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Our travel offer

Road Trip - 19 days with Harley Davidson® through Madagascar

Price from on request €
Duration 19 days

About the trip

Ride a legendary Harley Davidson through Madagascar

You will travel a distance of more than 2600 kilometers from the Madagascan highlands down to the Mozambique Channel.

Your drive along the well-maintained RN 7 will take you past bizarre desert landscapes, tropical rainforests and mountain ranges that line your path.

You will also get to see traditional villages, rice fields and extraordinary cities during the 19 days scheduled for this special motorcycle tour. This tour goes both east to the Indian Ocean and west to the Mozambique Channel.

RN7-From Highland to the Indian Ocean and to Mozambique Channel

Those who want to explore the island of Madagascar by motorcycle are looking for a unique experience, characterized by fascinating and varied landscapes, friendly and accommodating people and an indescribable feeling of freedom.

However, planning a motorcycle tour in Madagascar is anything but straightforward, because the road conditions on the island are often not the best. We have therefore taken over this task for you and offer you a completely planned tour with a Harley Davidson®.

You'll travel on a Harley Davidson® Sportster 1200, a lightweight, simple yet extremely comfortable machine.

We chose the Harley Davidson® Sportster 1200 because it is ideally suited for the sometimes very rough road conditions on Madagascar.

Safety always comes first on our tours - that's why these machines are only ever driven by one person. In the following we present you the exact tour planning in detail.

If you have any questions about this or would like to add your own wishes, please feel free to contact us. We are happy to put together individual tours for you, so that you can experience an unforgettable vacation in Madagascar.

The travel days in detail

Day 1: Arrival in Antananarivo

On the first day of your trip you will land in the Malagasy capital Antananarivo, where you will be welcomed by us and our team. This will be followed by a transfer to Villa Sibylle. Once there, a first information meeting is on the schedule. Of course, you will have enough time to take a look at the motorcycles. In addition, we will provide you with plenty of safety tips and information about the planned route. In addition, there will be a delicious aperitif to sweeten your first evening in Madagascar. Afterwards, you will spend the night at Villa Sybille or in an equivalent hotel in the city center.

Day 2: From Antananarivo to Antsirabe

Day's stage of 168 km-somewhat chaotic beginning when passing through Antananarivo To avoid the traffic jams in the capital, start early in the morning in Antatanarivo. After only 20 kilometers you will leave the noise of the big city behind and hilly landscapes with rice fields will unfold in front of you. The first stopover in Ambatolampy will allow you to get acquainted with the inhabitants. Lunch is planned in a local restaurant, arrival in Antsirabe falls in the early afternoon. Afterwards you will drive through very beautiful volcanic landscapes, with the low traffic it is easy to stop and enjoy the peaceful scenery. There will certainly be enough time before enjoying a delicious dinner to make a small detour to Betafo before settling in for the night at the Hotel Chambres du Voyageur.

Day 3: Trip to Betafo

This day stage contains little driving but great hiking in a volcanic landscape. Today's schedule includes an excursion to the big market of Antsirabe and a city tour on a motorcycle before continuing west. Upon arrival in Betafo, you will walk to the local waterfall. There you can either have lunch as a picnic or choose a local restaurant. In the afternoon you will return to Antsirabe with a stop at the hot springs. Dinner and overnight stay will be again at the Chambres du Voyageur Hotel.

Day 4: From Antsirabe to Ranomafana

Daily stage of about 240 km-curvy route At first, we take a relatively straight road through lush plains dominated by rice fields. Then the landscape changes and the forested region "Tapias" joins. There, during the drive, you can discover numerous species of trees that are unique to this region. When you pass Ambositra, you will have the opportunity to take a coffee break and refuel your machine. From now on, the road meanders much more and many traditional villages and hills line the road. When you reach Ambohimahasoa, you can refuel your own energy reserves there with a typical Malagasy lunch. Afterwards, you will continue directly to Ranomafana via a spectacular road that runs directly through the unique primary forest. If you want to get to know nature even better, a visit to the Ranomafana National Park is a good idea. Alternatively, a side trip to the village or to the hot swimming pools know how to inspire. You will return to the Thermal Hotel for dinner and overnight stay. Malagasy lunch awaits you at the Ambohimahasoa Hotel, arrival in Fianarantsoa is scheduled for the afternoon. Dinner and overnight stay will be either at Tsara Guest House or La Rizière Hotel.

