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Our travel offer to travel with

Photo trip to book from 8 to 23 October 2023

Price from 2990€ €
Duration 16 days days
UAM-48 M
Start date: 8 October 2023

About the trip

Madagascar, already the sound of this word promises unique experiences in an unknown and exotic world.

What could be more natural than to encounter them with the camera.

Discover with us fascinating animal species, breathtaking landscapes and a colorful culture, which exists nowhere else in the world a second time.

A photo trip to Madagascar is a dream, and with the right partners at your side, nothing has to stand in the way of its fulfillment.

The combination makes the difference: English-speaking tour guides with many years of Madagascar experience, who offer comfort and Safety and experienced nature photographers who have already had a wide variety of motifs from all over the world in front of the lens and are happy to share their skills and knowledge.


The travel days in detail

Day 1: Arrival in Antananarivo

After completing the visa formalities, you will be picked up by one of our guides or by us directly at the airport. Depending on the arrival time, either a hotel transfer and well-deserved rest is on the program, but if time permits, various activities are also offered. Overnight stay in the "Villa Sibylle

Day 2: Antananarivo to Andasibe

  • Wildlife photography: telephoto and super telephoto in the rainforest (Andasibe):

Choosing the right focal length is essential in wildlife photography. It is not always a case of "the longer, the better". We look at the effects of different focal lengths on the image and their influence on the image composition. How can I influence the focal length, what are the advantages and disadvantages of long focal lengths with regard to image composition? How do I handle telephoto and super telephoto lenses in the field? Possibilities of different autofocus modes, AF sensors, operating modes. Light measurements in extreme situations. Continuous shooting.

Day 3: Lemurs in Andasibe

  • Practical workshop wildlife photography telephoto and super telephoto in the rainforest (Andasibe):

Here, in small groups, the findings of the previous day are applied in the field. The goal in the morning and forenoon are the many species of lemurs, especially the largest representatives: The Indris.

  • Practical workshop wildlife photography: telephoto and macro photography at night in the rainforest (Andasibe):

Here, after a short briefing, small groups will set out for the night excursion. The goal is the many reptiles and amphibian species of the rainforest. Different flash techniques are illustrated with examples and the rainforest is approached in a very exciting way.

Day 4: Andasibe-Ankanin'ny Nofy

We start at the blue hour at the sea and will capture the bright, soft colors of the sunrise in combination with wonderfully soft water on the sensors. At sunset, we will deal with reflections at the Canal de Pangalanes and set up our tripods for the most diverse viewing angles.

  • Photo trip on the Canal de Pangalan (east coast):

From the river you have a very unique view of the land and wildlife. We set off on a relaxed photo safari along the Canal des Pangalanes. Whether with the telephoto lens permanently at the ready or for relaxed observation of nature, the canal is unique.

Day 5: Ankanin'ny Nofy

  • Landscape photography practice workshop: sunrise and sunset on the river and sea (east coast).
  • Night photography to visit the very rare Aye Aye Lemurs.

Every day is different and so is every sunrise and sunset. We will use the beautiful lodge and surroundings for new image ideas and to create different image looks by playing with exposure time and light. We will explore the coast to the Indian Ocean as well as the mangroves of the Canal des Pangalanes.

  • Practical workshop wildlife photography: telephoto and macro photography in the Wildlife Reserve (East Coast):

We will roam in small groups of 2-6 participants through the private reserve directly at the canal and will have the opportunity to photograph numerous representatives of Madagascar's wildlife such as lemurs and reptiles. We will hone your shooting techniques and implement interesting image ideas.

Day 6: Ankan'y Nofy - Antananarivo

Long drive back to Antananarivo.

We sift together your best works from the last days and discuss the results constructively, what really brings you further is constructive criticism. What is already going well, what can you still work on in the next few days and especially how?

Solution-oriented approaches will take your photography to the next level, and we'll also have time to learn some editing steps and options by example.

Day 7: Antananarivo-Ambalavao

  • Landscape photography
  • People, markets, daily life.
  • Rice fields and volcanic landscapes

Antsirabe is located 170km south of Antananarivo, this large city is an important economic center and famous for its pleasant mountain climate and healing springs. Founded in the 19th century by Norwegian missionaries, Antsirabe appears much more "European" than other cities in Madagascar, as evidenced by the magnificent colonial villas and the regular buildings.

In the garden of the hotel there are countless chameleons all hiding in the trees and some ray turtles that can often be seen on a small island in the middle of the lake.

Overnight stay at the hotel "Chambres du Voyageur

Day 8: Antsirabe to Ranomafana

  • Image review: landscape and wildlife photography (Antsirabe).
  • Extremely diverse landscapes from highlands to rainforest

We leave Antsirabe, then we continue until we reach Ambositra after a winding drive. After that the landscape changes again in a very exciting way, we see trees and lush vegetation. Tree ferns, a gigantic waterfall in the rainforest on the way to the town of Ranomafana where we will spend the night in the Hotel Grenat.

Day 9: Ranomafana-Ambalavao

Early in the morning the drive goes up numerous serpentines to the park entrance: In the morning hours the numerous species of lemurs are most active and the cloud forest then reveals all its magic. Depending on your condition and interest, different circuits can be undertaken, time is plentiful as the drive to Ambalavao is relatively short.

Then we drive through many small villages, whose colors vary from red earth color to bright red with green background. The landscape is lush green, the rice fields are a mosaic of all possible shades of green in the mirror of countless ponds. In Fianarantsoa you will visit the photo studio of the world famous photographer Pierrot Men.

