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Madagascar Travel: The agony of choice

In which direction should it go?

Madagascar is a country bursting with energy, beauty and fascinating secrets. Every season and every region has its own special charm on the island, which as a tourist you will most likely find difficult to escape. Depending on the travel time you choose for your Madagascar vacation choose, you will have many different options to spend your days on the island the way you like. That is why we always emphasize the importance of suitable travel time for his vacation in Madagascar to select. In our background information under the topic Weather, climate & best time to travel you can get more detailed information about this aspect of travel planning. In addition, we offer ourselves very gladly, your Trip to Madagascar to plan together with you. In this case, you can fully rely on the fact that all weather-related aspects can be taken into account and that you will thus get exactly the Madagascar vacation that you have always wanted. We would now like to use the following explanations to give you a small overview of when which Madagascar destinations and activities can be implemented particularly well and intensively. In this way, you can already implement rough planning and determine in which months certain Undertakings advised are and in which seasons the weather conditions with flooded roads or other imponderables should rather be planned other activities.

Christian Mütterthies

Photography - The rainy season beckons

Even if it may sound a bit surprising at first: The rainy season as well as the days and Weeks immediately after the end of the rainy season are the best of the whole year for travelers with a passion for spectacular and extraordinary photographs. The vegetation on the island is at its greenest and in full bloom during this time. Also, many of the animals that go into hibernation during the cold season are active now and can often be captured on camera. The air has been washed clean by the rain of recent months and the light conditions elicit the Beauty of the island of Madagascar now and then many an additional secret. Especially we can offer you for photographs a Travel from Antananarivo to Tulear recommend because here you get to know the whole spectrum of the island of Madagascar and be able to capture them on photographic paper.

Humpback whales Madagascar

Whale watching - An extraordinary experience

Animal lovers get their money's worth on Madagascar in completely different places in completely different ways. While most animal lovers focus primarily on the lemurs, very few know that Madagascar is also home to Humpback whale watching can leave. Of course, this is not possible all year round, but in the months of between July and September they can often be discovered in various places off the coast of the island. Especially recommended are Whale watching in connection with a Tour to the east coast to the island of Sainte Marie. From there, with a little luck, you will not only have an excellent view of the humpback whales, but you will also be able to see your Madagascar vacation complete with many amenities and an immersion in the island's pirate past.

Lemurs in Madagascar

Lemurs - The extraordinary inhabitants of Madagascar

Monkeys exert a very special attraction on many animal lovers. They are so similar to us humans and at the same time so different in a fascinating way that encounters with them can always become an extraordinary self-awareness. With the different lemurs Madagascar offers a very special playground for primate lovers, because the lemurs have developed in a completely different direction than all other primate species on this earth in the course of Madagascar's isolation. For Animal watchers and lovers Madagascar is accordingly an exciting place. Basically the lemurs can be At any time of the year but from September on, mothers with their newborns can often be spotted. Post-active lemurs are especially good to observe in the nights without rain. The small cute animals are distributed over the whole island and accordingly not only to be seen in certain regions of Madagascar.

Bird in Ranomafana

Birdwatchers - ornithologists get their money's worth

Madagascar is a country that is home to many endemic species. This is especially true for birds. Many of the different species live exclusively on Madagascar and can be observed in various places on the island. Our ornithological journey is exactly the right thing for you if you want to do it in the most many different species of birds and also some very rare specimens. But not only the conception of the tour alone decides whether you will be successful with your Birdwatching will be successful. The seasons also have a decisive influence: Between September and December is the breeding season for many bird species in Madagascar. Especially now the different species inspire with a colorful plumage and can be observed not only excellent, but also like to pose as unique photo motifs.


Reptiles, amphibians and insects - Discover unusual species

With the reptiles, amphibians and insects you have during your Madagascar vacation the greatest chance of perhaps even encountering a species that has not yet been discovered or documented. However, it plays an important role when you are on the island. Between May and September many species are in hibernation. The summer peak between January and March probably holds the greatest chances of success for you numerous Insects, amphibians and reptiles to discover.

Masoala Tampolo Kayak

Aquatic sports - Countless highlights await you

If you want to use your Madagascar vacation If you enjoy spending time on land and in the water, for example because you love snorkeling, diving or deep-sea fishing trips, then you are the perfect person for the job. independent of the seasons in Madagascar. However, recommend the Months between April and October somewhat stronger, because the water is then much clearer and reveals fascinating views of the underwater world off the coast of Madagascar. In the previous explanations, understandably, not all ventures and activities that you can experience in Madagascar were listed. Should you special interests follow and are interested in, for example, indigenous cultures or sporting activities such as canoe trips, you can on our portal about our different travel packages. Alternatively, you can of course contact us directly with your request and we will take care of the Compilation of an ideal route. Thanks to our experience and commitment, so have the best prospects to achieve your absolute Dream vacation in Madagascar to be able to live.

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