Day 5: Ranomafana to Manakara

Today's route takes you along the east coast. The road here leads through an impressive landscape, certainly the most beautiful part of the trip, which delights with lush green vegetation. In the afternoon you will reach Manakara, on the east coast of Madagascar, where you will check in at the Hotel Vanilla.  

Days 6 and 7: The Manakara area

The area around Manakara has a lot to offer for tourists. Today you will travel about 12 kilometers in a northerly direction, where you will then board a boat that will take you across the Pangalanes Channel. The mighty waterway is already imposing in itself. However, at least as fascinating is the planned detour to a completely isolated village, which promises many lasting impressions. The next day is completely at your disposal. You have the possibility to explore Manakara by yourself or to have a close look at the Indian Ocean. A side trip to the "Trou du Commissaire" is also worthwhile. A longer tour along the Indian Ocean can also be done in the direction of Farafangana, tropical vegetation and good road. For the nights accommodation is provided at the Hotel Vanilla.  

Day 8: Going to Sahambavy

About 250 km through an incredibly beautiful landscape Today you will first return via the already known winding road. You will drive through a hilly landscape, enjoy the view of the tropical forests and travel back towards the highlands. Arrived in Sahambavy, the Lac Hotel welcomes you. This captivates with a special location in a small forested area directly on a lake.  

Day 9: From Sahambavy to Ambalavao

Today's stage covers only 68 kilometers, but is nevertheless packed with various highlights: In Sahambavy you will start the day with a visit to a local tea plantation before continuing to Ambalavao in the early afternoon. The beautiful road leads through the already familiar rice fields and in the background a fascinating panorama opens up with numerous hills as well as the famous wine-growing areas of Madagascar. After arriving in Ambalavao, you will have enough time to visit the village, famous for its extraordinary architecture. Afterwards, you will transfer to the hotel Betsileo Country Lodge where you will enjoy a restful night's sleep following your dinner.  

Day 10: From Ambalavao to the Isalo Massif

From the mountains over the savannahs of the south to Isalo-225 km without traffic In the morning hours, we first head to Anja Forest, a protected original forest area that is home to numerous endemic animal and plant species. Cattas, chameleons and co. can be admired here in the wild. After you have left Ihosy behind you, you will notice that the landscape starts to change, because now you are heading for a completely unadorned plateau called Horombe. You will then continue on to Isalo Ranch Hotel, where you can relax by the pool before dinner and an overnight stay to end the day on a relaxed note.  

Day 11: From Isalo to Ifaty

The last section of the journey is 276 km long. After the first part of today's route, which is characterized for the first time by the incredible mineral landscapes, we continue through the area where the largest sapphire mines are located further and further into the barren south. Savannahs and deciduous forests with huge baobabs, later thorn forests with euphorbias and cacti. Then it goes over 39 kilometers of coastal road, characterized by dune and mangrove landscapes and sections dominated by thorn bush forests. Overnight and dinner will be at the Belle Vue Hotel, where you will have a great view of a large fishing village.  

Days 12 and 13: Relaxation in Ifaty

Today you can enjoy the first day of relaxation in Ifaty-Mangily directly on the sea. The visit of an impressive thorn forest with very many baobabs is possible but you can also dive, snorkel or enjoy the tranquility of the Mozambique Channel. On the second day a tour can be organized on the new road to the north, very beautiful landscapes and small fishing villages can be seen along the coast. Dinner is planned in the village, the overnight stay will be again at Hotel Belladonna.  

