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Our travel offer

West of Madagascar - Tsingy of Bemaraha and west coast

Price from 3280 €
Duration 18 days

About the trip

The earth is rich in sometimes amazing and unique landscapes and creatures. A large number of the most impressive representatives from both categories can be found on the island of Madagascar. Here on the so-called Red island you have the possibility fascinating adventures and breathtaking natural spectacles to experience.

We would like to present some of them to you on the following Journey through Madagascar present. In doing so, we rely on a exciting mixture of adventure and nature experience trip - on this tour you can meet lemurs, and with the Tsingy of Bemaraha a spectacular scenery which has not for nothing now been classified as a UNESCO World Natural Heritage Site.

But this alone is not all. We make it possible for you on this tour entirely according to your individual wishes and preferences to travel. In this sense, we make you the offer to modify the presented tour, if necessary, according to your very personal wishes. If you wish to do so or need additional information, feel free to contact us.

The tour presented below is like a Trip to a completely different worldOn the one hand, you will have an extraordinary experience that can't be compared to anything else, but on the other hand, you will want to plan it as well as possible.

In addition, the Tsingy from Bemaraha during the season, by the way, can not be reached even with an excellent four-wheel drive vehicle. However, even in the months of May to November, from time to time there may be various restrictions that mean that some areas or sections of the tour must be changed.

Therefore, we feel it is particularly advisable to start such a varied and exciting tour in the best case already a bit plan in advance. Exactly then we can also contribute concretely to the fact that also your personal desires still full entrance into the planning of this Journey through Madagascar find Tour extensions or tour combinations are of course also possible with us.

The travel days in detail

Day 1- Arrival in Antananarivo

Lemurs, baobabs, rainforest, desert, hiking and diving: Madagascar is a dream destination for outdoor enthusiasts - half the fun is getting to all these incredible attractions.Once the visa formalities are taken care of you will meet one of my staff with a sign and the trip can begin.The first stop is always Villa Sibylle, a very beautiful property where we can then discuss the trip together and fine tune the itinerary again specifically to the guests wishes & expectations.Dinner and overnight at Villa Sibylle.

Day 2: From the Malagasy capital to Antsirabe

In the morning of the second day your extraordinary journey through Madagascar with a car trip in the direction of the south. Initially planned is a stopover in Behenjy to visit the epicurean delights to indulge in. In Behenjy you will find one of the most renowned restaurants in Madagascar and you can taste numerous specialties of duck liver. Afterwards, we will continue towards our destination of the day, Antsirabe. Planned in advance but still another Stopover in Ambatolampy. There you can visit an aluminum foundry, where the famous aluminum pots, known throughout Madagascar, are produced under very difficult conditions. Towards evening we will arrive at Antsirabe, a city often called the the industrial heart of the highlands is called. They are produced in Antsirabe in the Chambres du voyageur and spoiled with a gala dinner before your night's rest.

Day 3: Via Miandrivazo to Morondava

Miandrivazo is the next big point on your itinerary and at the same time one of the hottest places in all of Madagascar. Accordingly, it is necessary to ensure that you always have enough drinking water. The Trip to Miandrivazo is very varied and leads westward and through the Bongolava Mountains. The road to the capital of the Menabe region, Morondava, is well developed. We arrive early enough at the famous Baobab Avenue, then we continue to the hotel.

Day 4: It goes to Bekopaka

Leaving Morondava behind, you will be picked up again by four-wheel drive car and taken to Belo-sur-Tsiribihina to the ferry. There you will first dine at the restaurant called Mad Zebu. This restaurant is no longer an insider tip, but is known throughout Madagascar for its delicious food. Afterwards it goes further northThe road over which your car drives can be considered a bit bumpy. You will reach Bekopaka, the entrance to the Tsingy de Bemaraha National Park, towards evening and spend the night in the hotel Olympe d'Bemaraha.

Day 5: The little Tsingy and a ride on the Manombolo are coming up

Before heading to the big Tsingy of Bemaraha, you will have a short side trip to the small Tsingy. The March through the small, fascinating rock needles, which protrude from the ground everywhere, is reminiscent of a walk through a labyrinth and proves to be immensely fascinating. Between the needles you will discover rare pachypodia and various Euphorbia. Also various animals can be seen on this two to three hour tour gladly look. How long you want to stay here is up to you, as we adapt the tour to your wishes. However, you should not forget that after lunch in a fine restaurant on the river, there is another highlight on the day's schedule: a boat will take you upstream the Manombolo. There you expect numerous sacred tombs of the legendary indigenous people of Madagascar, the Vazimba. Afterwards you will go to bed again in the Olympe d'Bemaraha.

