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Our travel offer

Motorcycle trip- In the shadow of the Tsingy of Bemaraha

Price from 3810 €
Duration 12 days

About the trip

At Shadow the TsingyTrial Tour in the Vests

Duration: 12 days, 9 days by motorcycle, 11 overnight stays

Distance of 1,913 km on road and track

Type: Road Trip

Motorcycles : KTM Adventure 790 R 2019

Region: Southwest

Difficulty: average in the dry season, difficult in the rainy season.

Track and road on a KTM 790 Adventure

From the highlands to the savannahs of the west, baobabs, Kirindy, the track to the world famous Tsingy of Bemaraha are to be experienced on this tour.

Madagascar's low road density has created an extraordinary network of dirt roads. Covering an area as large as France and Belgium combined, every town and village in Madagascar is connected to an extensive network several hundred kilometers long. Five thousand kilometers of coastline and seven peaks, each over 2,000 meters high, mountains and desert - Madagascar is a lot of fun!

Welcome to our complete Baobab & Tsingy from Bemaraha tour!


The travel days in detail

Day 1: Arrival in Antananarivo

Our team will greet you immediately upon arrival at Ivato International Airport and transfer you to your hotel. Villa Sibylle is a private guesthouse near the airport, surrounded by a tropical garden. Relax from the flight and enjoy your first dinner there in Madagascar with an overnight stay.

Day 2: From Antananarivo to Ampefy

Route length: 100 miles (160 km) on asphalt and dirt roads It's time to get to know your motorcycle and your guide. Look forward to your first ride: you will leave the busy and somewhat chaotic streets of Antananarivo and head west on a good road between majestic mountains and rice fields. On the way you can visit the fascinating lemur park. Around Ampefy there is the possibility to discover Lake Itasy, volcanoes, geysers and waterfalls. Dinner and overnight at Farihy Hotel.

Day 3: From Ampefy to Antsirabe

Route length: 93 miles (150 km) on asphalt and dirt road On the third day you will experience the unique thrill of the roads and slopes. You will cross beautiful landscapes with rice fields interspersed with a variety of villages with typical architecture. After this long journey, you will arrive in Antsirabe in the afternoon. Antsirabe is the highest town in the country at about 1600 meters above sea level. There are very beautiful lakes of volcanic origin there. Dinner and overnight at the hotel Chambres du Voyageur.

Day 4: From Antsirabe to Miandrivazo

Daily stage from 224 km asphalt After completing the highest point of this tour on the highlands, you will begin your descent towards the west coast. The temperature rises quickly as you continue, only 220 km after Antsirabe, the highest town in the country, you will reach Miandrivazo. This city is considered one of the hottest in the country. Here passes the Mahajilo, later called Tsiribihina, one of the most important rivers of Madagascar.  

Day 5 - Miandrivazo - Morondava

Daily stage from 286 km asphalt This day takes you to the first coastal town on the Mozambique Channel, Morondava. The landscape of the high plateaus gives way to arid steppes, dotted here and there by the first baobabs of the road trip. We then continue on the well-maintained highway through a steppe-like landscape down to Morondava, where we arrive in the afternoon. Located directly on the sea, here is the center of the Sakalava tribe of Menabé.  

Day 6 - Morondava - Bekopaka

Daily stage from 200 km slope This day on 100 % track will take you through the famous Baobab Avenue and Kirindy Reserve to Bakopaka, a stopover before the Tsingy of Bemaraha. Continue to Tsimafana, danund crossing the Tsiribihina River by ferry to Belo sur Tsiribihina. Continue to Bekopaka on mostly sandy track, through dry forest, savannah and you will occasionally see baobab trees again. Shortly before arrival in Bekopaka, short ferry transfer across the Manambolo River. Overnight stay in hotel  

Day 7- Tsingy from Bemaraha

Tsingy is the Malagasy word for "tiptoeing", and the almost impenetrable labyrinth of limestone needles justifies this name. The gorges, ravines, undisturbed forests, lakes and mangrove swamps of the reserve have an amazing wealth of fauna and flora that has not yet been fully recorded. The endemism rate is about 85%, and 47% are even locally endemic. The duration of the hike as well as the level of difficulty will be discussed and decided on the spot. Overnight stay in the same hotel.  

