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Our travel offer

Sailing Tour Discovery Tour | 5 days | Nosy Be, Tanikely, Russian Bay, Barahamamay, Antsoa, Nosy Kalakajoro, Nosy Iranja

Price from 1090 €
Duration 5 days

About the trip

The 5-day discovery tour on the Ange bleu will take you safely along the west coast.

Discover the enchanting island of Nosy Be and Tanikely.

You can expect the worth seeing Russian Bay and a fantastic breakfast at an ecolodge. Our perfectly planned program will take you quickly from stage to stage, leaving you enough time to explore all the places well.

Enjoy mangrove forests near the Barahamamay River and the unique sandbar of the Nosy Iranja Islands.

Experience authentic insights into the rich culture of Madagascar while visiting a local school.

Your well-being on board is taken care of, because our crew not only prepares fresh meals for you, but also takes care of you in questions around the island.

Long hours of sunshine on breathtaking sandy beaches and unique scenery by day and night await.

If our tours on land are not enough for you, you have the option to book kayak tours on site.

Snorkel with marine life and discover the most beautiful places on foot on your own. Experience Madagascar from a different side on board a luxurious sailing ship.

Play with lemurs on Antsoa and enjoy traditional cuisine in the open air.

We will show you the country, culture and people from a different point of view and take you to the most charming places on the island, from volcanic landscapes to turquoise sea.

Switch off and experience a unique sailing trip with all-round service

With full board on board, exciting tours to gorgeous sandy beaches await you. Look forward to untouched nature and unique views.

Discover the breathtaking island of Nosy Be at its best, pet lemurs on Antsoa or make yourself comfortable on the beach.

Visit the legendary sandbar of Nosy Iranja and the world famous Russian Bay. The Ange Bleu will take you quickly and safely from stop to stop while you enjoy your time on deck.

With fresh, local delicacies your well-being is taken care of and also the cabins of the Ange Bleu offer enough luxury. Immerse yourself in everyday life on Madagascar, with a visit to a traditional school.

Here you have the opportunity to experience people and culture up close.

We show you the most beautiful sides of Madagascar and all this in only 5 days. Visit lighthouses and explore places on foot, while you have plenty of time to relax during the crossings.

This unique sailing trip guarantees you the most amazing experiences on land as well as at sea.

The travel days in detail

Day 1: Nosy Be - Nosy Tany Kely - Russian Bay

At 7 am in the morning, our driver will pick you up from your hotel and take you to the port. Once you arrive at the marina, you will receive a friendly welcome and a detailed introduction about the planned program, the next destinations and the procedure on board before departure. Punctually before 8 o'clock, the sailing trip starts in the direction of Tanikely. A 1-hour crossing will take you to the legendary, protected marine reserve Tanikely. The exceptional environment, is known for its multilateral biodiversity of marine life. In this outstanding landscape, you can snorkel or kayak surrounded by multicolored fish and sea turtles. A successful start to your discovery tour. At lunchtime, a delicious, freshly prepared meal awaits you. Afterwards, you will have plenty of time to relax or take a sightseeing tour to the lighthouse. At about 14:00 the sailing trip continues. The Ange bleu departs for a 3-hour crossing to Russian Bay. Relax on deck and enjoy the exclusive view aboard your sailing vessel. The first dinner is for relaxing and getting acquainted. Enjoy hearty delicacies for dinner and a fresh breeze of sea air.  

Day 2: Russian Bay - Ankazoberavina - Barahamamay

Early in the morning, the captain starts towards Ankazoberavina Ecolodge. The crossing takes only 30 minutes. On site, we offer you a varied breakfast on directly on the Ecolodge. Enjoy the first hours of sun in an environment typical of Madagascar. Discover this paradisiacal place with a guide or optionally choose to participate in a dive. (The dive is not included in our offer). Afterwards, a tasty lunch awaits you on board the Ange Bleu At 14:00 the boat sets sail again, the next cruise lasts 3 hours. The next destination is Barahamamay. A small tributary which makes its way between exotic mangroves and a primary forest. There you can relax and enjoy the rest of the day. In the evening, dinner awaits you again aboard the Ange Bleu. Enjoy fresh cuisine under the open sky.

Day 3: Barahamamay - Kalakajoro

After an invigorating breakfast, we set off for the small town and visit a traditional school. You will have the opportunity to catch an exclusive glimpse of life in Madagascar. Donations in kind for the school and the students are always welcome. This way you can still do something good for the local people. Afterwards, a graceful, fresh lunch awaits you on the sailing ship. Afterwards you will have the opportunity to go kayaking along the mangrove forest before the Blue Maki leaves again at 10 am. The next stop is Nosy Kalakajoro, the first island of the Radama archipelago. The crossing will take 3 hours. Enjoy coffee and tea on board or make yourself comfortable in your cabin. On Nosy Kalakajoro a unique volcanic landscape awaits you, with typical steep relief. You will also find a former construction site for traditional Dhaus. Enjoy the extraordinary nature and immerse yourself in the beauty of Madagascar. In the evening you can taste a delicious dinner on board of the ship and enjoy the silence of the island.  

Day 4: Kalakajoro - Nosy Iranja - Barahamamay

In the early morning hours we leave for the Nosy Iranja Islands. The trip there takes about 4 hours. The island actually consists of two parts, which are separated by a white sandbar. Nosy Iranja is anchored at the north-eastern tip of Madagascar. The sandbar is surrounded by clear turquoise water and provides a gorgeous backdrop for photos and swimming. After anchoring, a trip to the lighthouse and a tour of the island are on the agenda. Enjoy your stay in this paradise setting and go snorkeling or kayaking. Of course you can also just lie on the beach and watch the sea. Afterwards we will prepare a rich lunch for you on board. At 4pm we will leave for the next 1 hour sailing trip back to Barahamamay. You will have another opportunity to enjoy the view and listen to the sound of the river. In the evening a very special meal awaits you, enjoy the luxurious delicacies while overlooking a fantastic natural scenery.  

Day 5: Barahamay - Antsoa - Nosy Be

Dawn of the last day of your sailing trip. The Ange bleu sets sail early in the morning. In only 2 hours it goes to the island of Antsoa. The private island is known for the many free-ranging lemurs on site. Feed the cute animals typical of Madagascar and relax with a relaxing walk on white sandy beaches. For lunch, a fresh meal awaits you again with local delicacies. Around 3pm, the Ange bleu departs and brings you safely back to Nosy Be. At 17:30 you will reach the port of Nosy Be filled with experiences and will be brought back to your hotel by our driver.

Facts and figures

2 guests 5 days in full board per person 1490 €
3 guests 5 days in full board per person 1390 €
4 guests 5 days in full board per person 1390 €
6 guests 5 days in full board per person 1290 €
7 guests 5 days in full board per person 1230 €
8 guests 5 days in full board per person 1090 €


The Price includes:

A private charter boat also with only 2 guests on board

Full board on board.

Private cabin with individual sanitary facilities.

A catering chef on board who prepares all meals

Individual arrangement of the sailing trip

The price does not include :

International and domestic flights,

Tips and drinks,

Your personal insurances.

The price of the visa: +/- 20 €.

Contact us and book the tour of your dreams

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Do you have any questions? Just get in touch with us! 

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