your vacation an unforgettable experience. You can start your day with a few steps on the beach, have a taste experience by trying the local dishes offered on site, or be tempted by swimming.

What to do during your stay in Diego-Suarez?

A stay in this equally attractive and lively city promises you a trip rich in activities and discoveries. Whether you are a culture lover, a water sports enthusiast or simply a Nature lover are, this destination has all the necessary assets to make any tourist happy.

The various bays of Diégo offer an ideal area for kitesurfing, windsurfing and diving. From Ramena you have the possibility to board a boat for a trip to the surrounding small islands. When you arrive on Nosy Hara, you can discover the seabed and enjoy its richness. If you prefer to stay on land, a hike in the French Mountains or a trekking in the Three Bays will surely please you. The Emerald Sea will probably be the highlight of this trip.

Motorsport enthusiasts will not be outdone, because there are many slopes that can be driven by quad or motorcycle. The ride with the Motorcycle not only gives you strong impressions, but also allows you to discover the beauty of places in a different way.

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