Day 6: The great Tsingy of Bemaraha

So that today you can spend a lot of time in the world famous Tsingy de Bemaraha National Park can spend, you leave already around five o'clock in the morning. The walk into the park then begins around six in the morning. Before that, you will be instructed in the correct use of the climbing harness. After a good hour of walking you will see why this climbing harness is so important on your excursion, because after the Passing several narrow caves and steep rock faces you come to a very well designed via ferrata, which leads with numerous stairs, suspension bridges, guide ropes and co. through the park hi to the most fascinating viewpoints. Rarely in your life before will you see such a breathtaking view have enjoyed. Exactly how the tour of the park turns out depends on your individual condition. There are a total of five different ways to explore the park. For the overnight stay is then towards the end of the day again the Olympe d'Bemaraha ready

Day 7: It goes back to Morondava

After the eventful days with the big and small Tsingy, the tour is coming to an end. Already early in the morning you will drive back south and continue after lunch in Belo-sur-Tsiribihina across the river. Afterwards, the journey continues by car, leaving behind the dry forest of the west coast. In time for sunset, you should normally reach the Baobab Avenue reach. There, the giant baobab trees cast fascinating shadows in the setting sun, completely immersed in a beautiful red light. After this spectacle we go on to Morondavawhere you will stay in an attractive bungalow complex by the sea.

Day 8: From Morondava to Belo sur Mer

After breakfast we leave Morondava in a southerly direction and drive on a sandy track through a landscape dominated by baobabs, dry forest and agricultural land. Here a four-wheel drive car is indispensable and provides the necessary comfort in all the difficulties of the track. Around noon we reach the wide lagoon of Belo-sur-Mer, where salt is traditionally extracted. On an elevated causeway we drive to the town of Belo, which leads an island existence in the middle of the wide lagoon and lies directly on the sea. Only accessible by car when the moon is in the right phase, Belo-sur-Mer is also a center of shipbuilding, with numerous shipyards building the famous coastal sailing boats called "Boutre".

Day 9: Belo sur Mer-Manja

In the morning we leave Belo-sur-Mer in southern direction. The landscape changes, it becomes drier and drier, the ground is stony and also the road can often only be driven at walking pace. You see perhaps most impressive <baobabs in all Madagascar. Finally we reach Manja, a town in the middle of nowhere, dominated by cattle farming and still very pristine. Still a bustling market town with its own charm.Accommodation at the simple "Kanto Hotel", the only accommodation in town.

Day 10 Manja to Morombe

On a strenuous, at first stony and then increasingly sandy road, we pass through a quiet, karstified hilly landscape. Then it becomes greener and more forested again, small villages line the road. We finally reach the wide riverbed of the Mangoky, where a quaint ferry takes us across the river. In the dry season a narrow river in the middle of a vast sandy plain, the Mangoky swells into a mighty stream in the rainy season. Then we reach Ambahikily, an important market town, which again indicates the proximity of civilization. From here, a fairly good road leads to Morombé, which we reach in the afternoon. Once an important seaside resort, Morombé now leads a tourist shadow existence, so the number of accommodations and restaurants is extremely limited. We will stay at the hotel "Chez Katia" directly on the beach.

Day 11 From Morombe to Salary

We leave Morombé in southern direction and drive on a track parallel to the coastline through a jungle-like dry forest. Andavadoaka, the insider tip for dropouts and paradise for divers is our next stop. Situated on a wide bay, the village with its nested houses seems remote and picturesque. After taking a breather in one of the restaurants on the shore, we continue south, always along the coast through a sublime dune landscape. Passing small villages of Vezo fishermen and driving slowly on the bumpy road, we finally arrive in the afternoon at the bay of Salary, another "insider tip" for Madagascar travelers. Huge sand dunes surround the blue shimmering bay, miles of sandy beaches offer "postcard motives" without equal. We are accommodated at "Salary Bay", who have built a bungalow complex directly on the dunes and are running a remarkable project in harmony with the Mikea people living here. This tribe is the smallest in Madagascar and has a very archaic culture based on fishing, trade in flamingo feathers and honey collection. Although the Mikea mostly seclude themselves and thus want to preserve their cultural characteristics, you will get an insight into the musical tradition of these people when Mme Claire has a typical Mikea band perform in the evening and end the evening with an incomparable performance of dance, song and music.

