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Marriage in Madagascar

Marriage in Madagascar Marriage in Madagascar is very important for the families and there are also very different customs among the different tribes. There are usually three different aspects: The Malagasy traditional wedding: a very interesting culture The traditional marriage is very important for the Malagasy people and the procedures are not [...]

Kere-the dramatic drought in the south of Madagascar

The dramatic drought in southern Madagascar Humanitarian organizations describe a drought of unprecedented proportions in southern Madagascar. The region is experiencing recurring episodes of acute rainfall shortages. Forgotten humanitarian crises in the world... Madagascar on the front lines This situation has a name: kéré, "famine" in Malagasy. From Tuléar to Fort-Dauphin, some [...]

Tourism in Madagascar-shattered on the ground

Tourism in Madagascar- shattered by Covid Madagascar is unfortunately no exception, the tourism industry is devastated and unlike other African countries with very low Corona infection, there is unfortunately no opening of airports in sight here. Tour companies, tour guides, drivers, accommodations, restaurants and national parks are primarily affected but the devastating [...]

Welcome to the year 2021! 

Happy new year ? - Welcome to the year 2021! In Madagascar, life goes on, without guests and without lockdown. Hope for normalization Unfortunately, there is no concrete hope for a stable economic existence and confidence in a boost to the tourism industry. Madagascar is a fascinating island, one of the few destinations that [...]

The search for the lost Voeltzkow chameleon (Furcifer voeltzkowi)

The Rediscovery of the Voeltzkow's Chameleon (Furcifer voeltzkowi) The two-week journey of an expedition team to northwestern Madagascar in search of the lost Voeltzkow's Chameleon (Furcifer voeltzkowi) led not only to the successful rediscovery of the species, but also to the discovery that the females are very colorful. The Voeltzkow's chameleon is the sixth of the 25 most wanted lost species listed by Global [...]

The deep & dry south of Madagascar

The Deep & Dry South of Madagascar Text: Rojo Rapanoelina These photos were taken in the middle of National Road 13 after torrential, if not happy, rains. Here, vehicles are implored not to drive in puddles to keep them "clean" and to prevent water from being lost by splashing. This RN13 had the [...]

The survival migrations in the south of Madagascar

Survival Migrations in Southern Madagascar Madagascar is one of the world's biodiversity hotspots, but the country is the subject of a variety of projects aimed at measuring, analyzing, and mitigating ecosystem degradation. Anthropogenic activities are the subject of particular attention, and those carried out in rural areas crystallize concerns. At the forefront of [...]

Zoos around Antananarivo

Zoos and botanical gardens around Antananarivo Tsimbazaza Zoo This district in the southwest of the capital owes its peaceful and green environment to the extensive park that includes a zoo with its arboretum, a paleontology museum and a museum of ethnology. The visit to this park will allow to better define the identity of Madagascar before it leaves to [...]

Madagascar: Drought and food shortages in the extreme south

Madagascar: drought and food shortages in the extreme south. The phenomenon is recurrent in this area and promises to be even more difficult this year. The latest Food Emergency Survey (April 2020) estimates that 1.6 million people in the Deep South face difficulties in accessing food due to drought, including 500,000 who suffer from severe [...]

Madagascar sport fishing and angling

Madagascar sport fishing

Where to go sport fishing and fishing in Madagascar In the heart of the northern islands of Madagascar, this fishing tour combines heavenly landscapes, a hospitable population and abundance of fish. The boats of our partners are very well equipped with GPS mapping and echo sounder to allow trolling, jigging, popper, slow drift and deep sea fishing ... all the safety equipment on board (survival, life jackets, satellite communications, [...]

Witchcraft in Madagascar: "Ody Gasy", myth or reality?

Witchcraft in Madagascar: "Ody Gasy", myth or reality? Since early childhood, the people of Madagascar have been bathed in a plethora of tales of sorcerers, ghosts, "mpamosavy" and supernatural beings who have the power to cross walls to kill their fellow man. Long ago, the village elders told stories of evil [...] in the evening around a wood fire.

Rent a motorcycle to ride yourself

An unlikely RN7 experience! Over there where the pepper grows there are even motorcycles for rent. In short, such a corner of paradise should not be missed by any friend of motorcycle travel. Experience Madagascar free on a motorcycle. Some bikers have long planned to venture there in the European winter where at the same time is summer. [...]

