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19 days Madagascar individual trip via the east coast to Tulear

Tour suggestion:

For our individual tours we take care to put together the respective travel packages in such a way that individual wishes taken into account can be and all travelers get their money's worth. After all, your vacation should be a real dream trip and an unforgettable experience. The tour presented below is considered real classic in our program and gives you a lasting impression of the diverse landscapes of Madagascar, the people living there and also the extraordinary flora and fauna. On our Journey through Madagascar experience not only the densely forested east coast of the country but also the extraordinary south. We show you the famous mountain cloud forest with its unique wildlife and accompany you to several national parks. In addition, we make sure that especially at the end of the Journey through Madagascar enough time is left for relaxation on truly dream beaches. If you have any questions about the following information presentation or would like to make your own suggestions, please be sure to contact us directly. Your satisfaction is our goal and our flexibility is the way to achieve it.

Day 1: Your arrival in Madagascar

Your Journey through Madagascar begins with the Arrival in the capital Antananarivo. Most often, this takes place relatively late in the evening and there is the direct transfer to the place of accommodation. Should this be the case, you can contact us personal wishes to food and drinks best already communicate in advance. Of course, you will be picked up directly at the airport upon arrival, and we can also assist you with any visa formalities. As a place to stay we have the nearby hotel Villa Sibyl which will welcome you with an appropriate standard.

Day 2: The journey begins and takes you to Antsirabe

The starting point of your Journey through Madagascar is the Malagasy capital Antananarivo, where you landed the night before by plane from Europe. From there, you will now make your way along a winding but still well-maintained road to a town about 170 kilometers away called Antsirabe. Antsirabe plays in the Economy of Madagascar a decisive role and is therefore considered rather prosperous city to describe. Most travelers from Europe immediately feel at home here, which Antsirabe in a European look was built and especially with impressive colonial villas enthusiastic. On the way to Antsirabe, we will stop for lunch in Behenjy or Ambatolampy, where we will stop at a pleasant restaurant. The place to stay in Antsirabe is the Hotel Chambres du Voyageur provided, which will delight you not only with its comfort, but also with the private garden will inspire. There you can already discover some chameleons and maybe even a ray turtle or two.

Day 3: You discover Antsirabe and the surrounding area

As it was already mentioned, Antsirabe is one of the wealthy cities and in the past it was also considered as a Spa. In the surroundings of this city there are numerous unusual places to discover: The Antafofo waterfall, the breathtaking mountain panorama and the fertile fields of the surroundings, all of which you will discover on a short hike. Afterwards there is also a stimulating City tour on the plan, where you have to take a look at the traditional market as well as at the imposing Hotel des Thermes should throw. Afterwards we go back to the hotel Chambres du Voyageurwhere you can rest from today and recharge your batteries for the next exciting day on your Journey through Madagascar can collect.

Day 4: Via Ambositra to Ranomafana

Although the city of Ambositra is the next stop on your journey across the island, before you get there, we have a little stopover planned: An impressive Reforestation project is first the destination of our trip, where you will find some information about the new cultivation of orange trees and thus also more generally about the Nature Conservation in Madagascar can get. Afterwards you go directly to Ambositra, where you can see for example the different handicraft productswhich are made by the inhabitants in refined carving from precious woods. Take a look at the carpenter's workshops or the sculptors' studios. After you then in Ambositra still another substantial lunch have taken, it goes on to the so-called Ialatsara Camp. At the Ialatsara camp, a private reserve, live among others numerous lemurs, who are already looking forward to your visit and various treats from you. Immediately after that you will make your way to the famous Mountain Cloud Forest. In Ranomafana you will first stop for a rest. Here you will also spend the night in the attractive hotel Grenat spend. To prepare for tomorrow and relax body and mind alike, we recommend a visit to the Ranomafana thermal swimming pool.

Day 5: The impressive Ranomafana National Park

On the fifth day you will have the opportunity to extended tour in Ranomafana National Park, the famous mountain cloud forest, and experience the real jungle up close. Of course this tour takes place under the Guidance of an experienced guide who will plan the specific route taking into account your condition and wishes. The Ranomafana National Park offers impressive insights into the world of the tropical rainforest and with a little luck you can discover numerous animals in the dense foliage. Twelve different species of lemurs alone live in the forests of this national park, not to mention the countless species of birds, insects, frogs and reptiles. Your experienced guide will introduce you to the Hotspots of flora and fauna in Ranomafana National Park and help you to get unforgettable impressions. After the adventurous excursion, which will probably give you forever in memory will stay, in the evening again awaits you the hotel Grenat.

