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Our travel offer

The Deep South-Journey to the Land of the Thorn People

Price from 2250 €
Duration 11 days

About the trip

11 Days Madagascar from Tulear to Fort Dauphin

On a trip through Madagascar, the south of the country probably offers by far the greatest and most extraordinary travel experiences. For this very reason, we have put together a unique tour that you can book with us as an individual trip. Discover the partly still unexplored flora and fauna of the south of Madagascar and take a look at the people of the thorn people living there. Contrary to popular belief, the south of Madagascar is by no means only inhospitable and dry, but also offers numerous dream beaches. picturesque landscapes with azure sea and breathtakingly beautiful lagoons. One Journey through Madagascar offers you a lot of discoveries and explorations on this tour, but we would like to point out that this tour is organized by us and our experienced guides. not recommended as a beginner tour will. The rough terrain, the climatic conditions and also the infrastructural conditions will sometimes push tourists to their limits. For this you will be rewarded with spectacular insights and unforgettable impressions rewarded. Always remember that the tour presented below can be customized by us according to your wishes. Individually modified can be. An extension is just as possible as the accommodation of various additional stations on the trip. Contact us for this without obligation.

The travel days in detail

Day 1-Arrival in Antananarivo

After completing the visa formalities, you will be picked up by one of our guides or by us directly at the airport. Depending on the arrival time, either a hotel transfer and well-deserved rest is on the program, but if time allows, various activities are also offered.Overnight stay in the "Villa Sibylle".

Day 2-Inland flight to Tulear and Sarondrano

By plane we reach TulearMany fishing villages exist along the dusty dirt road that runs along the coast.We are right under the Tropic of Capricorn.The southern regions (from Tuléar to Fort Dauphin) are the focus of interest for visitors and botanists due to their unique vegetation (dwarf baobabs, euphorbias, aloe, ....).After Tulear we head south on the sandy dirt road through remote areas. Before approaching the headland of Sarondrano which stretches between sand dunes and mangrove forests in the turquoise blue Lagon it becomes exciting.Between Tulear and Saint Augustin is one of the most pleasant guesthouses I know on this island, "Résidence Eden Lodge" is still an insider tip but it will soon get around and there are very few accommodation options.Overnight in the hotel Résidence Eden Lodge

Day 3: From Saint Augustin to Anakao

On the third day you will take a boat to Anakao. It goes directly across the mouth of the Onilahy in a boat trip of about two hours. to the golden sandy beach of AnakaoDuring your stay in Anakao wait dhe long sandy beach with the many picturesque fishing boats Dinner is planned at the hotel. Spend the day at the coast as you like it best, we recommend a visit to the nearby island of Nosy Ve inhabited by rare frigate birds or before arriving in Anakao the flamingo colony at Saint Augustin.

Day 4: From Anakao in the Tsimanampetsotsa National Park and Itampolo

The fourth day of your Journey through Madagascar is all about the fabulous Tsimanampetsotsa National Park. With the four-wheel drive car you will explore this extraordinary park and first take a Detour to the soda lake undertake. There numerous pink flamingos, ray turtles, baobabs and also the playful calicoes are waiting for you. Also the extraordinary blind cave fish wants to be visited by you in its sacred grotto. - This is an experience you will definitely never forget. After the extensive Tour of the National Park you continue south. Itampolo is the next stop on your route. There lies one of the most beautiful beaches of Madagascar, which will welcome you with its very special flair. In the evening you will stay in the best accommodation in Itampolo. Enjoy the original decor, the delicious food in the restaurant and the really exceptional sea view. - A setting that truly inspires dreams.

Day 5: From Itampolo to Ampanihy

After a good refreshment you will go to the so-called thorny desert, a place where water is a real treasure. Enjoy the breathtaking scenery this stretch of road and don't forget to have your camera ready to capture these unique Pictures for eternity In Ampahiny, a small town famous mainly for handicrafts and carpets made of mohair wool, our journey comes to an end for this day.The Hotel Angora awaits you with its nice ambience and a well-stocked restaurant.