Honey and beekeeping in Madagascar

Honey and Beekeeping in Madagascar A special trip for French beekeepers had allowed me in 2012 to explore the importance of bees and beekeeping in everyday life in Madagascar, amazingly, the preparations of this individual themed trip had already allowed us to penetrate into the heart of a true civilization of honey with the undreamed of riches. Honey, the food of choice, [...]

The diversity of corals in Madagascar

The diversity of corals in Madagascar is among the most diverse in the world. In Madagascar, coral reefs cover an area of more than 2,000 km2 From Toliara to Antsiranana and from Cap d'Ambre to Toamasina, they run along a coastline of about 1,400 km. Coral reefs have taken thousands of years to build the magnificent buildings [...]

The tree of the travelers - Ravenala madagascariensis

Ravenala madagascariensis - Tree of the traveler union of man and nature and emblem of Madagascar The emblem of is a tropical plant of the family Strelitziaceae native to Madagascar. Endemic species, it is also the only species of the genus on the island and elsewhere, since Ravenala is a monospecific genus. Ravinala is [...]

The flora of the different biotopes

The flora of the different biotopes in Madagascar About 80% of Malagasy vegetation is endemic to the island: Madagascar has one of the richest floral species in the world, distributed in different environments or ecosystems, almost unique in the world. From north to south, from east to west, you will find an overview of the Malagasy vegetation. [...]

The Pirate Republic of Libertalia in Madagascar

The Pirate Republic of Libertalia in Madagascar The Malagasy Republic of Libertalia, was a society founded by pirates that abolished all distinctions of race, religion and class. It was short and had a dramatic ending but it had inspired many writers and presented a real challenge to historians. Historical Background The First East India Company annexed Madagascar [...]

The Peyrieras Reserve or Madagascar Exotic

The Peyrieras Reserve or Madagascar Exotic Heading east on the RN2 towards the rainforest. On the way to Andasibe, after a huge descent from the highlands, the green mountain cloud forests begin. Located in the valley of the Mandraka River, this attraction is in the middle of a dense tropical forest with a natural pond perfect for insect breeding. [...]

Famadihana burial rites from Madagascar

Famadihana burial rites from Madagascar Long live the dead! For the Malagasy, the grave is just another dwelling place where the whole family will eventually be found. "Alive, same house, dead, same grave," says the proverb. From July to November, the "famadihana" enlivens the highlands, a joyous reunion of the living and the ancestors. The custom, which [...]

Frogs - Amphibians from Madagascar - part 2

Amphibians in Madagascar Part 2 -Microhylidae and Ranidae The peculiarity of amphibians in Madagascar is that almost all of the approximately 200 species of frogs are endemic there. However, according to the estimates of two specialists of the amphibian world of Madagascar, Frank Glaw and Miguel Vences, the affiliation of more than 150 of the frogs is not yet clear. Among the tomato frogs are [...]

Frogs - amphibians from Madagascar

Madagascar amphibians

Amphibians in Madagascar Part 1 - Hyperoliidae, Mantellidae Part 2 - Microhylidae and Ranidae. The peculiarity of amphibians in Madagascar is that almost all of the approximately 200 species of frogs are endemic there. However, according to the estimates of two specialists of the amphibian world of Madagascar, Frank Glaw and Miguel Vences, the affiliation of more than 150 of the frogs [...]

Description of snake species from Madagascar

Snake species from Madagascar Unlike other animals, there is very little information about snakes in Madagascar. Currently there are 95 species of snakes in Madagascar, of which about ten, very few are described. Also note that the endemicity rate of snakes in Madagascar is very high. Only three species from the list below [...]

The geckos and uroplatys from Madagascar

THE GECKOS AND UROPLATYS OF MADAGASCAR Geckos in Madagascar are much larger, stranger, and more colorful than those in other tropical regions, where they are usually small animals recognizable by their loud noises and habit of galloping through houses at night. In Madagascar, there are about sixty species of [...]

Madagascar turtles

The turtles of Madagascar Land turtles- Freshwater turtles - Sea turtles The oldest reptiles in the world are well represented on the island, but a large proportion of these animals, long hunted for their meat, are threatened with extinction. The Malagasy tortoises-General description The Malagasy tortoises are among the most appreciated tortoises in the world. The genera [...]

Sainte Marie Island (Nosy Boraha)

Sainte Marie Island Sainte Marie Island, also known as Nosy Boraha, is a popular destination in Madagascar. Located in the northeast of Madagascar, Sainte Marie Island is a 49 km long and 5 km wide tropical paradise, an idyllic landscape with small fishing villages and pristine beaches. Authentic and preserved, it promises you a change of scenery! The [...]

