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Our travel offer

Mineralogical journey through Madagascar

Price from 2600 €
Duration 16 days

About the trip

Description of the trip for mineralogists

From emeralds to rubies, rock crystals, gold, garnet, hambergite, phenakite and rose quartz to spinel, titanite, topaz and tourmalines in all colors can be found on this island. countless precious and semi-precious stones as well as many other important and exciting mineral finds are discovered.

Since the beginning of the 20th century, therefore, various research trips have repeatedly focused on the versatile mineral resources, which were found in Madagascar and can still be found today.

It can be seen that even today, a good hundred years later, only a limited part of what is possible on Madagascar in terms of mineral resources has been discovered.

But not only for researchers are the hardly countable mineral resources of Madagascar of great interest: In some places on the island, the local population has also devoted itself entirely to mining the various mineral resources.

Unfortunately, this does not always take place according to regulated guidelines and far too often the overexploitation has drastic consequences for the original nature on the island. It is all the more important that you have a Tour of Madagascar with a focus on mineralogy which in a way sets a counterpoint to the overexploitation practiced in many places.

This is precisely what we have been doing for years. This way Turn your vacation in Madagascar into a mineralogical adventure and you can additionally make a small contribution to the Protection of nature in Madagascar perform.

General information about a mineralogical tour

Many mines and mining areas are located in regions that are difficult to access, which is why even getting there can be quite spectacular.

However, in most cases this also means that without an experienced guide you usually won't really get anywhere and often have to take on additional hardships.

For some time now we have been carrying Travel through Madagascar We carry out training courses in which we focus specifically on the needs and requirements of our customers. Mineralogist interests Set.

This means that we can show you the most interesting corners and mining areas. For this we work not only with the most experienced guides together, but have also been providing stable contacts with mine owners and traders her.

We can also look after your interests with regard to permits for mineral purchases or an export of your own finds. This way you can ensure that you can actually harvest the fruits of your labor yourself and take them home.

Sample tour plan for your trip through Madagascar

If you have already taken a more or less detailed look at the various offers on our site, you should already be well informed that we are committed to Your trip to Madagascar not only intensively in the preparations, but also in the implementation to your needs.

The itinerary presented below is consequently a first Suggestion for your specific vacation planning and is intended for your Trip with mineralogical focus first of all serve as inspiration.

This is a mineral tour that we conducted in 2011 together with a group of researchers and privately interested people.

The tour goes along the Antsirabe - Ambatofilhandrana - Ilakaka route and focuses on important sites for mineral resources in Madagascar.

Finally, a few days stay directly on the Indian Ocean are also planned. If you wish, you can follow the presented tour directly as a package for your vacation in Madagascar book with us.

Otherwise, however, we can still make various changes in your interest. You only have to inform us about these.

The travel days in detail

Day 1: Landing in Antananarivo

The tour participants arrived in Madagascar via the airport in Antananarivo, where they were met by a driver and transferred to a nearby hotel. Since the Flights from Europe usually land at night in Madagascar, we recommend that you contact us in advance so that we can fulfill any personal wishes you may have regarding food and beverages that you would like to have after arrival.

Day 2: Antananarivo and drive to Antsirabe

On the second day stood then after breakfast further south. Arrived in Antsirabe there are already the first possibilities to see minerals. The mineral market there, which takes place daily, was the next highlight on the itinerary of the participants and red tourmalines as well as quartz specimens were purchased there. During this visit, the travelers could not only learn about various Gemstone deposits on Madagascar inform, but if desired also quite already the one or other mineral purchase transact. On the exemplary trip in 2011, a blue topaz crystal, which was formed as a perfect single crystal, was purchased. Overnight stay in the hotel Chambres du Voyageur

Day 3: Trip to Ibity

On the third day of the trip, some particularly exciting experiences were on the agenda, as for the first time the trip participants were able to search and collect minerals yourself. Tourmalines were especially on the list of course participants. Afterwards, some red tourmaline crystals, epidote specimens as well as various rose quartz pieces could be purchased from the villagers as well as other miners. Especially the rose quartz pieces were particularly impressive, because these were easy to find at the roadside, where they had been heaped up for building houses.

Day 4: Drive to Quartz site

On the fourth day, the tour participants were able to enjoy a particularly beautiful site, which was located in the midst of beautiful plants and flowers: It went to a Quartz site near Antsirabewhere, in a sense, endless opportunities for finds awaited the travelers. This site can also be highly recommended for families.

Day 5: Continuation of the journey to Ambositra and Ambatofinandrahana

The travelers said goodbye to Antsirabe on the fifth day and continued to Ambositra. There they were treated to an excellent Malagasy meal and were then able to enjoy a few enchanting and world famous wood carvings acquire. After that we went on to Ambatofinandrahanawhere they were expected in a good and familiar pension with tasty cuisine.

