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Fort Dauphin-a remote jewel in Madagascar

Fort-Dauphin, the most beautiful city in the deep south

As part of the most beautiful coastline Madagascar has to offer, is Fort-Dauphin or Taolagnaro a city in the southeast of the country. Despite its distance and relative inaccessibility, Fort Dauphin is far from being a desert. The city offers residents and visitors beautiful beaches and sunshine almost year-round. The city enjoys a more inviting climate and land that is better suited for agriculture, unlike surrounding cities. With a year-round temperature between 20 and 26°C, Fort-Dauphin is a place that invites relaxation. The richness of its biodiversity is also a considerable asset.

The city of Fort Dauphin is also characterized by a fascinating transition from the lush vegetation of the east coast to the dry forest of the deep south. This unique vegetation exists only there and it can be observed immediately around the city.

Fort-Dauphin (Taolagnaro) is a dream destination for those who want to get in touch with nature. The beauty of its landscape, the richness of its nature and the history it preserves make this town one of the most beautiful in Madagascar. This also makes it one of the main tourist destinations in eastern Madagascar. However, we can say that the area is still closed from the outside world. Since the city is located in the extreme southeast of Madagascar, the best way to reach the city is by air. In fact, the road to the region is long and particularly rough, especially during the rainy season.

1.122 km separate Fort-dauphin from Antananarivo, the capital of Madagascar. To get there by road, you need to take the RN7 in the direction of Fianarantsoa. There you can expect a journey of 413 km, that is, about 9 hours by car. To appreciate what the road has to offer, stay the Motorcycle the best means of transportation. You can travel at your own pace and for example in the vineyards of Fianarantsoa stop to taste wines with exceptional flavors.

The next stop is the 192 km long route Fianarantsoa - Ihosy. Ihosy is the capital of the Bara tribe, of a semi-nomadic Malagasy people and pastoralist. The town is also a crossroads between the RN 7, the RN 13 and the RN 27, but is especially known for its proximity to the famous Isalo National Park known. By motorcycle you can perfectly make a small detour to Ranohira, where you can discover the Isalo massif in all its splendor.

The rest of the journey from Ihosy to Fort-Dauphin is probably the most arduous option given the pathetic state of the RN 13. If conditions are not favorable, the trip by car can take 2-3 days, enough to quench your thirst for adventure.

What to discover in Fort-Dauphin

Even if it is relatively difficult to get there, the city of Fort-dauphin is worth the effort. In any case Nature lover have much to do with the richness of its biodiversity. It is also a city rich in history. For a trip to the heart of the Antanosy culture Fort-Dauphin is the ideal destination.

Different locations and nature reserves

If your trip is dedicated exclusively to the discovery of nature, Fort-Dauphin is the place to be. The city is home to some of the richest sites on the island, including the Nahampoana Botanical Garden, the rich of animal and plant species that are unique to the region, such as Sifakas and makis. You will have the opportunity to discover its waterfalls and natural pools. You can also enjoy its Bamboo forest admire. 5 km north of Fort-Dauphin exists the Saiadi Park from a blooming vegetation and endemic animals. During your visit, a canoe trip along a river is proposed.

For lovers of rare plants opens the Arboretum of Ranopiso, located 40 km from the city towards the extreme south, opens its doors to visitors. The opportunity for you to discover the plants that make the region special. You will see beautiful specimens of Pachypodia and dypsis can see. 80 km from Fort-dauphin, in the Androy Basin, is the Berenty Reserve. Locally, it is not uncommon to come across lemurs living there in captivity. These adorable animals are curious and appreciate human contact.

The Andohahela Park is located 40 km northwest of Fort Dauphin and is accessible via the RN13. Equipped with your dirt bike, you should have no trouble navigating the roughest roads. This park is a real crossroads between two worlds. It is characterized by a climate that oscillates between the humidity of the East and the aridity of the South.

You can't cross Fort-dauphin without visiting one of the city's sights. If you like hiking at altitude, let yourself be tempted by an ascent of the Saint Louis summit where you can enjoy a breathtaking view of the entire coast.

The sea and beautiful beaches

To find the most beautiful beaches of the big island, Fort-dauphin is undoubtedly the right place. The beach of Libanona is the most beautiful bay of the island and the most visited in the city. With its white sand and impressive waves, it offers a heavenly setting. The Libanona beach is also a recognized Surfing spot. Both professional and amateur surfers are welcome. It attracts fans of surfing for its exceptional waves up to 5 meters high. For those who want to learn how to ride the board, coaches are on site. On the other hand, the beach of Lokaro a more peaceful atmosphere. It is dedicated to swimming and family picnics. If you are lucky you will see Humpback whales pass near the coast on their way to Sainte Marie. Besides these breathtaking landscapes, you can also enjoy the abundance of fresh seafood for which the region is famous. Oysters, lobster or fish, you will be spoiled for choice in the gastronomic part of the trip.

Historical sites

The city of Fort-Dauphin experienced a European occupation in the 17th century and has preserved some of its remains. Moreover, the name Fort-Dauphin itself was given by King Louis XIV. As we speak, the city still hosts many historical sites from the colonial era, such as Sainte Luce, the first landing site of the French in 1638, Fort Flacourt, the Anosy Museumthat the Colonial History and the Portuguese fort from 1504.




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