Then the drive continues on the well paved road further and further south. Huge granite rocks, increasingly barren red laterite soil and meager grasses can be seen, the landscape changes tremendously when you get up to the pass with the beautiful viewpoint. From there you can see very far down into the valley of Ambalavao, which lies peacefully between the high mountains. The drive is now full of curves down the valley, grapevines appear on the left and right of the road, the landscape is surrounded by a truly unique mountain scenario.

Overnight stay at Tsienimparihy Lodge

Day 10: Anja Park - Isalo

  • Practical workshop wildlife photography: telephoto and macro photography in Anja Reserve:
  • Mountain landscapes - Savannahs
  • Practical workshop landscape photography: panoramas and sunset (Anja Reservat)

We roam the Anja Reserve, an offshore mountain range of the Andringitra Massif. For telephotography we go in search of Kattas (ring-tailed lemurs), we search the leaf litter layer for dwarf chameleons, perfect animals to improve our focus-stacking qualities. We also practice this on various succulents ("cacti") on the rock plateaus.

We use the views from the rocky plateaus on our hike through Anja Reserve to combine the use of filters in landscape photography with panoramic techniques. When the golden evening sun bathes the boulders in the landscape in golden light, our sensors will cheer with joy.

Isalo mountains in the evening light and overnight stay at "Relais de la Reine" in a breathtaking landscape

Day 11: Isalo Mountains

Day of discovery of the Isalo Massif, its strange granite and sandstone sculptures and unique flora and fauna. The Isalo National Park includes a large part of the massif north of the RN7. It consists of continental sandstone from the Jurassic period whose shapes, colors and natural sculpture formation can be seen very differently in different areas of the park. Isalo is a vast area that covers almost 82,000 hectares with an average altitude of 1000 meters.

Amidst the barren and mineral landscape there are magnificent natural pools and waterfalls surrounded by lush tropical nature.

The duration and severity of the day's hike will be tailored to the abilities of the participants. This completely overpriced park can also be easily replaced by the private area of the lodge, identical landscape to enjoy at leisure

Overnight stay at the hotel "La reine d'Isalo

Day 12: Isalo - Ilakaka - Zombitse - Tulear - Ifaty

After the unique landscape in Isalo N.P., savannahs and desert landscapes follow until we reach Tuléar, that coastal town that knows only a few rainy days per year. We are almost directly under the Tropic of Capricorn.

On the way we can visit sapphire mines in Ilakaka and will also see the first giant baobabs.

Zombitse Vohibasia National Park is also on the route and can be visited on request, there the vegetation of the highlands mixes with the strange plants of the deep south, baobabs, kalanchoe, aloes and euphorbias dominate the flora. The park is famous for birds, one of which is even locally endemic, and also for insects.

Continue to Tulear and then on the dirt road north to Hotel Belladonna

Day 13: Ifaty - Baobabs -thorn forest

There are also numerous attractions on land and in the Mozambique Channel that offer themselves here. The "Reniala Reserve" offers deep insights into the unique flora and fauna of the thorn forests of the south, the "Turtle Village" is home to hundreds of rare turtles of all ages.

The view is breathtakingly beautiful, the coral reef is 8 km to the west and the sea is always calm and shimmers in improbable shades that go from emerald green to indigo blue. The sunset seen directly from the dune is an experience in itself.

Not far from the hotel is one of the most important fishing villages in the area, the population there consists mainly of Vezo who are considered the best sailors, they build anyhow from balsa and other woods assembled pirogues with sails and booms with which they transport goods and especially fish. About 300 of these colorful pirogues go out every day very early in the morning and come back fully loaded with tropical fish in the late morning.

Overnight stay in hotel "Bella Donna

Day 14: Ifaty - Tulear- Antananarivo (domestic flight)

After breakfast we say goodbye to Ifaty and drive back to Tuléar to the airport. There we board a plane and fly an hour up to Antananarivo, the capital where the journey began.

If the flight arrives in the morning we will have the opportunity to get to know Antananarivo and the surroundings of the city.

If the flight arrives late, pick up at the airport and transfer to the hotel. Dinner there or in a special restaurant

Overnight stay in Villa Sibylle

Day 15: Antananarivo and surroundings

If time allows, there are still many possibilities to enjoy this last day in Madagascar, especially attractive is the "Lemurs Park" which is located 22 km outside of Antananarivo, if young and old do not have enough of the droll animals. There are also other attractions in abundance, your guide will be happy to advise you!

Depending on your flight dates we will take you to the airport, with Air France the flight home is after midnight, so they will appreciate the possibility of a "dayuse" at the hotel and can prepare everything in peace before the flight.

Overnight stay or day use in the guest house of the "Villa


Day 16: Return flight


Facts and figures

Price per person in Bed & Breakfast:

For the provision of a single room, a total surcharge of 990.00 euros will be charged.

2 guests 3780  €
3 guests 3560  €
4 guests 3290  €
6 guests 3190  €
8 guests 2990



The services included in the basic price

- complete planning and logistics
- English speaking escort and tour guide- High quality vehicles including driver and fuel
- all nights in the specified hotels
- Catering concerning breakfast
- Transfers, taxes and trips specified in the program

Services not included in the basic price

- Lunch, dinner and drinks as well as other individual catering
- Tips and all personal expenses
- Entrance fees for the national parks and private parks
- additional local guides and optional leisure activities
- Airfares for international flights and domestic flights
- Taxes for flights as well as airport fees
- Travel health insurance and travel cancellation insurance
- Visa costs

Contact us and book the tour of your dreams

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Do you have any questions? Just get in touch with us! 

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