The country Madagascar

Madagascar is a country that not only many scientists and researchers rightly regard as a fascinating and unique is described. Many people have already heard about the famous Indian Ocean Island, off the coast of Africa, but at the same time know very little actual about the island. There are well-known pop songs and also animated films dedicated to the theme of Madagascar, but a real impression of the breathtaking Beauty of this island, you can only win if you have really been there once.

In recent years, Madagascar has become an increasingly popular destination for various tour operators, including those from Germany. Annually there are nevertheless still less than 10,000 Germans, which has its Vacation on the island spend. This means that German travelers make up only a very small proportion of the more than 300,000 vacationers who are drawn to Madagascar every year. One possible reason for this somewhat untypical reluctance on the part of German tourists can be found in the exciting History of Madagascar can be seen: Once this country was a French colony, which is why today's language as well as the culture of the Malagasy are still influenced by the former colonial power. There is currently also no direct flight connection from Germany, which makes a Trip to Madagascar additionally complicates and complicates the process. The following text sections are intended to the country Madagascar will be presented briefly and at a glance to give you a first impression of what to expect on this unique island. With our years of experience we have brought you various Tips to which you can find more detailed explanations in the thematically subdivided background information on our site or you can contact us directly. For quite some time we have been Tour operator in Madagascar especially for Customers from Germany active, which is why we know how to meet you and your requirements in the best possible way.

The fascination of the island

One of the largest Fascinations of Madagascar probably stems from the almost indescribable diversity with regard to the Flora and the Fauna of the country. For many millions of years, Madagascar has been a more or less isolated island that has produced numerous independent life forms. Today, many animals can only be found on Madagascar and some animals have evolved completely independently from their relatives living on the mainland. Among these are the world famous Lemurs to be counted. The lemurs are related to the primates, but while these have evolved into the so-called great apes in the rest of the world, the Developments in Madagascar in a completely different direction. The LemursThe animals that live on Madagascar are unique in the world and therefore a remarkable spectacle for all nature lovers. Many of the small and posh animals can be seen on extensive forays through the tropical rainforests of the island can be observed and photographed - an experience that can in no way be compared with a classic visit to the zoo. But not only the cuddly lemurs, but also the numerous Reptiles and birds are available for your Trip to Madagascar as real insider tip to consider.

Many of these species are also endemic and especially the chameleons, the geckos or the tortoises are characteristic for the fauna of Madagascar. Besides the fauna, it is also the flora, i.e. the Flora of the island, which is a true El Dorado for researchers and nature lovers. Numerous species of palms, succulents, baobabs and flowering trees in Madagascar can be marveled at and make for exceptional photo moments. The scenic highlights are also characterized by the great differences between the individual regions: While in the southwest of Madagascar rather dry and desert-like zones are to be found, in the east of the island the lush-green rainforest areas extend, which meanwhile also to the UNESCO World Heritage Site can be counted. But anyone who thinks that only the scenic and vegetative features are among the highlights of a Trip to the island who should first take a look at the Population Madagascar throw. Many people believe that the existence of a common language could be taken as an indication that a unified people would live in Madagascar. However, this is not the case at all, because in total let are 18 indigenous tribes that make their home in Madagascar. On a Madagascar trip you will meet many different people, each with their own unique culture, who will be able to influence your Vacation on the island will certainly enrich your stay. To avoid any difficulties or complications with regard to language barriers, we always work with regional guides on site who not only know the National language but also speak English. So your Honeymoon or your nature experience in Madagascar to a real highlight.

3 exceptional travel tips for Madagascar

Those who visit our website to learn more about the various Sights and characteristics of the island of Madagascar If you don't know what you're looking for, you'll quickly find yourself overwhelmed by the sheer number of options available. To prevent this, we have focused on two different things: Our Travel offers we try to put together in such a way that they different interests and needs and, in addition, we always try to focus on very specific highlights for a Madagascar vacation to point out. Three great Tips for excursions or destinations are presented again separately in the following.

Destination: The island of Nosy Be

The Nosy Be Island is included in many of our travel packages, as everyone who has ever been to Madagascar must have visited this magical island once. Nosy Be is the largest island next to the Madagascar main island and is considered to be particularly well developed for tourism. If you are on your Trip to Madagascar not on European standards then Nosy Be is the perfect place for you. Luxurious hotels and miles of dream beaches you can discover on Nosy Be as well as a pristine rainforest, which will give you fascinating insights into the Madagascar nature granted. In addition, on the island are numerous sports activities such as sailing or diving, not to mention the ylang-ylang plantations there, which will seduce you with enchanting aromas. It is not without reason that Nosy Be is often called the Perfume Island designated.

Destination: The island of Sainte Marie

Sainte Marie is another island, which, however off the east coast of Madagascar lies. Sainte Marie is today also known under the name of Nosy Boraha and offers you numerous possibilities to enjoy an exceedingly relaxed and at the same time also nature vacation in Madagascar to spend. In the past, Sainte Marie was the Home to many famous pirates, of which even today a small Pirate graveyard tells. In addition, Sainte Marie as a real Hotspot for all whale friends The humpback whales have become famous here and can be observed excellently when they are on the move with their young - a spectacular sight of these gentle sea giants is almost certain, especially in the period between April and September. In the rainy season, however, you should rather not travel to Sainte Marie, as the island is then often hit by tropical cyclones. Our information about the Best time to visit Madagascar however, will provide you with extensive information in this regard. If you need additional Information for your travel planning need, we are also available

Destination: Antsiranana and the North of Madagascar

Antsiranana is a port city in the North Madagascar and until a few years ago was still known as the Diégo-Suarez known. The quite manageable city with about 100,000 inhabitants has a natural seaport, in which above all the Cruise tourists like to dock today. It is also this seaport that has made Antsiranana a certain economic wealth has helped to create. Accordingly, conditions in the northern city are far more European than in the rest of Madagascar. However, Antsiranana also fascinates with the numerous Dream beaches as well as the breathtaking plantations, where all kinds of exotic goods are cultivated. Antsiranana offers for the European taste the perfect symbiosis of exoticism and familiarity and is therefore extremely popular with tourists. But even if the Tourism in Madagascar is increasing more and more, it can by no means be assumed that an attempt is being made to establish mass tourism here. On the contrary, the numbers of travelers coming to Madagascar are increasing only slowly and often it is primarily Friends of Nature, so-called Ecotourists or Dropout, which is used by a Madagascar vacation dream. As an important factor in relation to your possible Trip to Madagascar may still be of importance that with this trip you yourself make an important contribution to the Environmental protection on the island can afford. So that the Natural Paradise Madagascar If agriculture is to continue to exist, a lot must be done to get people away from agriculture and show them other profitable and environmentally friendly ways to earn money. Tourism plays an important role in this, as you can also see in the individual sections of our background information. We would be happy to discuss in a personal meeting more tips for your individual trip to Madagascar deliver and provide you with our specific travel offers become familiar with. By the way, we can always make these offers also Adapt to your personal wishes and needsso that your unforgettable Dream vacation nothing more stands in the way.

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