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Botanical journeys - succulents, kalanchoe, aloes, dideraceae and euphorbias

Price from 2400 €
Duration 15 days

About the trip

The botanical wealth of Madagascar

Madagascar has a botanical heritage of incredible richness, it represents in itself a true concentrate of biodiversity!
Aloe, Didierace, Euphorbiaceae, Kalanchoe... 95% of the succulent species are endemic. They are very present in the Great South of Madagascar, but also found in the highlands, along the west coast to Cap d'Ambre.

Summary of the Botanical Journey

Madagascar is very relevant for the diversity of its flora, the largest inventories of the flora of Madagascar were initiated in 1865 by Alfred Grandidier, who had written 30 volumes on Madagascar.
Madagascar is divided into 4 bioclimatic regions:
-The wetland - on the eastern side
-The highlands and the mountainous region
-The dry region in the north and northwest
-The dry regions in the south
On this trip we will focus mainly on the highlands, the mountains and the arid south.
Madagascar is home to an outstanding range of biotopes, from the lush rainforests of the east coast to the arid central plateaus and low-lying spiny deserts of the southwest. Over 80% of the life here is endemic, including some 9,600 plant species. These include 7 of the world's 9 baobab species, 40 endemic aloe species, and a staggering 850 endemic orchid species!During our first botanical vacation, we will focus on this unique flora by exploring the thick baobabs and intricate didiereaceae of Ifaty's spiny deserts and enjoying Madagascar's beautiful landscape and other unique wildlife, including an abundance of lemurs, birds, chameleons, geckos, and insects!
Classification: Only easy to moderate hikes
On our botanical tours you can experience some of these natural riches for yourself.

More information about this botanical trip

Accompanied by a specialist in Malagasy botany, we set out to discover this extraordinary and amazing flora.
We recommend this tour from mid-September to the end of October, but it can be done all year round.
The highlights of the tour:
The rocky foothills of Mount Ibity
The Ambatofinandrahana Massif
The Isalo National Park
The botanical garden of Antsokay
The thorn forests near Ifaty
The summary of the trip
Duration: 13 days
Participants: 2 to 10 people
Accompaniment: Malagasy botanist
Accommodation: All in hotel (12 nights)
Transportation : 4×4 vehicle
Service : in Bed & Breakfast
Period: mid-September to end of October

The travel days in detail

Day 1-From Antananarivo to Antsirabe

We drive to the south. As soon as we leave Antananarivo, the rice fields and the characteristic villages of the highlands characterize the landscape. Arrival in Antsirabe in the afternoon. We take the time to visit the city..... Duration : +/- 4 h Distance : 170 km Meals: Lunch not included / Dinner not included. Your hotel : Antsirabe. Hotel Chambres du Voyageur.

Day 2: The flora of Mount Ibity

Breakfast and departure to the mountain Ibity, which peaks at 2555 meters above sea level. The beauty of the flora is the first attraction of this large quartzite massif. In fact, 70% of the vegetation of this site are endemic. This mountain is very rich in succulents, the most typical being undoubtedly the Pachypodiums and its Kalanchoe. There are also several species of orchids. Botanical information: Aloe (Capitata, Laeta, Trachyticola), Euphorbia quartziticola, Kalanchoe integrifolia, Pachypodium brevica. Duration: Full day Meals: Lunch included in the picnic / Dinner not included. Your hotel: The same as the previous day

Day 3: Antsirabe to Ambatofinandrahana

Breakfast at the hotel and continue south. On the way we will stop at the Tapia forest, small trees of the Euphorbiaceae family (Uapaca bojeri) that form a sparse forest among which we can find Aloe ibitiensis. If you wish, we can stroll a little through Ambositra, but there seems to be little time for that. After 20km we turn west and drive to Ambatofinandrahana. Arrival at the end of the day. Botanical information: Aloe conifera, Aloe ibitiensis, Kalanchoe tomentosa, Pachypodium densiflorum...and a few orchids, including Angraecum sororium. Duration: +/- 4 hours Distance: 185 km Meals: Lunch not included / Dinner not included Your hotel: Ambatofinandrahana. Hotel des Marbres (very simple standard).

