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Boat tours

Sailing Tours Exclusive Discovery Tours - Relaxed Sailing Trips aboard the "Blue Maki" Madagascar is known for its unique beaches and biodiversity. The endless sandy beaches and underwater worlds speak for themselves. If you are looking for a relaxing vacation while experiencing the versatility of Madagascar, a cruise is just what you need. Enjoy the fantastic [...]

Drive yourself in Madagascar

Self-drive on Madagascar We offer exclusive self-drive trips on Madagascar. Unlike neighboring African countries like Namibia, South Africa and Botswana, here in Madagascar there are hardly any opportunities to rent a car and explore this fascinating island on your own. Although the conditions for self-drive safaris in Madagascar are much more difficult than [...]


The geographical location of Madagascar Madagascar is an island state, which means that several smaller or larger islands or parts of islands form this state. It is important to note that none of these islands is connected to the land area of a continent. In fact, this is not the case with Madagascar, because the island is about 600 kilometers from the east coast [...]

Sailing experience trip

Exclusive discovery tours - Relaxed sailing trips aboard the "Blue Maki" Madagascar is known for its unique beaches and biodiversity. The endless sandy beaches and underwater worlds speak for themselves. If you are looking for a relaxing vacation while experiencing the versatility of Madagascar, a cruise is just what you need. Enjoy the fantastic view [...]

Highland Route and Mozambique Channel

Madagascar round trip without domestic flight Group tour on fixed dates with domestic flight. Travel dates: 03/30/2019 to 04/16/2020 04/17/2019 to 05/05/2020 06/02/2019 to 06/20/2020 07/06/2019 to 07/24/2020 08/03/2019 to 08/21/2020 Highlights of the 19-day tour: Visit several local projects Visit several national parks Diverse landscapes and people Fantastic swimming opportunities at the Mozambique Channel Madagascar is one of the most fascinating countries on earth. 18 tribes [...]

Horseback riding tours through Madagascar

Madagascar Horseback Riding Tour Discovering Mountains and Beaches If you can't imagine anything more beautiful than extensive horseback riding and traveling in harmony with nature, our horseback riding tours are the right choice for you. With a lot of love for detail we have worked out three tours in different lengths. The starting point of our tours is Antananarivo. Thanks to our good and extensive organization, you can [...]

Skiing on the slopes

Driving on the slopes in Madagascar The infrastructural conditions in Madagascar take some getting used to by European standards. Those who have already been on the road by car on the African continent and were able to quickly get used to the conditions there, often assume that similar conditions prevail on Madagascar. Unfortunately, this is completely and [...]

Early history and settlement of Madagascar

Early history and settlement of Madagascar Madagascar has been separated from the mainland as an independent island for several million years: The island separated from the African mainland as early as 150 million years ago, and the separation from the Indian subcontinent also took place around 90 million years ago. Due to this isolated position on the world map, Madagascar remained for many millennia [...]

West Coast - The splendor of the slopes

West Coast - Experience the splendor of the slopes with us the Terra Incognita in Madagascar As part of our "The splendor of the slopes - experience with us the Terra Incognita in Madagascar" tour, we offer you here the opportunity to consider an extraordinary and unique offer on the German-speaking market. The trip will take you to the [...]

The hot south

The South of Madagascar: Numerous sights and adventures await you For most tourists spending a vacation on Madagascar for the first time, the south of the island seems less attractive as a destination at first. In contrast to the prosperous north or the green overgrown east of the island, quite a [...]

The North and the Vanilla Coast

Madagascar's Northeast The last primary forests and breathtaking nature experiences The northeast of Madagascar rightly strikes most travelers as a breathtakingly beautiful and completely alien world, known at best from nature documentaries on television. Numerous not at all or only sparsely populated regions allow a glimpse into past times, when no human [...]

East Coast

The East Coast of Madagascar Experience the tropical paradise When Europeans and especially German tourists indulge in dreams of Madagascar, they usually have an image in mind that probably comes closest to the conditions in the east of the island. Here they still exist, the warm, humid, steaming rainforests, in which a lush flora grows and [...]


Highland route trekking

About the RN 7 south Discover Madagascar's classic itinerary Madagascar offers you numerous opportunities for your vacation to gain unforgettable impressions and experiences. The people living on the island will meet you friendly and warm-hearted, the nature will open you the view of spectacular landscapes and islanders and also the journey or the drive [...]


Madagascar - Honeymoon in Paradise The wedding is for you the most beautiful day in your life and you want your honeymoon to be something very special? We offer you the opportunity to spend your honeymoon in Madagascar, an island so different from everything you already know. Madagascar is surrounded by [...]

Travel by private plane

Discover Madagascar by private plane Rent a plane for private tours Those who spend their vacations on Madagascar naturally want to see as much as possible of this dreamlike island. Therefore, it is always worthwhile to consider a different perspective. In addition to great hiking tours, we also offer tours by plane, so that you too can discover the [...]

Travel with children

Vacation in Madagascar with children An unforgettable experience Many nature-loving parents dream of a tropical trip, but imagine it extremely difficult or even impossible with children. With a trip to Madagascar in mind, you can safely put these fears aside. With the right planning and organization, a vacation in Madagascar can be [...]

Canoe tours

Canoe Tours - Discover the most beautiful sides of Madagascar from the water Whoever thinks of Madagascar, is initially under the misapprehension that this island is a purely dry area. In fact, more than 50 different rivers run over the surface of the country and offer numerous possibilities not to [...]

