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Ampefy and surroundings

The Ampefy region, an atypical destination in Madagascar.

The big island of Madagascar is an exotic country where the sun shines all the time. If you are looking for a trip to the red island, you will have the pleasure of discovering an extraordinary cultural diversity. Each region of the island is different in terms of its wealth of traditions and cultures. As in all countries, Madagascar has characteristics that make it unique.

An atypical destination that attracts many visitors every year is the Ampefy region. Local and foreign tourists constantly rush to this part of the island to admire its exotic splendor.

About the Ampefy region

For those looking for a change of scenery, Ampefy is the ideal place. Only two hours drive from the capital Antananarivo away, the region seems to go back in time. On Lake Itasy, about 120 kilometers of road from Antananarivo to the village of Ampefy. Far from the hustle and bustle of the city, you can discover daily life in the countryside and appreciate the tranquility and hospitality of the inhabitants. Ampefy is also possible as a day trip from Antananarivo but with at least one overnight stay there it is much more pleasant.

What you will discover in the region

Apart from being a place completely isolated from the hustle and bustle of big cities, the village of Ampefy offers you a unique and contrasting landscape. Located west of Antananarivo, the road to this region leads to the volcanic highlands, which is very present in the region. Also for visitors are available various activities.

The Lili Falls

One of the main attractions in the Ampefy region is to visit the Lili waterfalls. Located in Antafofo, you can already appreciate the beauty of the volcanic region on the road to these famous waterfalls admire. You can get there by car, on foot or by motorcycle while enjoying the view from the surrounding volcanic hills. As you approach the waterfalls, you will notice a noticeable cooling of the air.

The Lili Falls are more than 20 meters high. The force of the current caused by the falls is so great that the drops of water on its underside can significantly cool the air for several meters.

There are many legends about these waterfalls. The most popular is the one about the daughter of a stranger who drowned when he fell from the top of these falls. The body of the young woman named Lili was never found. In his honor, the inhabitants have named the place "Les chutes de la Lili".

Besides admiring the majestic waterfalls, extreme sports enthusiasts will also have a lot of fun, as activities such as. Paragliding, Kayak and rafting are possible.

Hikes through the region

Lake Itasy is famous for its fish. It covers an area of 3,500 hectares and is located at an altitude of 1,200 meters. While hiking in this region you will enjoy an extraordinary panoramic view. Also you can visit the lakes Andranoratsy and Atohomadinika with the Motorcycle discover. Through the swamps, volcanic hills and valleys, you will never stop admiring the beauty of the Ampefy region.

During your trip, you will inevitably pass through the local markets, which offer visitors the opportunity to discover the famous fish tilapia. In addition, crater lakes such as Andranotoraha and Ambatohasana offer a magnificent view of the region. On the road to the west, you will have to cover 5 km of paved road before arriving at an easily accessible path that leads directly to the famous Andranotoharana crater lake. The purity of the water in this lake is comparable to a mirror. Ambatohasana lake is only a few hundred meters away.

Discover the geysers of the West.

If you go further, you can discover the geysers of Amparaky. To do this, you have to go 10 km from Ampefy, to Analavory and from there go west. From there you will have to follow a dirt road up to 12 km long. You will then reach an area with clayey yellow soil, from which water jets flow. Note that the water from these is not hot. However, the beauty of the landscape is worth a visit.

Sport travel in Ampefy and surroundings

Fly with paraglider over the landscape of Ampefy

Are you looking for a thrill?

Try the experience in the sky and enjoy the beautiful scenery of the region at the Paragliding: clouds, rice fields, lakes, etc.

Accompanied by a pilot and a guide with more than 10 years of experience, you will make your first tandem flights.

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