Day 4: Ambatofinandrahana

We explore the quartzite and cipolar massif of Ambatofinandrahana. This beautiful mountainous region with the Itremo massif in the background, whose altitude varies between 1300 and 2200 m, is a real open-air botanical garden where we discover a new plant curiosity with every step! This protected area is home to 16 species of aloe, euphorbias, kalanchoe and also orchids. During our hike we cross many villages, moments of exchange with a population always welcoming. Botanical information: Aloe (A.capitata var.cipolinicola, A.droseroides A.inexpectata and A.calcairophylla, A.parallelifolia), Euphorbias (E.stenoclada ssp.ambatofinandra, E.alluaudii and E.enterophora ssp.crassa), Kalanchoe tomentosa, Orchids (Jumellea, Oeceoclades, Eulophia). Duration: Full day Meals: Lunch not included / Dinner not included Your hotel: The same as the previous day (very simple standard).

Day 5: Ambatofinandrahana to Ambalavao

Breakfast at the hotel and then the dirt road back to the RN7, then we move further south. We reach Fianarantsoa and are now in the land of the Betsileo, the ethnic group that occupies the southern part of the highlands. In Ambalavao, we will check into the hotel, after the long journey all guests need rest and relaxation. Duration: +/- 6 hours Distance: 270 km Meals: Lunch not included / Dinner not included Your hotel: Betsileo Country Lodge.

Day 6: Ambalavao to Isalo

After breakfast we return by RN7. We stop to visit the small village reserve of Anja. Our walk starts in a dry forest with huge boulders where we will surely meet our friends, the Makis (Lemurs catta). The site is quite rich in succulents and offers a beautiful panorama of the Betsileo country. We continue towards the Isalo Massif with a stop at Zazafotsy to see the famous rock that houses typical plants. We will drive along the Horombe Massif, making a few stops along the way to discover euphorbias, sequoions and pachypodiums. Arrival at the hotel at the end of the afternoon. Botanical information in Anja: Kalanchoe (K. orgyalis, K. beharensis, K. synsepala), Euphorbias (E. leucodendron, E. enterophora, E. fianarantsoe, E .didieroides and E.duranii), Aloes (A. macroclada, A. deltoidonta, A. accutissima), Senecio decaryi and Pachypodium densiflorum. Botanical information about Zazafotsy :Pachypodium densiflorum, Kalanchoe (K. tubiflora), Aloe (A. capitata, A. deltoideodonta), Stapelianthus, Ficus megapode, Myrothammus On the plateau of Horombe: Pachypodium horombense, Catharanthus longiflorus Duration: +/- 5 hours Distance: 240 km Meals: Lunch not included / Dinner not included Your hotel: Isalo Rock Lodge ****

Day 7: Visit to Isalo National Park.

We take a leisurely hike along the many trails in the park. With enough water, we walk through amazing landscapes of canyons, water pools and rocks with fabulous erosions. The park is an ecosystem in its own right, with rupicultural vegetation consisting of numerous endemic succulents: Aloe, Euphorbia, Pachypodium, Kalanchoe.... We also find the famous evergreen of Madagascar (Catharanthus roseus), without forgetting the majestic palms (Bismarkia nobilis) that populate the vast expanses of the savannah. It is also the habitat of many lemurs such as the Maki (Catta lemur), the Microzelebris or the Lepilemur. Botanical information: Aloe (Aloe isaloensis Bismarkia, A.imalotensis), Euphorbia (E.subapoda and E. isaloensis), Kalanchoe, Pachypodium rosulatum var.gracilis, Adenia isaloensis, Ceropegia dimorpha, Asteropeia micraster. Duration: from 2 to 6 hours hike, depending on your preferences! Meals: Lunch not included / Dinner not included Your hotel: The same as the day before

Day 8: Ranohira to Sarondrano

We continue our advance towards the southwest and the coast. We set out to discover the Antsokay Arboretum, which has a collection of more than 900 plant species from southwestern Madagascar, 90% of which are endemic to the region. Among them are many species of succulents, some of which are threatened with extinction. This visit allows us to appreciate the diversity of a flora unique in the world, which has adapted, sometimes in extraordinary aspects, to the harsh climate of the country. Afterwards we will continue to Sarondrano. Botanical information: Euphorbia kamponi, Aloe vaombe, Aloe viguieri, Pachypodium geayi, Kalanchoe grandidieri.... Duration: +/- 6 hours Distance: 280 km Meals: Lunch not included / Dinner not included Your hotel: Hotel Residence Eden Lodge