Day 6: Visit of the Tourmaline Mine

The Tourmaline Mine was the adventurous highlight on the sixth day. First we went over a very poorly constructed road to the mine, where numerous finds were waiting. In addition, directly at the mine there were also numerous, partly still unprocessed quartz bands to acquire at vanishingly low prices. From experience, this day is one of the absolute highlights of the trip.

Day 7: Continue towards Ambalavao

First, at the beginning of the day, the trip participants dealt intensively with the purchase of best quartz grades at particularly pleasant prices in Ambatofinandrahana. Of course, all purchases were packed very well and safely for further transport, so that even the sometimes very large steps had no damage to fear. After that, the travelers turned their backs on Ambatofinandrahana and set off on the Trip to Ambalavao. The beautiful landscape of the highlands left the excursion participants now again behind and went by car via Fianarantsoa to Ambalavao. When planning an individual trip there can be either the great Zebu Market or a trip to one of the renowned paper mills can be arranged. The art of silk fabric manufacturing is also very important in this place. From this, for interested travelers could also be various possibilities for activities result. There you spent the night in bungalows and enjoyed a good meal.

Day 8: Excursion to the Quartz site

First, the tourists went that day to a Quartz site in the vicinity of Ambalavao. However, this turned out to be less spectacular than expected. But this was compensated by the magnificent hike through the breathtaking nature the surrounding area. In addition, the excursion participants met a number of children who were busy panning for gold in the rice fields. In the encounter with the villagers also arose the opportunity to capture many fantastic moments with the camera for eternity.

Day 9: Visit of an abandoned Aquamarine mine

The ninth day of the journey through Madagascar was marked by a relatively spontaneous action, because a local, who had heard about the search of the travelers for minerals, made his appearance and offered many different crystals such as star sapphire, rubies or smoky quartz for sale. Since the quality seemed more than adequate for the price, some of the trip participants purchased a few of the finds. Afterwards the man accompanied the participants to an abandoned aquamarine minein which it was still possible to get hold of a few finds.

Day 10: Visit to Anja Park and continue to Ranohira

First, on day 10, we went to the market in Ambalavao, where a suitcase was purchased for the various treasures collected during the trip. After that was a Visit to the nearby ANJA Park on the schedule. In this private park, the travelers were able to observe numerous calicoes as well as many other animals up close before continuing on to Ranohira.

Day 11: Visit to Ilakaka

Ialakaka reminds in a way of a City from the Wild West. While gold prospecting fever had spread among the population there at that time, in Ilakaka it is the sapphires that people are after. The Visit a Saphirmine is in Ilakaka the highlight of the day. Seeing how the workers there, who are mostly poorly paid day laborers, laboriously make their way without protection is not always easy, but nevertheless a spectacular experience.

Days 12 and 13: Relaxation at the Mozambique channel

At the end of the trip, we went via Tulear to a small Bathing resort called Sarondrano, located on the Mozambique Channel. In this seaside resort, the tour participants could relax on the beach for a few more days, snorkel or engage in various other activities before flying back to Antananarivo and from there to Europe. As already noted before presenting the detailed description of the trip, this is an exemplary trip that was organized, accompanied and carried out by us in 2011. For your individual vacation in Madagascar, other tours would also be possible in principle. You are welcome to simply contact us and together we will think about a Journey through Madagascarthat will make all your wishes come true.

Day 14-Inland flight from Tulear to Antananarivo

After breakfast we say goodbye to Sarondrano and drive back to Tuléar to the airport. There we board a plane and fly an hour up to Antananarivo, the capital where the journey began. If the flight arrives in the morning we will have the opportunity to get to know Antananarivo and the surroundings of the city. If the flight arrives late, pick up at the airport and transfer to the hotel. Dinner there or in a special restaurant Overnight stay at Villa Sibylle

Day 15 - Antananarivo and Surroundings

Today you will spend according to your personal wishes. Visit the city or go on an excursion in Antananarivos Surrounding areawhere all kinds of fruits and vegetables are grown on large plantations. Also a visit to the Lemurs Park we can only warmly recommend. Here you can get very close to the funny semi-monkeys once again. In the evening, you should definitely let yourself be enchanted once again by the culinary delights of the island. We will be happy to advise you and provide you with the relevant addresses.

Day 16- Return flight

A day use in the Sibyl is at your free disposal, then you will be driven to the airport in a timely manner. We take care of the export licenses of the stones in case of small quantities.

Facts and figures

Mineralogical  Trip Price per person
2 to 3 guests 2890 €
4 to 5 guests 2820 €
6 - 7 guests 2750 €
8 - 9 guests 2680 €
10 guests and more 2600 €



The price includes:

A botanical guide throughout the trip;

One vehicle and one driver throughout the trip;

Accommodation as indicated in the program;

Meals as indicated in the program;

Entrance fees for the specified parks and locations;

Local guides in the parks;

All transfers.

The price does not include :

International and domestic flights,

Meals as indicated in the program,

Tips and drinks,

Your personal insurances.

The price of the visa: +/- 20 €.

Contact us and book the tour of your dreams

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Do you have any questions? Just get in touch with us! 

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