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Masoala adventure

8 days nature tour with private flight

The Masoala peninsula offers tourists a amazing and unique insight into the nature the island of Madagascar and opens the view on numerous species whose occurrence is restricted to this localized habitat. For a Tour in the rainforest of Masoala we have put together various packages. The following Travel by private plane to Madagascar covers a duration of eight days and seven nights and is suitable for anyone who wants to experience the Discover the secrets of the Masoala Peninsula would like. The tour begins and ends with a private charter flight to and from Maroantsetra, the starting point Thanks to full board and accommodation at Masoala Forest Lodge, travelers with much comfort and excellent service. The following explanations present the proposed tour offer and go into more detail about the description of each day's itinerary. In addition, there is a detailed listing of the various cost items. If, despite the transparent way of presentation, you still discover ambiguities or have other questions, we will be happy to answer them. The same applies, of course, to all booking inquiries as well as individualization requests, which you can address to us without any obligation.

All info about the tour

Day 1: You will arrive in Maroantsetra by private flight.

For your tour to the rainforest of the Masoala Peninsula, Maroantsetra is the first port of call. Here you land by private charter plane from Antananarivo. From the airport there is a direct transfer to the port. A motorboat will bring you connect through the bay of Antongil to Masoala Forest Lodge. With a little luck, you can already observe some dolphins and also whales, which feel at home in the bay, during the almost two-hour trip. In addition, you will enjoy a magnificent view of the forested hills of the National Park of the Peninsulas during the crossing. Upon arrival at the Masoala Peninsula the team will accompany you about the golden private beach up to the lodge. There you can lunch at the idyllically located beach house enjoy. Afterwards, if you wish, you can already go on a first exploration tour and enjoy the beach or a cool swim in the sea. Towards evening then stands a Sundowner around the campfire on the schedule.

Day 2: First excursion to Masoala Rainforest

This first full day you spend on the Masoala Peninsula starts with a substantial breakfast With freshly roasted coffee or a delightful tea selection on the Sea Deck at Masoala Forest Lodge. Gaze at the sea and enjoy the culinary delights of the region.

After breakfast you will head north along the beach. From there, after a short time, you will reach the primary and impressive rainforest, home to the rare red varis, the giant chameleons and many other unique animals. Now you have a few hours with a private guide to explore the rainforest. Take a look at the gigantic ancient trees and have your camera ready to snap some of the shy animals before they disappear back into the undergrowth. After the tour, you will be taken by boat back to the lodge where you will already be a sumptuous and fortifying lunch expected. The afternoon can be spent individually designed according to your own wishes become. Opt for a snorkeling excursion into the Indian Ocean and marvel at the wonderful coral reefsthat hide under the surface of the sea. Or visit with the kayak the secret cove, an almost magical place where you can marvel at fascinating rock formations and, with a little luck, even Watching dolphins and sea turtles can.

Day 3: The Masoala Rainforest welcomes you again

Also the third day of your trip begins with a substantial breakfast on the magnificent deck. Enjoy the various delicacies that the buffet has to offer and soak up the relaxed atmosphere. Afterwards, you will go on a guided hike with your guide. You will first head towards the coastal forest where, with a bit of luck, you may spot the local helmet vanga as well as the cute white-headed maki. From there it goes directly to the Tampolo waterfalls, which will delight you with a spectacular view. The natural pools are great for refreshing yourself with a swim. Back to Masoala Forest Lodge you will go by traditional canoe, steered by an experienced staff member of the lodge. Once you have fortified yourself with a delicious lunch, you can again spend the afternoon as you wish. Swimming trips, snorkeling trips or even a trip with the kayak offer themselves. Towards the evening you will also have the opportunity to participate in a guided night hike into the rainforest participate. On some days the extremely rare aye-ayes can be observed. At the end of this vacation day you can expect a delicious dinner at the beach house of Masoala Forest Lodge.

Day 4: By kayak around Tampolo

Also today the day begins with an incomparable moment of pleasure on the Sea Deck. As soon as you have sufficiently fortified yourself, a kayak will then be waiting for you to take you out to sea. It goes around the so-called Tampolo Point to to a beautiful beach on the sacred island. There, the turquoise water tempts you to take a refreshing swim. Afterwards, you will slowly cross the water into the untouched mangroves. On the rivers surrounded by dense forest you can expect all kinds of exciting flora and fauna. On some days, blue-spotted stingrays can be spotted in the water and gray half-macis can be seen in the trees above the river. For the lunch break on this day is a dinner on one of the dreamlike tropical beaches planned. Enjoy a Picnic under palm trees and get an idea of what it must be like in paradise. After the return trip to Masoala Forest Lodge, you can enjoy a little siesta before an evening Music group from the nearby village of Ambodiforaha comes to visit and entertain you with traditional sounds.