Day 6: From Ranomafana we continue to Manakara

After the eventful previous day in the Ranomafana National Park, on the sixth day you can first relax a little on the drive in the car relax. It goes to Manakara, a coastal town located directly on the Indian Ocean is located. Take a look at the wooden huts resting on stilts, typical of this area and listen to the Surf of the seemingly endless ocean. On Manakara you will also make a detour to a typical market, which is especially known for its Spice variety is known. Cloves, turmeric, pepper, vanilla, cinnamon and many other aromatic fragrant goods welcome you to the market and can be used for a Very favorable price be acquired. Towards the evening you will retire to the hotel La Vanille Trou du Commissaire back and relax in the comfortable beds of the hotel.

Day 7: From Manakara we go on the Canal des Pangalanes

The seventh day of your Journey through Madagascar begins in Manakara with a hearty breakfast. After that you will first go to a small private reserve with the name Eden Sidi. There live numerous lemurs, which are always happy about new visitors and their treats. After that we continue to the impressive Canal des Pangalanes, a massive waterway that you will also travel by boat. To the right and left of the shore you can see the impressive landscape of Madagascar and now and then you will surely catch a glimpse of one or the other cute little animal. After a ride of several hours on the impressive canal, you will return by car to Manakara, where you will once again stay at the hotel. La Vanille Trou du Commissaire Receives

Day 8: Exploring the surroundings of Manakara

Manakara, as a coastal city, has always been an important trading point have been. In the meantime, the city no longer has a seaworthy harbor, but the classical Colonial goods still play a major role here. The eighth day of your Journey through Madagascar have therefore chosen to draw your attention to a few breathtaking spice plantations to lead. Revel there in exotic flavors and fragrances and feel fully transported into another world. This quite relaxing day in Manakara ends in the evening again at the hotel La Vanille Trou du Commisaire.

Day 9: Going to Ambalavao via Fianarantsoa

On the ninth day you will leave Manakara and go back by car. towards the central highlands. The first stop on this day is the town of Fianarantsoa, also known as the capital of the highlands. Afterwards, you will drive another sixty kilometers south, where you can already catch a glimpse of the Andringitra Mountains. The drive south is mainly of numerous scenic highlights that will enchant you: Blood-red laterite soils will captivate you as much as the lush green landscape and reflecting water surfaces of the rice fields. Later, stony mountain massifs will become more and more prominent and the lush green landscape will turn into increasingly sparse grassy steppes. This can be taken as a clear sign that you are going to the dry south of the country Madagascar getting closer and closer. In the afternoon you will reach Ambalavao, where you will stay in a selected hotel. Tsienimparihy Lodge can recover and relax.

Day 10: Exploring Ambalavao and the surrounding area

You can spend the tenth day of your trip in Ambalavao and the nearby surroundings. design entirely according to your own wishes. The nearby Andringitra National Park attracts as well as the surrounding mountains and slopes, from which you can take off with a paraglider and enjoy nature and the spectacular scenery can observe from the skies. Also Ambalavao itself has among other things with the Craft of silk production and the turbulent zebu marketwhich always takes place on Wednesdays, offers all kinds of variety. If you need a little help in planning and organizing this day, we will be happy to provide you with further tips and also accompany you with a view to the organizational aspects. The hotel Tsienimparihy Lodgewhere you have already spent the previous night, also awaits you on the evening of the tenth day.

Day 11: Going to Anja Park and Ranohira

From Ambalavao you will start the eleventh day with a short hike. It goes into the so-called Anja Park, a small nature reserve created by the inhabitants of the region. In particular, numerous Kattas and Reptiles are at home in this idyllic reserve and some of them will surely greet you joyfully upon your arrival. In addition, in this park you can also numerous religious burial caves discover as well as spiritual meeting places take a closer look. After an extended hike through the park we will then go by car even further south. Ranohira is the next stopover, from where you can take a trip the next day to the Isalo National Park companies. This is considered in many places to be the most famous national park of all Madagascar and will impress you in many ways. First, however, there is the overnight stay in the hotel Isalo Rock Lodge (4****).

Day 12: Visit to Isalo National Park

The Isalo National Park will impress you with numerous breathtaking sights and unforgettable nature. Directly in the early morning it therefore goes, after all, there is in the more than 80,000 hectares of Park has a lot to discover. First of all, the huge mountain massif will catch your eye, numerous granite sculptures line up and create a fascinating sight. Hidden in this mountain massif are numerous Lagoons, enchanted waterfalls and an almost untouched tropical nature with exciting flora and fauna. With the concrete Tour planning through the Isalo National Park, the experienced guide will be guided by your needs. Your physical condition determines the exact tour as well as your personal interests and wishes. Back in civilization you will be welcomed again by the hotel Isalo Rock Lodge (4****).

