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Madagascar round trip without domestic flight

Group tour on fixed dates with domestic flight.

Travel dates: 

30.03.2019 until 16.04.2020

17.04.2019 till 05.05.2020

02.06.2019 till 20.06.2020

06.07.2019 until 24.07.2020

03.08.2019 till 21.08.2020

Highlights of the 19-day tour:

  • Visit several local projects
  • Visit several national parks
  • Diverse landscapes and people
  • Fantastic swimming possibilities at the Mozambique channel

Madagascar is one of the most fascinating countries on earth. 18 tribes different cultures live on the island today, maintain their very own customs and carry on their myths and legends. Most of these legends surround the mysterious landscapes of the island. In fact, in hardly any other area can you find so many different vegetationsall of which are unique in their own way. The fertile east coast, the legendary highlands with their mystical mountain cloud forests, the hot, dry south. All these landscapes captivate the traveler in different ways and provide for unforgettable impressions of a foreign but fascinating world.

During the Madagascar round trip you will learn both the colorful hustle and bustle of African Cities as well as the loneliness wide landscapes know. The trip takes you from Madagascar's capital in the center of the country towards the south. Imposing mountain landscapes and animated forests provide unforgettable images. The tropical beaches of the southern coast, on the other hand, offer time to dream, while the sparse vegetation of the thorn forest surprises with its biodiversity. Not only at the individual stations of your journey will you encounter true natural wonders. Also during the trip itself you will realize that no place on the island is inanimate and every view is fantastic. Of course, you can arrange your destinations individually. We will be happy to advise you in detail about the attractions that the island has to offer and include personal wishes in the planning.

Arrival in Antananarivo

After completing the visa formalities, you will be picked up by one of our guides or by us directly at the airport. Depending on the arrival time, either a hotel transfer and well-deserved rest is on the program, but if time allows, various activities are also offered.
Overnight stay in the "Villa Sibyl


We drive the winding road through the busy suburbs of Tana through the highlands before stopping for lunch at Behenjy or Ambatolampy.
Antsirabe is located 170km south of Antananarivo, this large city is an important economic center and famous for its pleasant mountain climate and healing springs. Founded in the 19th century by Norwegian missionaries, Antsirabe appears much more "European" than other cities in Madagascar, as evidenced by the magnificent colonial villas and the regular buildings.
In the garden of the hotel there are countless chameleons all hiding in the trees and some ray turtles that can often be seen on a small island in the middle of the lake.

Overnight stay in hotel "Chambres du Voyageur

Antsirabe and surroundings

Today, city visits are on the agenda, the huge market is particularly busy on Saturday but also on all other days of the week it is worth an extensive visit.
This famous spa town with its wide avenues cannot be compared to any other town in Madagascar, from the train station in pure colonial style, the Freedom Avenue leads straight to the huge "Hotel des Thermes", an imposing building from the colonial history of the town.
Overnight stay in hotel "Chambres du Voyageur"


We leave Antsirabe after breakfast and continue south: before passing through the beautiful town of Ambositra we visit a highly interesting reforestation project with Citrus trees. An old man is tirelessly planting and grafting lemon trees, orange trees, tangerine and clementine trees and inciting other farmers in the area to plant orchards with these trees in order to sell the fruits later, which is more profitable than turning the trees into charcoal as usual. We have lunch with this man who wonderfully brings the Betsileo culture to life when he makes it accessible to guests. We have supported this project for years and made irrigation possible. Afterwards we continue until we reach the "Ialatsara Camp" after a winding drive. Continuation to Ranomafana and overnight stay in hotel Grenat

Ranomafana NP.-Manakara

After this visit (optional) to Ranomafana National Park, we continue east to a place where you can see Parsonii Chameleons close up all year round. Then we continue through the peculiar hilly landscape near Irondro until we can breathe sea air in the afternoon: Palm trees and the typical houses on stilts indicate the proximity of the rainy east coast, then in Manakara we see for the first time the Indian Ocean rolling onto the wide beaches of the town.

