The Vanilla Coast in Madagascar

A unique experience

For your Madagascar vacation you have most likely planned extraordinary adventures. You probably want to get to know the landscape, the unique wildlife and also the cultural features of this fascinating country as well as possible and start the day of your departure with countless unforgettable impressions back towards Europe. A trip to or a Tour along the Vanilla Coast you should therefore by no means miss out on. We offer you various possibilities to legendary SAVA region of Madagascar and welcome you to explore with us together. an individual tour according to your needs together. We would like to use the following explanations to show you the fascinating vanilla coast and at the same time provide you with some inspiration for your trip there. Should you need further information and advice, we will be happy to assist you with our know-how and our wealth of experience.

An extraordinary adventure awaits you

The Vanilla coast in the northeastern part of Madagascar is so exciting simply because the given infrastructure is so different from anything we know of Europe and other countries in the world. It exists at all only one road connectionwhich brings travelers by car from the capital Antananarivo to the northeastern part of the island. This road runs along the northern west coast for a little more than 1,000 kilometers. up to Antsiranana. If you are on this route, you can follow a small turnoff in between and take a Detour to the port city of Mahajanga undertake. From there it is only a stone's throw to the breathtaking beautiful perfume island Nosy Be. There you can be seduced by white sandy beaches that stretch to the horizon or enjoy a Excursion to the famous reserve Lokobé undertake. The surrounding islets can also be admired on smaller excursions - for this we can recommend various travel packages. If you want to stay a little longer in the SAVA region of the Vanilla Coast, then the road will take you to north of the Masoala Peninsula up the east coast. You can make side trips to the Cities Antalaha, Sambava or Vohemar undertake. There are several ways to do the tour along the Vanilla Coast. The easiest and most comfortable version will take you by plane from Antananarivo to Antalaha. From there you can then travel on comfortably by car. A little more spectacular, on the other hand, is a trek on foot, which can also be called a Masoala Trek has become known. For this unforgettable hike start from Maroantsetra in Antongil Bay and cross the Masoala Peninsula on foot.

It's not just the vanilla alone that counts

Although the Vanilla Coast has become known primarily because of the famous export hit, the region still has numerous other attractions to offer. If you choose to arrive on foot via the Masoala trek, you will be immersed directly in the unique adventure that will be offered to you from the very beginning. Discover lush, tropical landscapes with plantations and rainforest areas. Take a look at the famous Marojejy National Park, which is home to the rare and extremely endangered silky sifakas. And this national park is just one of the numerous examples of various natural beauties that you will encounter on your way to and along the Vanilla Coast. Whether you choose to explore the northeastern part of Madagascar on foot during your vacation, or whether you choose the more comfortable option and prefer to travel by car, within a very short time you will discover that this region of the island is on fascinating and unique way different from the rest of Madagascar. Everything you thought you saw in the central highlands or in the hot south of the island is complemented by more incomparable experiences in the east. If you want to visit this part of the island in your Madagascar vacation do not want to miss, we recommend that you contact us as soon as possible so that the details of the Journey through Madagascar and along the Vanilla Coast can be planned as precisely and in as much detail as possible.

Recommendations for different tours

From Ankify to Sambava

This is a seven days tourA visit to the island of Nosy Be is highly recommended. The tour usually starts from the mainland port of Ankify Island and covers a fascinating part of the Vanilla Coast.

From Ambilobe to Sambava

This tour is aimed primarily at adventurers who, during their trip, want a close-to-nature experience want to experience and are ready for it to give up a certain level of comfort. In addition a good physical condition is required. The tour leads among other things through the Marojejy National Park, which presents some real challenges with all kinds of rough terrain, persistent wetness and many other factors. Especially also the ascent of the mountain Summit can only be completed by trained travelers.

7-day tour/ 4-day along the Vanilla Coast

Those who are less committed to sports and who wonderful SAVA region would prefer to experience in combination with pleasant comfort, for which the two Car tours to the heart of the Vanilla Coast probably just right. Experience the beauty of this area either on a short tour with four days or in an extended version with seven days.

Vanilla Coast 4 days

4-day tour to the heart of the vanilla region

This tour includes the difficult to access Marojejy National Park as a highlight and it is only suitable for endurance hikers.

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