Day 9 - Sarondrano and surroundings

We continue our day by heading towards the bay of St. Augustin. Here we are in the land of the fishermen of Vezo, and the road winds through a typical southern scrubland. The route offers splendid views of the lagoon and the bay. The village of Sarodrano, where there are many caves and small underground lakes, offers us some specimens of moringa in a xerophilous thicket. On the peninsula of the same name you can walk in the mangroves and meet the local fishermen. Botanical Info Bay of St. Augustine: Kalanchoe linearifolia (climbing), Kalanchoe grandidieri, Euphorbia tulearensis, Aloes antandroi. Some species of succulents and xerophytes are found only on this site and nowhere else: Aloe descoingsii (the smallest aloe of Madagascar), Operculicarya pachypus, Delonix pumilla, Poupartia minor, Megistostegium nodulosum. Duration: Whole day Distance: 20 km Meals: Lunch not included / Dinner not included. Your hotel: The same as the previous day

Day 10 Sarondrano to Ifaty

After breakfast, we will travel via Tulear to Ifaty. There, for the first time, a day of rest at leisure will be incorporated. Opportunity to relax from the efforts of the trip on the beach, snorkeling / diving, a boat trip or even "kite surfing", which is offered here in particular mass. The hinterland also has a variety of attractions to offer: The famous "Reniala Reserve offers insights into the flora and fauna of the south, in the "Village des Tortues" you can see an interesting breeding - and protection program for the rare rays - and spider turtles. Also the cuisine here is of course "maritime", friends of fish - and seafood come here fully at your expense. Duration: Full day Distance: 50 km Meals: Lunch not included / Dinner not included Your hotel: Belladonna

Days 11 and 12 - Ifaty thorn forest

There is an incredible variety of baobabs, euphorbias, succulents but also a lot of animals, some of which are locally endemic. The visit should take place either very early in the morning or in the afternoon, during the day the heat factor is a handicap. Botanical Info: Adansonia Rubrostipa, Euphorbia, Crassulaceae. Duration: Half day Distance: 2 km Meals: Lunch not included / Dinner not included Your hotel: Belladonna

Day 13 - Flight from Tulear to Antananarivo

After breakfast we say goodbye and drive back to Tuléar to the airport. There we board a plane and fly one hour up to Antananarivo, the capital where the trip started. If the flight arrives early in the morning we will have the opportunity to get to know Antananarivo and the surroundings of the city. If the flight arrives late, pick up at the airport and transfer to the hotel. Dinner there or in a special restaurant Overnight stay at the hotel "Villa Sibylle

Day 14 Antananarivo and surroundings

Today you can organize your day according to your personal wishes. Visit the city or go on an excursion to Antananarivo's surrounding area, where all kinds of fruits and vegetables are grown on large plantations. We also highly recommend a visit to the Lemurs Park. Here you can get very close to the lemurs. In the evening you should definitely enjoy the culinary delights of the island. We will be happy to advise you and provide you with the appropriate addresses.

Day 15 Return flight

In the evening we will take you to the airport, usually the flight home leaves after midnight, so you will appreciate the possibility of a "dayuse" in the hotel and can prepare everything in peace before the flight. Day use in the guest house of "Villa Sibylle

Facts and figures

Price per person in Bed & Breakfast:

Botanical journey Price per person
2 to 3 guests 2790 €
4 to 5 guests 2720 €
6 - 7 guests 2650 €
8 - 9 guests 2580 €
10 guests and more 2400 €

For the provision of a single room, a total surcharge of 690.00 euros will be charged.



The price includes:

A botanical guide throughout the trip;
One vehicle and one driver throughout the trip;
Accommodation as indicated in the program;
Meals as indicated in the program;
Entrance fees for the specified parks and locations;
Local guides in the parks;
All transfers.

The price does not include :

International and domestic flights,
Meals as indicated in the program,
Tips and drinks,
Your personal insurances.
The price of the visa: +/- 20 €.

Contact us and book the tour of your dreams

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