Day 8 - Bekopaka to Morondava

Daily stage from 200 km slope Departure after breakfast towards Morondava, first again on the small ferry across the Manambolo River, then drive to Belo sur Tsiribihina. By ferry across the Tsiribihina River, and then again through the Baobab Alley, just before sunset, a magical moment! Continue to Morondava and overnight at the hotel.  

Day 9 - Morondava rest day

After all these kilometers you will enjoy a well-deserved rest day at the hotel. Morondava is an endlessly relaxing coastal town with sandy streets and a gently decaying ambience. There is not much to do or see in the town itself, attractions near the town include the famous Avenue of Baobab Trees.  

Day 10-From Morondava to Antsirabe

Daily stage from 484 km road Early stard for this long stage from Mosamik Channel to the highest town on Madagascar. Lunch in Miandrivazo and continue to Antsirabe where you will arrive in the afternoon.  

Day 11 - Antsirabe to Antananarivo

Daily stage from 170 km road After such a long time in nature, in the heat of the west and along the almost endless baobab and thorn forests of the west coast, it is very pleasant to feel the cool air of the highlands. This last stage of this extraordinary tour gives the guests a different insight than at the beginning where the same route was driven in the opposite direction. These were the first impressions of Madagascar, about 2000km full of unforgettable experiences have been driven since then.    

Day 12 - Return flight or connecting tour

If time permits, there are still quite a few options open to enjoy this last day in Madagascar. We will bring you to the airport in time, usually the flight home leaves after midnight, so you will appreciate the possibility of a "dayuse" at the hotel and can prepare everything before the flight in peace.  


Please stay with your luggage under 45 lbs weight (equivalent to 20 kg) Bags: A duffel bag is ideal, a hiking bag is also suitable (without steel bar). You can secure your bag with a padlock. Please remember to mark the bag with your address and the address of vacation in Madagascar. A small backpack of 20 liters is good for the things of daily use, such as the camera and sunscreen. A mattress will be provided on site for overnight stays. If you wish more comfort, please bring an additional foam mattress. Beds, mattresses and comforters are available on site. Additional comfort such as pillows depends on each fellow traveler themselves.

Clothing and personal equipment:

Two light pants, four shirts (also with long sleeves for sun protection), , a swimsuit, sweater or jacket for cold nights, sunglasses, hat, light sports shoes, flip-flops, flashlight with batteries.

Special motorcycle clothing:

Motorcycle boots or waterproof trekking shoes are highly recommended, light leather or synthetic motorcycle jacket, rain gear, gloves,helmet.

Facts and figures

In the shadow of Tsiny Price per person
2 to 3 guests 4390 €
4 to 5 guests 4180 €
6 - 7 guests 3990 €
8 - 9 guests 3850 €
10 guests or more 3810 €


Our motorcycle tours are personally adapted to their wishes and expectations, prices are calculated according to the content of the final route and the selected accommodations.

The Malagasy road network is very limited, but it shows the essence. The national road 7 can be classified as one of the most beautiful roads in the world.
The low density of paved roads has created an exceptional network of routes.
As large as France and Belgium, each town, village is connected by a route or path of several kilometers...
So yes, Madagascar is to motorcycling what Hawaii is to surfing: an absolute spot!

Our French-Malagasy team, composed of motorcycle guides and specialized mechanics, will share with you their passion for this country.

Do not wait! Join us!


Our services include:

- The rent of the motorcycle (including fuel), KTM Adventure 790 R 2019

- The all-inclusive motorcycle guide (shared by riders)

- Accommodation in a double or twin room with half board (drinks not included)

- Lunch picnics

- Entrance and guide fees in the parks included in the program

- An assistance vehicle (4×4 or minibus) with driver and fuel (shared between drivers).

- Airport/Hotel/Garage Transfers

What is not included:

International flight ticket - personal insurance for the pilot - drinks - souvenir items - tips - tickets for parks and nature reserves outside the program, etc.

Contact us and book the tour of your dreams

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Do you have any questions? Just get in touch with us! 

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Do you have any questions? Simply get in touch with us! Please use the contact form on the right. We will take care of your request as soon as possible.

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