Day 6: From Ampahiny via Betanty to Faux Cap

The roads over which you will travel on the sixth day of your Journey through Madagascar are not particularly well paved, which is why it can get a little bumpy at goes further and further south and the richly decorated Mahafaly tombs right and left of the path as well as the numerous, partly bizarrely shaped Baobab trees After a small stopover in Tsihombe, where you can have a simple lunch, the journey continues directly to Betanty. Betanty is located on the Faux cap, which translates as "false cap".Enjoy the bizarrely shaped coastline and dive into a world that seems to be far away from anything you have seen before. The overnight stay is in the Libertalia a cozy and familiar bungalow complex.

Day 7: From Betanty to Cap St. Marie National Park and Ambovombe

Directly after breakfast we will continue towards Cap St. Marie National Park, where you will find numerous extraordinary creatures A local guide will lead you on foot through the park and present you all the local sights on a well planned tour. During the Stay in the National Park there is also enough time for an extensive and strengthening picnic. After that it goes by car continue to Ambovombe, where the overnight stay in the hotel Oasis For dinner this evening we will go to the best restaurant in the whole city.

Day 8: From Ambovombe we go to Fort Dauphin

The eighth day of your trip is scheduled for the city of Fort Dauphin. You will go there directly after breakfast and you will quickly discover the strongly changing vegetation notice. More and more high mountains surround the road and shape the landscape. Numerous sisal plantations offer a breathtaking view. Fort Dauphin or Tolagnaro is a colorful port city, which offer you numerous attractions and activities. You can climb the Pic Louis and get an exceptional view of the surrounding landscape or go through the eventful alleys of the small harbor town stroll. If you need more inspiration to celebrate this day of your Madagascar vacation to be able to arrange optimally, you speak to us with pleasure. The overnight stay on this day will be taken over by the hotel Lavasoa, whereas you can enjoy dinner at the Talinjoo, in one of the best restaurants in the region.

Days 9 and 10- Fort Dauphin and Surroundings

Fort Dauphin is one of the most attractive and beautiful cities in Madagascar, located in the deep south of the island on a narrow peninsula surrounded by the very beautiful Anosy mountain range dominated by Peak St.Louis.Breathtaking views of the azure Indian Ocean.Libanona Beach is a beautiful beach, the beach Monseigneur a paradise for surfers. Whale watching is possible daily in June and July.Lokaro Beach is 40 km from the city and is considered one of the most beautiful beaches on the island, there you can snorkel and swim.Nahampoana Reserve is also worth an absolutely recommended day trip. Beautiful tropical environment on the huge area with bamboo forests, streams and rivers and very many animal sightings. Mainly lemurs and birds.

Day 11: From Fort Dauphin to Antananarivo

In the standard version of this individual trip you will return to Antananarivo by plane on the eleventh day.Alternatively, you can extend your trip if you wish and we will provide you with a Travel package together, where you will travel by car back to Antananarivo. This trip requires a Extension of at least eight, better nine days, as the track conditions are sometimes a bit difficult. Feel free to contact us for more information.

Facts and figures

Facts and figures about the tour

As with all our tour proposals, we offer you a Maximum flexibility and accommodation. Almost all stops on the trip can be changed individually.

A similar tour is the Splendor of the slopes east and the Splendor of the slopes "terra incognita". where this trip shon be included and not charged extra.

We also offer you the possibility to integrate the return trip to Antananarivo into the tour. You just have to contact us and tell us your wishes, so that we can arrange your Trip to Madagascar to your personal dream vacation can become.

In the following we present you now still another List of servicesthat await you this trip as well as the total cost.

For maximum transparency, we have also integrated an overview of what services you still have to pay on site or during the trip.

11-day Tour from Tulear to Fort Dauphin Price per person
2 to 3 guests 2250 €
4 to 5 guests 2190 €
6 - 7 guests 2120 €
8 - 9 guests 2050 €
10 guests or more 1990 €



For single rooms we have to charge a supplement of 480€.

Integrated into the basic price:

English language tour guide

Logistics and accompaniment

All nights in the specified hotels


Transfers and trips as specified

Four-wheel drive car and driver and fuel

Fees and entrance fees for the indicated national parks

Not integrated into the basic price:

Lunch , dinner and drinks

personal expenses

individual leisure activities

Sightseeing and excursions according to individual wishes

national and international flights

Contact us and book the tour of your dreams

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Do you have any questions? Simply get in touch with us! Please use the contact form on the right. We will take care of your request as soon as possible.


Do you have any questions? Just get in touch with us! 

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Do you have any questions? Simply get in touch with us! Please use the contact form on the right. We will take care of your request as soon as possible.

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