Sahambavy-the only tea plantation in Masagascar

Sahambavy-the only tea plantation in Masagascar The plantations of Sahambavy (355 ha, of which 94 are cultivated by farmers) are located in a very pleasant environment: a nice half-day walk or even a quiet night at the beautiful Lac Hotel are a good reason to visit this plantation on the side. The history of this plantation began in 1969 with [...]

Deforestation and slash and burn in Madagascar

Deforestation and slash-and-burn in Madagascar Slash-and-burn and charcoal bring huge soil erosion problems and biodiversity losses. Over 75% of the original plant species have disappeared. The traditional agricultural system, charcoal collection and trade in precious woods are being challenged, suffering much too late. Although the number of protected areas is a sign of [...]

Langaha madagascariensis: the only venomous snake from Madagascar.

Langaha madagascariensis: the only endemic venomous snake from Madagascar. Madagascar is known for its exceptional fauna, and reptiles (snakes, lizards and chameleons) are no exception to the rule. With more than 400 species of reptiles, 92% of which are endemic to the island, these animals are a dream come true for herpetologists. Among the most feared animals [...]

Fitampoha-without the dynastic relics of King Toera

Fitampoha-without the dynastic relics of King Toera Does the Natural History Museum in Paris keep the skull of a Malagasy king killed by France in the 19th century? Every five years, thousands of people gather in the west of the Big Island to pay homage to King Toera, who was beheaded by French colonial troops in 1897. Fitampoha - the [...]

Invertebrates from Madagascar

Invertebrates from Madagascar Invertebrates make up about 95% of all animal species on Earth. Since the separation from Gondwana, an incredible number of invertebrates have evolved in Madagascar. Today, no one really knows their number, but it is estimated to be more than 100,000. So this small section offers only a glimpse into [...]

Discover Madagascar on a motorcycle

Discover Madagascar on a motorcycle A motorcycle trip to Madagascar will allow you to live an adventure away from the tourist regions. Take a trip to Madagascar, an unforgettable motorcycle adventure. You will embark on an itinerary drawn by the experts of our local agencies to discover all the beauty of the island, its beaches and its paths [...]

Markets in Madagascar

Local markets: scenes of Malagasy identity In Malagasy history and culture, the market is associated with the notion of space and time. In the time of the Malagasy kingdoms, markets were created by associating a day of the week with a particular place. Throughout Madagascar, markets are named after the days of the week, although they [...]

Kitesurfing and windsurfing in Madagascar

Kitesurfing in Madagascar

Kitesurfing and Windsurfing in Madagascar Madagascar, a mainland island between Africa and Asia, the Mozambique Channel to the west and the Indian Ocean to the east offer an exceptional spots for lovers of gliding & kiting. You will be able to practice many water sports, especially kitesurfing and windsurfing, thanks to a continuous wind that blows along the north coast of the island. Surf [...]

Betafo hike - an authentic hike on the highlands

Betafo - an authentic hike on the highlands I confess, few guests before arriving on the highlands of Madagascar have no idea of the importance of rice cultivation and the influence of rice culture on the landscape design. For generations, the terraces have been worked with a narrow spade (angady) and they have shaped the [...]

Diving in Madagascar - Nosy Be and surrounding islands

Diving in Madagascar

Diving in Madagascar - Nosy Be and surrounding islands Discover the fascinating underwater world of Nosy Be. Diving in Madagascar takes place in the bay of Nosy Be, especially around the island of Beravina, ideally located between Nosy Be and Nosy Iranja. We have 2 catamarans equipped for scuba diving, [...]

Whale shark watching in Madagascar

The whale shark - Rhincodon typus. Vacation in Madagascar offers you the opportunity to discover, observe and swim with the largest fish in the ocean, the whale shark (Rhincodon typus). In the region of Nosy Be there are many marine species, including the whale shark, which is often encountered during a trip at sea. Every year there are [...]

Caviar from Madagascar

Caviar from Madagascar: the future third largest production in the world It can not be repeated often enough, but Madagascar has unlimited potential for economic development! Agriculture, livestock, mining, labor, tourism, etc...There is no shortage of promising markets! The majority of people and leaders seem to live on another planet, but meanwhile lucid people do [...]

The train from Fianarantsoa to Manakara

The train from Fianarantsoa to Manakara A trip not to be missed if you have enough time and especially if you are very patient. The only passenger train line still operating in Madagascar will depart in a metal squeal of another age, the so-called "Jungle Express" corresponds to times long past. With a cruising speed of 20 km/h, it lets [...]