Day 13: Going to Ilakaka and Sarondrano

The next days of your Journey through Madagascar will be characterized by numerous different impressions and many different individual choices. On the thirteenth day you will start the Continuation from Ranohira and first go to the Direction Ilakaka. There you can, for example, visit an impressive sapphire mine and enjoy the huge baobabs, the so-called baobab trees. In parallel, you can also take a look at the fascinating Mahafaly Tombs throwing numerous stories from the lives of the deceased. You will pass Tulear and then proceed by car to Sarondrano. Sarondrano is located on an impressive, almost picturesque looking headland and will impress you with its beautiful beaches and a turquoise blue water received. From now on you will spend the night for a few days in an extremely appealing guesthouse called Résidence Eden Lodge, a real insider tipwhich we can only hope will not get around too quickly.

Day 14 to 16: Three days stay in Sarondrano

In Sarondrano you will spend three days with the most varied Offered forVisits and activities pampered. Of course, you can also spend this time simply relaxing and enjoying the tropical sun and pleasantly warm water by the sea. pamper let. Alternatively you can numerous boat trips perceive, to the Humpback whale colonies go out, make dives and impressive underwater landscapes or make various excursions to the nearby towns and countryside sections. We will help you with the planning and also with the realization of the different activities even before the beginning of your trip. But much can also be Organize directly on site. On each of the days awaits you towards evening the Résidence Eden Lodge Hotel with its comfort and its inimitable charm.

Day 17: Via Tulear back to Antananarivo

The 17th day of your trip is in many respects already in the sign of farewell. First of all you have to say goodbye to the dreamlike Sarondrano and drive back to Tulear. There you say goodbye to the south of Madagascar and travel with a plane back to Antananarivo. The flight takes a good hour and in the Malagasy capital you will be received directly. You will spend the night as you did on your arrival at the hotel Villa Sybille.

Day 18: Exploring Antananarivo and the surrounding area

Day 18 is basically your last day on the island of Madagascar and that is precisely why today we have once again plenty of time for the capital Antananarivo which you can explore on your own if you wish. We highly recommend the Lemurs Park, which will once again bring you close to the cute malagasy mammals brings. In addition, there are various other sights that you should not miss on this day. If you have any questions or suggestions or organizational comments, please feel free to contact us. The Return flight to Europe usually takes place in the late evening hours, which is why we have another Day stay at the hotel Villa Sybille have booked. So you can know your luggage there in safety and like to retire for a while before the return flight if you wish. The Transfer to the airport is of course firmly integrated into the travel planning.

Day 19: The return flight to Europe

The last day of this trip you will spend exclusively on the plane spend. The Madagascar island you have already said goodbye the day before and the hours on the journey home will give you plenty of time to reminisce about these impressive journey through Madagascar to indulge.

Facts and figures about the tour

At the beginning we have already pointed out that it is very important for us with our individual trips to give you a lot of freedom on the one hand, and on the other hand the most beautiful places and spots of Madagascar to show. If you yourself still Ideas or questions to this detailed trip over the island, we would be pleased if you contact us directly. The same applies, of course, when it comes to the following Statement of costs and services goes. With this we would like to offer you a Maximum transparency enable. However, if something is unclear, we ask you to contact us directly:

19 days tour from Antananarivo to Tulear Price per person
2 to 3 guests 2590 €
4 to 5 guests 2470 €
6 - 7 guests 2390 €
8 - 9 guests 2320 €
10 guests or more 2190 €

For single rooms we have to charge a supplement of 590 €.

Integrated into the basic price:

  • English or German speaking tour guide
  • Accompaniment and logistics
  • all nights
  • Breakfast and dinner
  • Transfers and trips as specified
  • Four-wheel drive car and driver and fuel

Not integrated into the basic price:

  • Lunch
  • personal expenses
  • German speaking tour guide possible with surcharge
  • individual leisure activities
  • Entrance fees to the national parks (about 20€ per person and per park)
  • Sightseeings and excursions (about 20€ per person and per park)
  • national and international flights
  • Visa (available at the airport for 25€)

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Do you have any questions? Simply get in touch with us! Please use the contact form on the right. We will take care of your request as soon as possible.


Do you have any questions? Just get in touch with us! 

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Do you have any questions? Simply get in touch with us! Please use the contact form on the right. We will take care of your request as soon as possible.

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