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Madagascar Books & Guidebooks

The best travel guides and non-fiction books

For all travelers who want to learn about the red island in advance, we have compiled our favorite photo books and travel guides that provide a good basic knowledge and thus optimally prepare for the trip. The selection was very thorough. Since we have already worked with some of the authors, we can guarantee that the information is correct and a picture of the island is conveyed that also corresponds to ours.

The heart of Madagascar

The heart of Madagascar

Three authors - two photographers and one copywriter - have made it their task to make the fascinating travel destination Madagascar accessible to a broad public in this magnificent illustrated book! The book is not limited to the eternal "perennial favorites" such as lemurs, baobabs and chameleons, although these aspects are appreciated as well as the people and landscapes of the "red island".

At 176 large format pages the book offers a wealth of impressions and presents the country in a completely new and surprising way. The quality of the images is likely to eclipse anything published to date on this subject area and will leave the reader and viewer with wonder and curiosity in their hearts. The texts have been deliberately kept sparse, yet concise, so as not to dilute the language of the unique photographs with lengthy passages. "The Heart of Madagascar" is a declaration of love to one of the most beautiful countries on earth - At the same time, the manifold problems are by no means left out, but are also mentioned.

In the present form - as a large-format illustrated book - this book is the ideal gift for those interested in Madagascar and is also an impressive document of the uniqueness of this country. Who has already got to know Madagascar, will surely be again inspired by the Magic of the red island caught and have fun with the pictures and texts!

Order from Mafy Be Verlag via this link

Dieter Rohrbach - Madagascar

"Madagascar" - the successful travel manual by Dieter Rohrbach now as a new edition from the renowned travel book publisher "Iwanowski"Completely re-edited and updated, with numerous excellent color photos by "Mat Li Chen, Stephan Chan, Martin Bader and Christian Mütterthies and others."

The location plans and maps, as well as the division of the chapters into different regions of the "red island" make it possible especially for individual travelers to put together their "dream trip". But also package and group travelers will find valuable background information in the guide that will help them to get to know this fascinating travel destination comprehensively before departure.

Practical travel tips, an "A-Z" section on all important questions, as well as numerous hotel and gastronomy recommendations round off the book perfectly, making it a standard work for Madagascar travelers.

Approx. 540 pages, sturdy stitching with brochure, illustrated in four colors.

Available from March 2017 in bookstores, price € 25.95

Cover with spine DV

Dieter Rohrbach - Wild Madagascar

18 articles that make us better understand a great country! The wonders of Madagascar are just as diverse as the Problems of this bitterly poor countryHardly any other continent (Madagascar can be called such) offers such an arc of tension between problems on the one hand and potentials on the other hand!

The question of why the almost regular catastrophes that afflict the population of this mini-continent are never or almost never discussed in our homeland has, on the one hand, to do with the restrictive information policy France - as a former and still active colonial power - on the one hand, and on the other hand also with the low regard that the country enjoys in world affairs!

Thus, although the invaluable natural heritage Madagascar is well known - the People of the red island, on the other hand, have hardly a place in the attention of all the problems which the African continent in particular presents. Because despite the geographical autonomy of the red island, it is a part of Africa and therefore punished with almost all the problems and difficulties of the black continent! This book should help to understand some special Peculiarities of Madagascar and contribute to making them accessible to a broad public.

"Wild Madagascar" - 18 articles about a large and largely unknown country - consists of previously unpublished texts that serve as a supplement to the excellent travel guide "Experience Madagascar" and are intended to give the reader a deeper understanding of some peculiarities of the red island. Topics such as post-colonial politics, pedohilia and prostitution, the rice, pirates and pirate traders, or an article on the overexploitation of precious woods provide optimal information about people and conditions on Madagascar. The author's passionate relationship with Madagascar is indispensable to introduce readers to the land & people of this fascinating island and its for us so foreign cultures to bring closer.


Albrecht G. Schaefer - Culture Shock Madagascar

Albrecht G. Schaefer not only draws the longtime experience of his countless journeys crisscrossing Madagascar. In 1985 he proved with Bob Hobman and 5 other scientists on the primitive boat "Sarimanok" that it was possible to sail the 7000 km from Indonesia to Madagascar about 2000 years ago. This expedition from Asia to Madagascar caused a worldwide sensation at the time and provided decisive evidence that the ancestors of the Madagascans had a East Asian origin and let their Asian heritage live on far away in the West.

An insight into the culture and way of life of Madagascar, one of the most fascinating countries in the world, is presented in this book and wonderful way and with a impressive expertise enables.

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