The environment of the Midwest between Majunga and Morondava

The environment of the Midwest: between Majunga and Morondava The great Malagasy Midwest extends from Morondava in the south to mach Majunga in the northern part, where the grass savanna gradually prevails over the deciduous forest, is identified with an extensive sedimentary basin secondary, tertiary and quaternary from east to west. Thus, remarkable limestone [...]

Vorombe Titan: The elephant bird from Madagascar

Vorombe Titan: The elephant bird was too gigantic to survive! The largest living bird on Earth lived in Madagascar 10,500 years ago. Scientists, including Dr. James Hansfor, named it Vorombe Titan. Unable to fly, this feathered mastodon could weigh up to 850 kg and grow 3 meters long. In the 19th and 20th centuries, it came to be known among scientists [...].

Toliary or Tulear Sightseeings

Toliary or Tulear Tulear developed in the lowlands of the Fiherenana, a capricious river that at the end of RN7 "made the city and defeated" (Fiherenana no maha Toleara). This former colonial trading post emancipated itself by welcoming all the populations of the region - Vezo, Masikoro (southern Sakalava), Mahafaly, Antandroy, others from further afield such as the Betsileo [...]

Rituals of possession and exorcism in Madagascar

Possession and exorcism rituals in Madagascar In Madagascar, the interpretation of the smallest everyday events through dreams, sacrifices, and possession provides a constant dialogue between the deceased and their descendants. The phenomena of possession, known by the generic name of Tromba, have always occupied a primordial place in royal institutions, therapeutic rituals, and certain descent ceremonies. This [...]

The south of Madagascar-the land of the thorn people

The South of Madagascar-The Land of the Thorn People The Malagasy south represents a remarkable physical and human entity. It consists mainly of a sedimentary basin whose lands, sloping and graded westward from the Carboniferous to the Quaternary, often yield majestic zones of elevation. Leaning against the flattened base of the continental Mahafaly and Androy, however, it has many fractures [...]

Exploration and discovery of Madadagascar by writers

Exploration and discovery of Madadagascar by writer Etienne de Flacourt (1607-1660) Etienne de Flacourt was in charge of the French settlement of Fort-Dauphin from 1648 to 1655. He left La Rochelle aboard the St. Lawrence, a ship making its third voyage to Madagascar under Captain Roger Le Bourg, and arrived at Fort-Dauphin on December 3, 1648. As Governor [...]

Madagascar lemurs families

Madagascar's Lemur Families Lemurs are arboreal primates that live only in Madagascar, with the exception of two species recently introduced to the Comoros. General Description of Lemurs from Madagascar Their ancestors probably reached the Big Island from Africa about 25 million years ago. In this jungle paradise, isolated for a long time and then very rich [...]

The surroundings of Fianarantsoa and Ambalavao from a tourist point of view

The surroundings of Fianarantsoa from a tourist point of view From Fianarantsoa to the south From Fianarantsoa, the RN 7 runs between rocks and rivers towards Ambalavao (54 km south). From the Ambalavao Pass (1500 m), one discovers this charming town, located at the foot of a basin lined with vineyards and tobacco fields and surrounded in the distance by [...]

The Alaotra - Mangoro area

The Alaotra - Mangoro area (Lake Alaotra, Zahamena, Ambatodranzaka, Andasibe) The Alaotra Rice Basin The RN 44 and a railroad line connect Moramanga with the Alaotra Basin, 160 km to the north. This 1800 km² depression is washed by Lake Alaotra, the largest lake in Madagascar. The domestication of the waters of this 182 km² "great sea" has made the region one of the [...]

The surroundings of Toliara (Tulear) from the tourist point of view

The surroundings of Toliara The RN9, sometimes sandy, sometimes muddy and rutted depending on the season, opens to both great tourism and adventure ... The dry forest of the Mikea 80 km north of Toliara, west of Ankililoaka and the rich, well-developed Antseva depression (cotton, corn, rice), begins the dry forest of the Mikea, named [...]

The surroundings of Mahajanga (Majunga) from the tourist point of view

The surroundings of Mahajanga (Majunga) from a tourist point of view The Cirque Rouge du Grand Pavois One of the runways that extends the RN AP-54 towards the sea after the airport and the beautiful beach of Amborovy, leads to the Cirque Rouge and its lunar landscape. The eroded walls of this natural amphitheater show the full range of reds, [...]



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