After barely three hours we catch sight of palm trees and the blue, endless expanse of the Indian Ocean. In the coastal town of Manakara we visit the very busy market for the first time, here the famous pepper from Madagascar and also other spices produced there such as cinnamon, cloves, turmeric and of course first-class vanilla can be bought cheaply.

Overnight stay in hotel "La Vanille Trou du Commissaire"

Manakara and surroundings (Pangalan Channel)

After breakfast we drive north along the "Pangalan Canal" which by the way is the longest man-made canal in the world with an original length of over 600 km. On a headland, away from all the usual tours, there is a place where the canal and the roaring Indian Ocean meet. Home to numerous free-living lemurs, you will be surrounded by them as long as there is hope of catching bananas and other tidbits. Then we board a boat and take a several hour trip on the famous canal, which stretches for almost 600 kilometers parallel to the coast from Tamatave in the north down to Farafangana. On the way we visit a small village cut off from the world to which you can only get by boat. In the village there is everything that is important for the self-sufficient population and nature is generous. Tropical fruits that are local-endemic, pepper, cloves, bread trees, jacq fruits, vanilla grows here all year round and lychees and mangos during your winter. In the afternoon return to Manakara,
Overnight stay in hotel "La Vanille Trou du Commissaire


Continue through a very varied landscape that leads through the different vegetation zones up to the highlands.

Accommodation in one of the most beautiful hotels on the island, huge tropical garden on the shore of a lake, a tree house, an iron wagon as a luxury apartment, bungalows on the lake
Overnight stay at Lac Hotel***


After breakfast we drive on the well paved road further and further north. Ie huge granite rocks and the barren red laterite soil we leave behind us the landscape is green and changes again tremendously.

We drive through many small villages whose colors vary from red earth color to bright red with green background. The landscape is lush green, the rice fields are a mosaic of all possible shades of green in the mirror of countless ponds. The region of Fianarantsoa is intensively used for agriculture. (mainly tea, wine and rice). We visit the photo studio of the world famous photographer Pierrot Men in Fianarantsoa and then a completely different mountain landscape begins.
Overnight stay in the Tsienimparihy Lodge

Ambalavao and surroundings-Anja Park

The day begins with a hike in a reserve founded and managed by the local village community, it is: "Association Anja Miray", called Anja Park for short.
In the about 3 hectare large reserve, which is located 13 km south, hundreds of calicoes cavort, also rare reptiles like the dwarf chameleon Brookesia will be shown to you. The park is also home to several burial caves and spiritual meeting places of the local Betsileo and is well worth the 2 to 4 hour visit.

But Ambalavao has much more to offer: Wild silk is processed here in a rather unusual way, the cocoons are picked on the tapia trees and the thread is not spun but rolled on the knees of the women. Vegetable colors and natural fixation with ash from banana peels and aloe vera. This really pleasant town is also known for its huge zebu market that takes place every Wednesday. We also visit a nearby village where we had made possible the supply of drinking water (well), since then other actions are underway there.
The surrounding mountains and slopes can also become the starting point for paragliding tandem flights.
Overnight stay in hotel "Tsienimparihy Lodge„.


If it was not possible the day before, this morning we will visit Anja Park, completely self-managed by a village community, where over 100 lemurs and other animals can be seen amidst huge granite boulders. Lunch in the park or on the way. Continuing south, after crossing the gate of the south, the landscape becomes more and more barren, we leave the highlands quickly because the road is well developed. The area now resembles a bit the African savannahs. In the afternoon we arrive in the most famous national park of the island in Ranohira at the Isalo National Park
Overnight stay in hotel  Isalo Rock Lodge****

Isalo N.P

This completely overpriced park can also be easily reached after the hike in Andringitra through the private area of the Isalo Rock Lodge be replaced, identical landscape that can be enjoyed at leisure
Overnight stay in hotel Isalo Rock Lodge ****


After the unique landscape in Isalo N.P., savannahs and desert landscapes follow until we reach Tuléar, that coastal town that knows only a few rainy days per year. We are almost directly under the Tropic of Capricorn.

