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Madagascar Airport - Important information and tips

To exotic and distant countries the airplane is usually recommended as a particularly fast and often also inexpensive means of travel. Many people travel not only from one country to the next by plane, but also intend to at the destination to bridge the distances between individual regions in such a machine. This is also theoretically possible on Madagascar, because various larger and smaller airports are distributed more or less over the entire island. In particular Travel by private plane have proven themselves in recent years to be very comfortable and pleasant option proven to be able to explore the island of Madagascar well even within a few days. Precisely because the slopes with the Rental car are in many places only passable at a few kilometers per hour, you generally make much faster progress on a flight. The following explanations deal with the different airports in Madagascar and matching important notes and information.


Where is the international airport of Madagascar?

Those who have already read extensively about the country of Madagascar should know that Madagascar currently has over more than one international airport has at its disposal. The most important of these goes by the name of Ivato, is located near the Malagasy capital of Antananarivo and at the same time is also the biggest airport of Madagascar. Various airlines fly to Ivato Airport and also the Madagascar airline Air Madagascar has its aviation hub here. The Air Madagascar is currently mainly Relevant for domestic flightsIt may be worthwhile to use a private alternative, as flight times and other guidelines are unfortunately too often not adhered to. Madagascar flights is unfortunately still not available from Germany with a direct connection. Holidaymakers have to wait for Open jaw flights via France, Turkey or other stations but as a rule they always land at this airport in Madagascar.

In recent years, a Another international airport for Madagascar become relevant: the Fascene Airport on Nosy Be. Since this island, located northwest of the main island, is now known as the one of the most important tourist attractions is considered and is very well developed with many great hotels, take off and landing many international tourists today directly on Nosy Be.

Which airlines are available in Madagascar?

The Air Madagascar For a long time, was considered the most important and only airline for the national Domestic air traffic in Madagascar. The state-owned airline was founded in 1962, but has been struggling with various inconsistencies for many years. For example, flight times are rarely actually adhered to, which can be a major annoyance for travelers. Since 2015, there is now another airline that is giving Air Madagascar great competition: Madagascar Airways now also serves various national as well as international destinations. In the future, even long-haul flights are to be added to the portfolio. The current status indicates that Madagasikara Airways frequently a more favorable price than Air Madagascar offers, but on the other hand, fewer connections are offered.

The flight offer for all those who are on their Individual trip to the new airline Madagasikara Airways is as follows:

  • Mahajunga to Antananarivo
  • Antsiranana to Sambava as well as to La Réunion
  • Morondava to Antananarivo as well as to Taolagnaro-Toliara
  • Nosy Be to Antananarivo
  • Sainte Marie to Antananarivo as well as to La Réunion
  • Sambava to Antananarivo as well as to Toamasina
  • Taolagnaro to Antananarivo as well as to Tulear
  • Toamasina to Antananarivo as well as to la Réunion, Sainte Marie and Sambava
  • Tulear to Antananarivo as well as to Taolagnaro

Major national and international airports in Madagascar

In Madagascar there are a total of eleven different airportswhich are important from a national as well as international point of view and may be relevant for you during your trip through Madagascar. If you are interested in one of our Tours domestic flights are included, you will have to take care of the following Flight bookings and reservations do not worry, because in this case, if desired, we take care of the complete organization of your trip. However, if you want to explore the island on your own, the following information may well become important for you:

Antananarivo (TNR)

Antananarivo Airport is better known as Ivato and is centrally located on the island of Madagascar in the immediate vicinity of the capital Antananarivo. From here there are national connections to all regional airports as well as direct connections to the following countries: Kenya, South Africa, La Réunion, Turkey, Ethiopia, Mauritius, China, Seychelles and France.

Antsiaranana/Diego Suarez (DIE)

Located in the north of the island of Madagascar, this airport connects travelers with the cities of Antananarivo and Samabava. An international connection leads to Mayotte.

Mahajanga (MJN)

In western Madagascar, this airport awaits you with a domestic connection to Antananarivo as well as international flights to Mayotte and the Comoros.

Maroantsetra (WMN)

This airport is located in the east of Madagascar on the Masoala Peninsula and is used by us mainly as a starting point for trips to Masoala Forest Lodge. Domestic flight connections exist from here to Antananarivo as well as to Sambava and Toamasina.

Morondava (MOQ)

If you're interested in the famous tsingy of Bemaraha, this midwestern airport is the place to go, with regular connections to Antananarivo and Tulear, as well as select flights to Fort Dauphin.

Nosy Be (NOS)

From Nosy Be, you not only have access to all the surrounding islands, but the local airport also offers international connections to Milan, Rome, Mayotte and Marseille. Nationally, you can fly from here to Mahajunga and Antananarivo.

Sainte Marie (SMS)

Sainte Marie is located in eastern Madagascar with an airport that provides international departures to Reunion as well as domestic to Antananarivo and Toamasina.

Samabava (SVB)

This airport is located on the Vanilla Coast in eastern Madagascar and offers regular connections to Antananarivo, Maroantsetra and to Antisaranana.

Toamasina (TMM)

A major port city in Madagascar's east, Toamasina has its own airport that brings international travelers to Reunion as well as providing domestic connections to Antananarivo, Maroantsetra and Sainte Marie.

Tolagnaro/Fort Dauphin

From Madagascar's southernmost airport, you will depart for nearby Tulear as well as Antananarivo.


In the southwest of the island, this airport is frequently used by travelers on the highland route, as departures are offered in the direction of Morondava, Antananarivo as well as Tolagnaro/Fort Dauphin.

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