Classic Madagascar tours at favorable fixed dates

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Trip to Madagascar is not an adventure for most people that can be paid for out of petty cash. The flights from Europe to the Red Island alone are a great burden on the average tourist's wallet. If then still the accommodation costs as well as the means for food and excursions come in addition falls the Madagascar vacation for many normal earners usually already completely in the water.

That is exactly why we would like to offer you the opportunity to fascinating and unforgettable adventure in Madagascar without having to dramatically overdraw your account. Our fixed travel offers are the ideal way for you to get to know Madagascar in a unique way and save money at the same time. All our tours from the nature tour to the round trip or study tour can always also be booked as a Group travel for small groups are offered. As the logistical as well as organizational effort is minimized by the increased number of participants, these small group trips go with a reduced price with it. Consequently, if you can round up a few friends to join you in a Madagascar vacationyou are often already on the safe side from a financial point of view.

However, you don't necessarily have to come to Madagascar with a whole group in order to benefit from price advantages to be able to. For those who like to travel alone or as a couple, we offer the option of our fixed travel an. These are carried out on a precisely specified date. This allows many different participants to sign up for the travel offers and the price decreases practically automatically. Price advantages due to the enlarged group we pass directly and immediately to you. We will notify you regularly when we receive another registration for one of our group tours. On the other hand, you don't have to think that our fixed tours restrict you in your travel arrangements. In active communication with all travel participants, individual wishes can still be taken into account.

Consequently, the best thing is to start browsing right away and discover our various fixed trips that will offer you unique and unforgettable experiences as well as breathtaking adventures and encounters will promise.

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