On the way we can visit a sapphire mine in Ilakaka and will also see the first giant baobabs.

Zombitse Vohibasia National Park is also on the route and can be visited on request, there the vegetation of the highlands mixes with the strange plants of the deep south, baobabs, kalanchoe, aloes and euphorbias dominate the flora. The park is famous for birds, one of which is even locally endemic, and also for insects.
Continue to Tulear and then on the dirt road north to Hotel Belladonna

Thorn Forest Tulear Sarondrano

Very early in the morning, before it gets light, drive along the coast to Ifaty to visit the thorn and baobab forest. Two hour hike with very many observations of animals, it is unbelievable how many birds, amphibians, boas, insects and mammals live in this dry biotope.

The famous arboretum in Tulear can also be visited on the way back. Before approaching the headland of Sarondrano, which stretches between sand dunes and mangrove forests in the turquoise blue lagoon, it becomes exciting. Between Tulear and Saint Augustin is one of the most pleasant guesthouses that I know on this island.Résidence Eden Lodge" is still an insider tip but word will soon get around and there are very few accommodation options. Overnight stay "Residence Eden Lodge

Sarondrano and surroundings

A wide variety of visits and activities are offered daily, competent guides are available and planning & logistics are taken care of immediately under the best possible conditions. Outrigger pirogues, motorboat, canoe, off-road vehicle, visits to a huge protected area and even paragliding are available. If you just want to relax you can enjoy the over 32° warm sea and the unclouded sunshine. In addition, there is the best food Madagascar has to offer.
Overnight stay "Residence Eden Lodge

Sarondrano and surroundings

Boat trip to the island of Nosy Ve which is inhabited by very rare seabirds that breed there. Wonderful pick nick on the island and possibilities to snorkel
Overnight stay "Residence Eden Lodge


After the relaxing days in Sarondrano we go back to Tulear and from there by plane directly to the capital Antananarivo. Depending on the time of day you can then still explore the surrounding area, otherwise it goes directly to the hotel Villa Sybille or to an exceptional restaurant with excellent dining options.

Antananarivo and surroundings

Today you can organize your day according to your personal wishes. Visit the city or go on an excursion to Antananarivo's surrounding area, where all kinds of fruits and vegetables are grown on large plantations. We also highly recommend a visit to Lemurs Park. Here you can get very close to the funny half monkeys. In the evening you should definitely let yourself be enchanted by the culinary delights of the island. We will be happy to advise you and provide you with the relevant addresses.

Return flight

Return flight to Europe, South Africa or another island in the Indian Ocean.

Facts and figures about the tour

At the beginning we have already pointed out that it is very important for us with our individual trips to give you a lot of freedom on the one hand, and on the other hand the most beautiful places and spots of Madagascar to show. If you yourself still Ideas or questions to this detailed trip over the island, we would be pleased if you contact us directly. The same applies, of course, when it comes to the following Statement of costs and services goes. With this we would like to offer you a Maximum transparency enable. However, if something is unclear, we ask you to contact us directly:

19 days tour from Antananarivo to Tulear Price per person
 2 to 3 guests  2590€
4 to 5 guests 2470 €
6 - 7 guests 2390 €
8 - 9 guests 2320 €
10 guests or more 2190 €


For single rooms we have to charge a supplement of 590 €.

German speaking tour guide is possible with surcharge

Integrated into the basic price:

  • English speaking tour guide
  • Accompaniment and logistics
  • all nights
  • Breakfast and dinner
  • Transfers and trips as specified
  • Four-wheel drive car and driver and fuel

Not integrated into the basic price:

  • Lunch
  • personal expenses
  • individual leisure activities
  • Entrance fees to the national parks (about 20€ per person and per park)
  • Sightseeings and excursions (about 20€ per person and per park)
  • national and international flights
  • Insurance and visa

Highland Route and Mozambique Channel

Table of contents

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Do you have any questions? Just get in touch with us! 

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