Travel for nature lovers

Travel for nature lovers - Discover the unique nature of Madagascar On Madagascar we offer you many possibilities to get to know the island in your own personal way. One of our special focuses and highlights are the nature tours. These are individually designed discovery tours into the fascinating nature of Madagascar. Discover animals that [...]

Private Parks in Madagascar

Private Parks in Madagascar Nature conservation is everyone's business National parks, integral protected areas and special reserves play an important role in Madagascar. Since the arrival of humans on this island, nature conservation has unfortunately been neglected far too much. The lack of awareness for this important factor can still be seen today in many parts of the [...]

Integral Reserves Madagascar

Integral reserves in Madagascar The special nature conservation If you take a trip to Madagascar, then you can discover numerous unique and incomparable creatures on this island. Many researchers strive to the island every year, for example, to study the flora or even the fauna of the country in more detail. Experts believe that on [...]

Special reserves in Madagascar

Madagascar's Special Reserves Discover active conservation As a fascinating natural paradise, the country of Madagascar holds a great deal of responsibility in its own hands. In the last centuries and decades, this responsibility has not always been handled appropriately. Slash-and-burn agriculture, hunting of endangered species and the successive destruction of the rainforest have left their mark on the fauna and flora of Madagascar [...]


Tourism in Madagascar Tourism in Madagascar is still in its infancy and is currently developing very slowly. After a few good years with increasing numbers of tourists, the country suffered a severe setback in 2009 due to the political upheavals. Currently, about 20 percent of the population in Madagascar is employed in the tourism sector. For the [...]

Economy & Politics

The economy and politics of Madagascar The economy and politics of a country are important factors in keeping it alive. Madagascar was a French colony for many years and has only been independent for a comparatively short period of time, unfortunately France still interferes in the [...]

Nature Conservation

Conservation in Madagascar Madagascar is considered a species-rich paradise on this earth. An extraordinary flora with numerous orchids, flowering plants and tree species that exist nowhere else in the world is populated by an equally impressive and unique fauna: lemurs, fossas and numerous birds and insects that are classified as endemic are at home on the island. [...]

National Parks

National Parks Madagascar is particularly spoiled by nature.this fascinating island in the Indian Ocean is known worldwide for its absolutely incredible wealth of its biodiversity. The flora and fauna in Madagascar has a very high endemic rate of over 80% in terms of animal species, and even over 90% of flora is found only here. In comparison [...]


The fauna of Madagascar A spectacular paradise of species The reason why many people nowadays love to travel to Madagascar is, among other things, due to the extraordinary biodiversity in the fauna and flora of this island. Madagascar developed independently from the rest of the world for many millennia, giving rise to a biodiversity that is so [...]


Madagascar's flora - The wonders of the native flora Madagascar is today an island, but many millions of years ago it belonged to a so-called supercontinent. The name of this supercontinent was Gondwana. The huge continent united a large land mass, which today is distributed over several continents and countries: Africa, Antarctica, Madagascar, Australia, New Guinea, South America, Arabia and India [...]

Population & Language

The population of Madagascar and its language The island of Madagascar existed for many millions of years completely isolated from the mainland. At the time when Madagascar separated from the great supercontinent Gondwana, there were no humans on our earth. Therefore, Madagascar as an island was populated for millions of years only by animals and plants, which were completely [...]

Society & Children

Society and the lives of children in Madagascar Madagascar is a country that lives in poverty by Western standards. It is one of the poorest countries in the world by international standards and, accordingly, is clearly considered a developing country. Many people have less than one dollar available to them per day for survival, and especially [...]

Vegetation zones

The vegetation zones on Madagascar As an island, Madagascar was almost completely covered by breathtakingly beautiful rainforests until a few centuries ago. Due to the intrusion of man into this sensitive natural balance, the appearance of Madagascar has changed dramatically within a very short period of time. Today, almost 80 percent of Madagascar's surface has become a kind of steppe, while the [...]

Weather, Climate & Best Time to Travel

Weather, climate and the best time to travel in Madagascar If you have always wanted to spend a vacation in Madagascar and plan a trip to this wonderful and unique island, you must inform yourself in advance in detail about the weather, climate and the best time to travel Madagascar. Quite different from the temperate latitudes of Northern Europe, Madagascar can [...]


The geological peculiarities on Madagascar Madagascar as an island has been connected with the African as well as the Indian continent many millions of years ago. Then there was a shift of the earth's plates and Madagascar detached from the large land mass. From a geological point of view, Madagascar is today a true El Dorado and offers for researchers as well as [...]


The History of Madagascar The historical highlights of the island The history of the island of Madagascar actually begins about 150 million years ago, when the island split off from the African mainland. About sixty million years later, Madagascar then also separated from the Indian subcontinent and could be considered an independent island since then. Only many million years after the [...]

Madagascar from A-Z

Madagascar from A-Z Here you will find all information about Madagascar from A to Z. Discover interesting entries by clicking through the directory. Information on a wide variety of topics such as medical care, infrastructure, the country and its people, the economy as well as animals and food and drink await you. A B C E [...]



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Do you have any questions? Just get in touch with us! 

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After 10 months of total inactivity, self-employed people in the tourism industry in Madagascar are completely without income. There is no opening of the borders in sight in Madagascar and we are at the beginning of the rainy season, which is the low season, even in normal times. I have started a fundraiser for the guides and drivers I know well. From this money we will buy rice and other essentials and distribute them regularly, if possible, until the resumption of travel activities in April 2021 at the earliest. My special thanks to those who have already donated. I will start buying rice tomorrow and will begin distributing it this week.
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Do you have any questions? Simply get in touch with us! Please use the contact form on the right. We will take care of your request as soon as possible.

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