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Madagascar - Honeymoon in Paradise

The wedding is for you the most beautiful day in your life and you want your honeymoon to be something special too? We offer you the possibility of your Honeymoon in Madagascar an island that is so different from everything you already know. Madagascar has been described by many explorers and discoverers as a kind of continent in its own right, due in part to the fact that large parts of the Flora and fauna in Madagascar differs from all other parts of this earth. However, Madagascar is not only an ideal destination for those who enjoy Voyages of discovery and exploration want to live out, but can for you on a honeymoon numerous opportunities for romantic get-together and offer extraordinary experiences. Start your time together as a married couple with a Dream trip to Madagascarwhich we will gladly put together individually according to your wishes. Take a look at our offers and help yourself and your partner to a unique experience that will additionally strengthen and support your wedding and your promise to each other. For questions, suggestions or other concerns about the services we offer Honeymoon Madagascar simply contact us. We always strive to make your honeymoon a real highlight that you will remember together as a couple with pleasure.

Travel options - Honeymoons

Honeymoon Nosy Be 3 ***
Honeymoon in Madagascar - 5 days special offer: 5 days special offer for Nosy Be You want to start your time together as a married couple with an extraordinary honeymoon to Madagascar? We present you a unique offer where relaxation and exoticism, comfort...
Honeymoon Nosy Be 4 ****
Honeymoon to Madagascar - 4 day special offer for Nosy Be Ravintsara Wellness Hotel **** A honeymoon to Madagascar offers you everything you need for a successful and truly exceptional start to your marriage together: Dreamlike sandy beaches, friendly people...
Honeymoon Sainte Marie
Honeymoon in Madagascar - 10 days special offer: 10 days special offer for the East Coast There are many different ways to experience unique and unforgettable honeymoon in Madagascar. You can spend your days on the island in a stunning luxury hotel and enjoy...
Madagascar - Honeymoon in Paradise The wedding is for you the most beautiful day in your life and you want your honeymoon to be very special? We offer you the opportunity to spend your honeymoon in Madagascar, an island...

Madagascar vacation with children

An unforgettable experience

Many nature-loving parents dream of a tropical trip, but imagine it extremely difficult or even impossible with children. With a view to a Trip to Madagascar you can confidently put these fears aside. With the proper planning and organization a vacation in Madagascar can also be a great experience with children. absolutely unique experience become. Fears about stress and problems are then blown away. However, it is important that you rely on experienced organizers when planning. In the past we were allowed to take care of numerous families with children during their vacation on Madagascar. Here we were able to numerous experiences collect that will benefit you when you plan your trip to Madagascar with our help.

Madagascar is a very child friendly country

The red island state is a country rich in children. Children are omnipresent and therefore a large and important part of society. This is reflected in a general Appreciation of the children as well as a basic friendliness of the Madagascans towards the youngest inhabitants and visitors of the island. This basic friendly attitude can also be seen in everyday contact with tourists (and their children). If you go on your tours to the Sights in Madagascar need help or have questions, you will, especially with children, on Helpfulness and goodwill bump

A safe trip to Madagascar and nature - even with your children

The classical dangers, which the tropical nature carries in many countries of this world, do not exist in Madagascar. Thanks to the isolation of Madagascar due to its island location, the island has produced something special in the animal and plant world: There are neither predators dangerous to humans nor poisonous spiders or even snakes. In Madagascar, on the other hand, all the areas where we organize trips with children are free of malaria, although the risk is generally not equally high everywhere and depends on geography and season. From the Prophylactic agents there are quite also for children suitable representatives they prove however with almost all journeys as unnecessary, Vorbeugung and selection of the Malariafreie Regione is completely sufficient. Who this is not safe enough, however, should refer to the Masoala National Park which even still offers a natural paradise in the middle of the jungle referred. There also the children can safely enjoy and discover the adventure of the rainforestThe highlands, the south and the west of Madagascar, are also free from malaria and other tropical diseases. In addition to the breathtaking forests of Madagascar, including the extraordinary animals and plants, the beaches on the Indian Ocean are absolutely among the Sights in Madagascar. There you can take a refreshing swim while playing and having fun without dangerous animals.

Madagascar with children is also worthwhile from a financial point of view

Travel for families or even single parents with children can often be quite expensive. Because often you have to pay unnecessarily the full price for an adult in package tours for their own children. This is with a Madagascar vacation not the case in the vast majority of hotels. There can Children in the room in an extra bed or similar without additional costs be accommodated. In very many hotel facilities, for a small extra charge, you can even "Family Suites", which have several bedrooms and thus offer space for the whole family. All in all, a tropical vacation including nature experience in the island state of Madagascar can be without any dangers or problems also be experienced with children. Therefore, for further information, please feel free to contact us directly with any questions or suggestions. We will be happy to help you and, if necessary, also put together individual tours that also focus on the needs and interests of your children, if desired. After all, even the youngest should have a wonderful vacation in Madagascar can spend.

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