Day 5: By boat to the Masoala Rainforest

Today, an excursion into the rainforest is on the agenda, taking you on a boat into the dense jungle. First, however, you strengthen yourself with a delicious breakfast at Masoala Forest Lodge. After that we will go through the Tampolo Marine Parks to the Antalavia waterfalls. Many natural pools await you there, where you can splash around happily and enjoy a refreshing bath in a dreamlike scenery can take. With a little luck you can even observe a few shy white-headed macaws, which are not infrequently near the waterfalls. After an extensive bath you will again Indulged with a picnic on the beach. After this refreshment, a visit to a unique family that has lived completely self-sufficiently and in harmony with nature in the rainforest for several generations awaits you. The family will invite you to a tour of their small farm and present you vanilla, coffee, cloves as well as coconuts and exotic fruits. After the return you will spend the evening at the Dinner at the beach house and at a cozy bonfire on the beach.

Day 6: Going to Ambodiforaha and the nearby surroundings

Today, after many excursions into the Masoala rainforest, a little intercultural encounter on the schedule. After breakfast on the Sea Deck of Masoala Forest Lodge, you will be escorted through the coastal forest to the rice paddies that lead to the Village Ambodiforaha belong. There, you will normally already be informed by the Betsimisaraka expected, who will be happy to give you a Insight into their traditions, culture and way of life make possible. It is not uncommon for the hospitable inhabitants to invite their visitors into their homes and show them traditionally made baskets and mats. Lunch will then take place again at Masoala Forest Lodge. If you wish, you can then take the opportunity for a cozy and very traditional pirogue ride perceive. Dinner awaits you again at the lodge with its epicurean delights.

Day 7: Design this day according to your wishes

The penultimate day of your Journey through Madagascar you have from morning to evening at your free disposal. Decide for yourself which adventures you would like to experience today and feel free to contact us if we can help you with the arrangement. How about for example romantic picnic on a small private beachwhich you have all to yourself. Swim there, unpack the snorkel and enjoy once again the pleasant waves of the Indian Ocean. Or visit the Masoala rainforest again and look out for rare birds and fascinating lemurs. If you prefer to recover a little from the adventures of the last few days, just relax in the hammock instead and let the sun and the indescribable atmosphere spoil yourself. At sunset you will then again enjoy a Sundowner on the beach. In addition, today you can also expect a very traditionally prepared and served dinner: Rice and grilled fish are served with traditional sauces and snacks on ravenala leaves. This is also an exciting experience not to be missed.

Day 8: Finally a trip to Nosy Mangabe

The last day of your trip to Masoala Peninsula is in some respects filled with a sense of departure, but still holds some indispensable experiences and experiences ready. After breakfast you will go by motorboat to Nosy Mangabe. This nature reserve on an island juts out of the water in Antongil Bay and is home to numerous unique animals and plants that you should definitely still get to know. In addition, you can visit a few tombs from the 17th century on a beach and so venture an exciting look into the past. Afterwards there is also today again a Picnic on the beachbefore the boat takes you back to Maroantsetra. There you will board the plane back to Antananarivo.

Facts and figures about the offer

The various stations of this Journey through Madagascar can be changed or adapted to special needs at your request. As always, if there are alternatives and restructuring is possible, we will be happy to accommodate you as best we can. For example, you can Change several of the hikes presented above or replace them with other options. We always try not to think of our travel packages as being set in stone, but rather to let you be Inspiration for your individual trip to Madagascar offer. In the table below we show you the price listing for the travel package shown above. Any individual deviations would understandably have to be accompanied by a new cost breakdown. To enable you to make an accurate calculation of your travel budget, we also list the included and non-included services.

NEW trip with included private flight

Adventure on Masoala - 8 days Price per person
2 to 3 guests all inclusive 4650 €
4 to 5 guests all inclusive 4350 €
6 to 7 guests all inclusive 3950 €
8 to 9 guests all inclusive 3850 €
10 guests and more all inclusive 3750 €

Including domestic flights by private plane

Flight dates there and back every Wednesday and Sunday

For accommodation in a single room we have to charge a surcharge.

Children under 2 years do not have to pay anything

Included in the basic price:

  • all nights at Masoala Forest Lodge
  • Meals as specified (full board)
  • all indicated trips and transfers including taxes
  • Domestic flights with private charter flight Antananarivo-Maroantsetra (round trip)

Not included in the base price:

  • Drinks and tips
  • personal expenses
  • optional sightseeing and excursions
  • international flights

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Do you have any questions? Simply get in touch with us! Please use the contact form on the right. We will take care of your request as soon as possible.


Do you have any questions? Just get in touch with us! 

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Do you have any questions? Simply get in touch with us! Please use the contact form on the right. We will take care of your request as soon as possible.

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