Day 14: From Ifaty to Isalo

Today you will spend again on the plane and travel back north. Halfway, a stopover is planned at the Zombitse Vahibiasa Reserve. Amidst the barren and mineral landscape there are magnificent natural pools and waterfalls surrounded by lush tropical nature. The completely overpriced national park can also be easily replaced by the private area of Isalo Rock Lodge, identical landscape to enjoy in peace and quiet Overnight stay at Hotel Isalo Rock Lodge ****  

Day 15: From Isalo to Ambalavao

Relatif long stage with very varied landscape-214 km The Isalo Mountains disappear after the village of Ranohira, an incredibly vast savannah with endless views of the barren landscape can be seen there. After Ihosy the landscape changes again abruptly, rocks and later mountains characterize the landscape, the reserve Anja Park is located 12 km south of Ambalavao, easy hikes as long as you remain in the lower rocky area. Numerous Katta Lemurs and other animals can be observed there. After this pleasant hike we continue north. After today's drive you will arrive at Betsileo Country Lodge, where you will enjoy attentive service surrounded by a cozy ambience.  

Day 16: From Ambalavao to Ambositra

Stage on the highlands - 204 km After breakfast, the journey continues on the well-paved road further and further north. We leave the huge granite rocks and the barren red laterite soil behind us, the landscape is green and changes again tremendously. We drive through many small villages whose colors vary from red earth color to bright red with green background. The landscape is rich green, the rice fields are a mosaic of all possible shades of green in the mirror of countless ponds created by the rice fields. Overnight stay at Artisan Hotel  

Day 17: From Ambositra to Antsirabe

Short stage to the highlands - 107 km Quite a leisurely drive without much traffic. In the afternoon we arrive in the highest town of the country, former health resort, which is located at an altitude of about 1600m. Overnight stay in hotel "Chambres du Voyageur

Day 18: From Antsirabe to Antananarivo

Today you spend the last day on the Harley Davidson® and travel back to the capital Antananarivo. Arrival is scheduled for noon or afternoon, depending on where you want to have lunch. Upon arrival in Antananarivo, you will first need to drop off your motorcycles. After that, you will have several options on how to spend the rest of the day. Our offer: By bus you can comfortably reach the city center, which invites you to a leisurely stroll through the city. Afterwards you can enjoy a delicious dinner in the restaurant Le Carnivore, before it goes back to Villa Sybille. There you can either bridge the time until your departure in the late evening or plan another overnight stay, if you have to go to the airport only one day later.  

Day 19 Return flight

The return flight usually takes place in the afternoon or at night. Day use at Villa Sibylle and transfer to the airport are included in our service. The prices of this tour are determined by individual planning.

Facts and figures

Facts and figures about the tour

All motorcycle tours are calculated individually, also the planning can be adapted to the wishes and expectations of the guests, the descriptions are only one of many possible variations that are available to us to make each tour a special tour for you.


The Cost for our Road Trip Harley Davidson® 15 days includes:

Overnight stays in the hotels selected for comfort and hospitality

Luggage transport

Technical support

Supervision by a bilingual guide

Rental of a Harley Davidson® Sportster 1200 with unlimited kilometers

Excess (2.000 €) is at your expense in case of damage or theft, for this you will receive an electronic printout


Entrance to the national parks included in the program

Transfer to the airport and hotel

Fresh water as needed

One Madagascar Riders HD T-Shirt

Mini Guide for the RN7

The cost of our Road Trip Harley Davidson® 15 days does not include:

Travel and cancellation insurance

All meals that are not explicitly stated as "included in the price".

Personal expenses

The deductible in the event of damage or theft

All services that are not shown as "included in the price" in the above list

Contact us and book the tour of your dreams

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Do you have any questions? Simply get in touch with us! Please use the contact form on the right. We will take care of your request as soon as possible.


Do you have any questions? Just get in touch with us! 

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Do you have any questions? Simply get in touch with us! Please use the contact form on the right. We will take care of your request as soon as possible.

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