Day 12 Salary Bay

The place where the hotel is located is quite isolated, it is not on the route of the usual tourist routes. Salary Bay is a destination, not a passage. It is perfect for travelers who want to refuel in a beautiful place where time stands still, with a mile-long white sand beach and a turquoise blue lagoon on this southwest coast of the Big Island.

Day 13 - From Salary to Ifaty

After breakfast, we will continue south. Since the course of the tracks through the thorn forest changes after each rainy season, the route can either run directly along the sea or many kilometers inland. In Manombo we have a short rest and refresh ourselves with cool drinks in the only store of the remote village, before we continue southwards. In the late afternoon we finally reach Ifaty/Mangily, "the" beach paradise par excellence and move into the comfortable Hotel Belladonna directly at the sea. Here at the place water sports are capitalized and in the next two days you have sufficient

Days 14 and 15 - Ifaty

Opportunity to relax from the exertions of the trip on the beach, snorkeling / diving, take a boat trip or even "kite surfing", which is offered here to a special extent. The hinterland also has a variety of attractions to offer: The famous "Reniala Reserve offers insights into the flora and fauna of the south, in the "Village des Tortues" you can see an interesting breeding - and protection program for the rare rays - and spider turtles. Also the cuisine here is of course "maritime", friends of fish - and seafood come here fully at your expense.

Day 16- Domestic flight to Antananarivo

After breakfast we say goodbye to the Mozambique Channel and drive back to Tuléar to the airport. There we board a plane and fly one hour up to Antananarivo, the capital where the trip began.If the flight arrives early in the morning we have the opportunity to get to know Antananarivo and the surroundings of the city.If the flight arrives late, pick up at the airport and transfer to the hotel. Dinner there or in a special restaurantOvernight at Villa Sibylle.

Day 17 Antananarivo and surroundings

Today you will spend according to your personal wishes. Visit the city or go on an excursion in Antananarivos Surrounding areawhere all kinds of fruits and vegetables are grown on large plantations. Also a visit to the Lemurs Park we can only warmly recommend. Here you can get very close to the funny semi-monkeys once again. In the evening you should definitely let yourself be enchanted by the culinary delights of the island. We will be happy to advise you and provide you with the relevant addresses.

Tab 18-Return flight or Connection tour

In the afternoon we will take you to the airport, usually the flight home leaves after midnight, so you will appreciate the possibility of a "dayuse" at the hotel and can prepare everything in peace before the flight.

Facts and figures

Facts and figures about the tour

At the outset, we have already pointed out to you that you have numerous different possibilities have to make individualizations on this tour. Gladly can individual Travel sections extended or shortened can be made - even changing tours or treks can be done. For this you only need to create a Contact us and then we can initiate all changes. In order for you to know exactly what to expect before you contact us, we have provided you above with the exact daily planning for this trip through Madagascar. We would also like to remain as transparent as possible when it comes to costs and therefore present you with the following table. All services as well as the associated prices are listed in an easy-to-understand manner, so that you can easily find the right solution in your Madagascar vacation there are no unpleasant surprises. However, should any questions arise, please do not hesitate to contact us.

Morondava- Tsingy of Bemaraha - Morondava - 18  Days Price per person
2 to 3 guests 3280 Euro
4 to 5 guests 3240 euro
6 - 7 guests 3280 Euro
8 - 9 guests 3240 euro



Included services:

Accompaniment by English speaking experienced driver & tour guide


Four wheel drive car with driver and diesel

All specified overnight stay in the hotels in Bed & Breakfast

Not included services:

Lunch and dinner

Entrance fees to the National Park + boat trip



Optional sightseeing, excursions and guides

Contact us and book the tour of your dreams

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Do you have any questions? Simply get in touch with us! Please use the contact form on the right. We will take care of your request as soon as possible.


Do you have any questions? Just get in touch with us! 

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Do you have any questions? Simply get in touch with us! Please use the contact form on the right. We will take care of your request as soon as possible.

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